The 5 Elements: Quest for the truth.

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“When you are COMPASSIONATE towards humanity, you become a spiritual instrument for the greater good of humanity”

Sunday, December 26, 2010

The 5 Elements: Feedback

The 5 Elements: Feedback


I hate to read, but I am fascinated and intrigued by your writing. I could just continue to read throughout the night. Thank you for allowing me to be part of this. I find it very inspiring and gives me great hope to become a better person in life for it.



I love your point of view on things and your willingness to tell the truth

     Re Canz

"Master N'Gom’s book displayed an entirely unique and thought provoking work of art. His finely woven logic manifests the reflections of a true genius.



Thank you ever so kindly for sharing this gift of your journey. It is especially a blessing for me to read this. I am a writer yet to be discovered and I'm not only writing my first book but I'm also embarking on a spiritual journey. This writing of yours touched my spirit and I found kinsman-ship. God bless you Brother! Stay in movement in the spirit. Stay humble in your travels and stay open to the lessons God has for you for in that Sheppard are born.


Thank you for such thought provoking reading!  Excellent!  Someone mentioned that you might consider adding images which I would normally agree but it was such fascinating reading I don't think I blinked let alone noticed if there were pictures or not.


Great post!  Thanks a lot for sharing it with us. I will come back soon to read more of your interesting writings.  Love, light and peace!!!


This is very well thought out...  Jesus was often asked about the journey to spiritual enlightenment he told them this: "Those who seek should not stop seeking until they find. When they find, they will be disturbed. When they are disturbed, they will marvel, and will reign over all. [And after they have reigned they will rest.]"  It took me a long time and I worried I would never understand this but suddenly in one moment...I got the point



I really got a lot out of the 5 elements, it is exactly what I'm going through in my life right now. I have stumbled in my journey because of the lack of me having the 5 elements. Belief, Courage, Confidence, Happiness and love. I started out strong but lost focus. It was meant to be for me to have met you and to have the opportunity to read your work. Thank you. How can I see CH.1-3? Julie


Thanks!!! God Bless u  and Family. I think you were a sign for me to add you as a friend. When I saw how spiritual you are it made me think of the goodness still left in the world, Thank you for coming into our life, as I took it as a spiritual sign.  Thank you so much. I appreciate your kindness, and the ability to believe in what has been left out for so long. Peace, Love, and Happiness to you and Family.


I’m so glad see you posting again. This is beautiful and we need to always remember this....thanks for these words which are so special to hear. Please keep writing.

Jason Sirico

God blessed me the day I crossed paths with such an incredible man. Your experiences give me strength, motivate me to be a better person and never give in to the weak. God will reign, and give us all strength. I could never say this enough, but thank you for being there to share your experiences with all of us. It's time for a change, nothing more to say but let's make it happen! It is time.


Blessings... your book touches to the deepest root of the soul. Absolutely beautiful and enlightning! Looking forward for more... Much Love!


       Your explosive blog about the Righteous Team and the Devil Team that influence human behavior is one that every person must read. Thank you. I’m sure to continue the journey with you. This is beautiful to the core, from beginning to end! Glad you found me.
God bless you    

Visions & Encounters:

When I got a better understanding about God during my spiritual journey, it was clear to me that God is not responsible for the evils of the world, because there is no evil in God. But my soul was still haunted by the agonies of humanity and my spirit was driven by the burning desire for the restoration of humanity. My burning desire for the restoration of humanity was planted deep within my spirit, which I ignored nurturing for so long, but when the time came, I was guided out of the darkness to see the bright lights of the heavenly kingdom of the Magnificent One. It was during these times that I began experiencing Spiritual Visions, which troubled me for a while, because I couldn’t understand the experiences, nor could I articulate their significance, as well as many other spiritual phenomena that were being brought to my attention. 

(1) New York, City:

  My first experience of a spiritual vision was during my morning prayers. A bright light flashed in my face, like the big old-fashioned disposable camera flashes. When the bright light flashed in my face, I was no longer in the room I had been sitting in. I was in a place where there were many men wearing white robes, sitting in two different groups. Everything was very bright, and I was standing on a cloud. At first I thought that I was dead, thinking that the bright light that flashed in my face was probably an explosion. 

Then I walked to the men and I spoke to one of them saying, “I want to see God.” I still don’t know what gave me the idea of wanting to see God, but the man I spoke to took me seriously. Then the man told me to wait, and he walked onto a fuzzy white cloud. I stood waiting for the man while watching the other men in two groups sitting in silence. The experience seemed strange, but the feelings were no different from reality, and I was no longer worried at that point that I was probably dead, because the place was peaceful. 

Then after a very short time, the man I had talked to returned with a clear-glass jar in his hand. There were shiny crystal cubes and a folded piece of paper inside the glass jar. He opened the jar and pulled out the piece of paper. He unfolded it, and there was my name written on it, but in a different way. My birth name is Abdoulaye N’Gom, but the name that was written on the paper was Abdu Allah. Then the man said, “God will see you, go back and wait. When you hear the name Abdu Allah called, it’s you.”

Just then when I blinked my eyes. I was back where it all started when the bright light flashed in my face. I was still sitting in the same prayer position when I opened my eyes. I froze for a moment trying to get a grip on what had happened, and my whole body started shivering. I knew then that something out of the ordinary had happened to me when I could not stop shivering. My body continued shivering and then I started sweating and my eyes were tearing. Then I started to get a little bit afraid because I did not know what was happening to me, but after a while I calmed myself down. From that point I knew somehow that the path of spirituality had opened itself up to me.  

(2) Rochester NY.  

At around four-fifteen am, I was sitting on a chair about to prepare for my morning prayers, when all of a sudden the same bright light from my visions appeared again. After the light flashed in my face, I found myself walking in the wilderness with five people whom I did not know. While we were walking, I looked up to the sky and saw a lot of white clouds forming in shapes and they were transforming into shades of many different colors. It was like a special effects show was taking place in the sky. Then the light of the sun was turning into in a different shade of brightness that was like a blue neon light. It was the most beautiful thing I ever saw. 

While the light of the sun was getting brighter and brighter, I hollered at the people I was walking with because they were already a few yards ahead of me while I stood looking at the sky. I asked them if they saw what was going on in the sky. They looked up and continued walking, seeming like they didn’t see, or did not care about it. But I stood there staring at the clouds of different colors weaving in and out of each other. Just then a light beam appeared, coming down from the sky until it was about ten feet over me. 

Then a man appeared from the light beam wearing a white robe. When I saw the man, I turned around towards the people I was walking with and I yelled out to them, but they kept on walking. Then the man on the light beam spoke to me and said, “You.” I stood and stared at him. He pointed his right hand at me and said, “Yes you. We are coming to introduce you to the world. You are the mountain of the successor. Ask or depend on no one but God your creator.” Just then the man disappeared and the sky gradually cleared up. 

All of the clouds disappeared. All I could see was the sun at its normal height. When I turned around towards the people I was walking with, they were no longer there. I stood there in the wilderness not knowing where I was and wondering how could I get back home. Just then I came out of that vision, finding myself seated on the very same chair I had been sitting on, preparing for my morning prayers. It didn’t take me long to know the meaning of this vision and I treasured the experience. But I would leave it to history to testify to its authenticity. 

(3) Los Angeles, CA.

It was during the beginning of my morning prayers, when the bright light flashed in my face, and all of a sudden I was in a city where everything was being swallowed by water: people, houses, cars, bridges and everything else. People were climbing light poles, and some were on the rooftops of buildings, and chaos was everywhere. I was standing on a rooftop of a building with a few people, and the water swallowed the whole building, and some were drowning and I was swimming as hard as I could. 

Just then a hole of bright light opened up in the air in front of me.  It looked like an infinite tunnel of bright light.  It pulled me up out of the water until I was standing on the water like it was solid ground. Then I heard a voice coming out of the bright light saying, “I am your God, creator of the world. I created two spirits unlike any others and you are one of them. I chose you to save the world.” Then He continued saying, “The invasion forces are among you and they are the ones who are causing all of your suffering because they don’t mind me. They know that you are here to do my will. You have everything you need and I will guide you through.” 

Then I was pulled into the light and my whole body was vibrating within the light. As I stood within the light on the water surface, the voice said, “You can do it.” Just then I commanded the floodwaters to disappear, and so it was. Then when the water had disappeared and streets were cleared, there were dead bodies everywhere, and fallen trees and buildings, and I commanded everything to be restored, and so it was. It looked like there was never a flood, and people were going about their business. And just then the light disappeared and I was back sitting in a prayer position in my room. 

(4) New York City.

I had a vision where people were on the streets in large numbers in a great panic, because there was an announcement by the media that the entire world was about to be consumed by water. I was standing in the middle of the street, confused and disoriented, saying to myself, “That can’t be, it is impossible because God did not promise me that.” Just then, I saw a man with a white robe descending from the sky to where I was standing. 

Then the man called my name saying, “Abdu Allah!” The man was about three feet from me. Then he raised his right hand towards my face and asked me to raise my right hand towards him and I did so. Then he said, “Repeat this decree in God’s name.” “You will lead them in the name of God, and in God’s name they will follow.” Then he dropped his right hand and raised his left hand, and ordered me to do the same, and I did so. Then he repeated the decree in reverse saying, “In God’s name they will follow, and you will lead them in the name of God.” 

I was still puzzled by the panic on the streets, and I said to him in an angry tone, “Who would I lead in the name of God? Don’t you see that the world is ending?” Then he said, “No, the world is not ending, you’ll see.” Just then he was levitating in the air going up until I could not see him. Just then, I came out of the vision with the comfort of being told that the world is not going to end in an apocalyptic scenario, which many have predicted.

(5) Miami, FL.

At around three forty-five am, while I was writing, all of sudden the same bright light I have experienced in my previous visions appeared again. After the bright light flashed in my face, I found myself on a beach where there were many children. The children were playing by the shore, and one of them, a boy, walked up to me with a very friendly attitude. Then he held my right hand and pulled me to walk with him.  We started walking along the beach while the other children continued to run around playing. 

While we were walking, the young boy stopped and I knelt down on my knees, bringing myself to his height. Then out of curiosity, I asked him who they were. He said, “We are children of paradise.” Then I asked him, “This place is paradise?” He nodded his head yes. Then I asked him, “Will I be the person I think I will be?” He responded saying, “No, you won’t be.” I was surprised by his quick answer, and I asked him, “What do you mean by that?” 

The boy smiled and said, “I just wanted to see how you would react, but don’t worry everything will be fine, because God has everything ready for you, and you will soon see it all.” Then he hugged me, and there was warmth vibrating from his body that was so peaceful. Then he pointed with his left hand toward the ocean and told me to look. When I turned towards the ocean, there was the image of a beautiful woman’s face that expanded across the entire width of the horizon. 

Then the young boy said to me, “She is your spiritual guide.” Just then the image started to dissolve gradually until I could no longer see her. After the woman’s image disappeared, the young boy gave me another hug saying, “Good luck, we are proud.” I could not describe my emotions at that moment, and until this day I still get emotional when I reflect on this phenomenal experience that brought so much joy to my soul. 

(6) New York City.

 I was sitting in my living room after my morning prayers listening to relaxation music called, “sound of the sea.” After about five to seven minutes of listening to the music, the same bright light I experienced in my previous spiritual visions appeared again. After the light flashed on my face, I saw myself standing in what looked like a school cafeteria where many children were sitting at tables in silence. Then an old lady walked to me and asked me to follow her. 

We left the cafeteria and started walking down a long hallway. When we were almost at the end of the hall, she stopped and told me to walk to the end. When I got to the end of the hall, I turned around and faced the lady with an expression of, “Now what?”  All of a sudden, a big hole opened up in the roof of the hallway and a bright light was shining through it, right where I was standing. I looked up through the open hole and there he was. A man wearing a white robe was floating in the air and looking down through the open hole and as soon as I looked at him I knew who he was, Jesus Christ.

He didn’t speak in a loud voice, but I could understand what he was saying telepathically. He looked at me with a very gentle smile on his face saying telepathically, “We are watching over you, and we are proud.” Just then I felt a warm energy from the light beam that was shining through him, and he smiled again, and gradually disappeared. When he disappeared, I stood there and the lady walked to me and gave me a hug and we both started tearing. 

We held each other for a while, and then I was back in my living room. I knew then that something extraordinary had happened, because my eyes were still tearing, and the relaxation music I was listening to before the vision was still playing. I then turned off the music and just sat there in chills, trying to reflect on the experience. And it didn’t take me long to understand the meaning of the vision, and I was glad to have a vision of Jesus Christ, a mighty messenger of God.

(7) Rochester, NY. 

I was about to go back to sleep after my morning prayers and as soon as I sat on the bed, before I lay down, the usual bright light of my visions appeared again and flashed on my face. When the light flashed, I was somewhere in a desert terrain. There was a giant mountain surrounded by rocks and small trees. On one side of the mountain there was only sand, and on the other side there was gravel. There were many men surrounding the mountain dressed in Arabic clothing, which covered their whole body, except for their eyes. 

Some of them were dressed all in white gear, and some wore all black. I stood there not knowing where I was. I turned around and started walking away from the mountain. Just then I heard a very loud voice from one of the men saying, “He’s coming out!” When I turned towards the mountain, I saw all the men drop to their knees in bowing positions, facing the mountain. Then a man dressed in white came out of the cave of the mountain. He was surrounded by a bright light. 

Everyone started cheering, seemingly in great joy. When I saw the man with the bright light that surrounded him, I said to myself that he must be somebody important. Then the man started walking down from the mountain in my direction, until he came right to where I was standing. The light that surrounded him was so bright, but the brightness didn’t bother my eyes, because I could see his face clearly. Then he grabbed my right hand without saying anything and started walking with me toward the sandy side of the desert. 

When we had walked a few meters in the sand, the man sat in a prayer position, and then asked me to sit by using his hand, but still not saying a word to me. I sat on his right side in the same prayer position as he had asked me to. Then he introduced himself saying, “I am the prophet Mohammad.” Then he stood up saying in Arabic, “In the name of God the most gracious, most merciful.” Then he asked me to stand up for prayer. He led me to pray two Rakas, which is the Islamic way of praying, and he recited in both Rakas the same verse, 112 “Al-Ikhlas” from the Holy Qur’an. 

After we finished praying the two Rakas, we both sat next to each other. Then he turned to face me and held my two hands and started reciting the verse Nas from the holy Qur’an saying, “I seek refuge with the Lord and Cherisher of mankind, the King (or Ruler) of mankind, the God (or Judge) of mankind, from the mischief of the whisperer (of evil), who withdraws (after his whisper), the same who whispers into the hearts of mankind, among Jinn’s and among man.” When he finished reciting the verse, he held my hands very tight and closed his eyes.

Just then my whole body was vibrating from the heat that was coming out of his body. Then he opened his eyes, looked straight into my eyes and said, “The day will come when east to west and north to south will be in your hands. Shelter and provide for the neediest, and protect the weak from the unjust. But do not.” “But do not” were his last words. He did not finish the sentence, and the next thing I saw was my wife picking up our seven-month old daughter who was crying. When I came out of this vision, I felt great honor to be given such hopeful messages by a prophet of God. 

(8) Miami, Fl: 

At around four-thirty am, during my morning prayers, I heard a knock on the door. I got up to see who was knocking, but when I got to the door I heard a male voice saying, “Open the door.” When he asked me to open the door, I opened the door without first asking him who he was. It felt like I was being hypnotized. Then when I opened the door, there was a figure dressed in a long black robe with a hood. 

His head was covered with the hood and I could not clearly see his face. I just stood there staring at him and not knowing what to say or do, but I knew instinctively that whoever he was, he didn’t mean well, due to the vibe of his presence. Then he said to me in an angry tone, “On your knees.” I got down on my knees as he commanded. I felt like I had no control over myself. Then when I got down on my knees, he said, “I am God.” In that very moment, I did not know what came over me, because I felt warm heat all over my body, and I felt a powerful force within me. 

Then I stood up and looked straight at the man’s face without fear or hesitation, and said to him, “You are not God.” Just then, he started speaking a language I did not understand. He was speaking in a very fast and squeaky voice, like a fast-forwarded audiotape. Then I said to him, “You’d better leave now.” Just then, he vanished right before my eyes. When he vanished, I stood at the door asking myself what just happened. 

But finding myself still standing in the front door at that time of night, that confirmed to me that something out of the ordinary had happened. I could not figure out what had happened at that point, but when I went back to finish my prayers, I realized that I had had my first encounter with the devil posing as a God. But whoever or whatever came to my rescue had terrified him. After this experience, the word devil could no longer cause fear to my soul, and the devil’s true identity was being revealed to my spirit.

(9) Seoul, South Korea:

I was in South Korea training for the US Open Tae-kwon-do Championship. Then after a long day of training, I took the train and headed back to the hotel. It was freezing cold. I was standing in the front of one of the train cars, and an old Korean man was walking toward me. He was wearing an old overcoat and he had hanging from around his neck a cardboard sign with “Help me” written on it. The man looked the profile of a homeless person, because his clothing wasn’t clean and he had no shoes on in that freezing temperature. 

Then the man walked up to me and said “How do you do today sir?” I tried to be sarcastic by answering “very cold, but very fine.” Then he smiled, and for that moment he didn’t seem like someone who is in serious need, because his face looked so peaceful, but I gave him some money anyway. Then he took the money and stared at me for a while. Then said to me, “You are here in this world to do a very important job. Good luck and God bless you.”

He totally put me off guard because I did not expect something like that to come out of that man. Then I said to him, “Excuse me what do you mean?”  But he kept smiling, pointing his right hand to my face saying, “Just remember that, do not forget. Just remember that we are watching.” Just then the man vanished before my very own eyes while I was still facing him. I could not believe what I had just seen; because it was the first time I ever witnessed anything like that. Then I asked a man who was standing next to me if he saw the man I had been talking to.

He looked at me like I was lost and asking for directions, and pointed me to the subway map that was posted on the train. Then I said to him, “No, I’m not lost, do you speak English? I am asking about the old man that I was just talking to.” Then he said, “What old man?” When he said that, I was sure that he understood my question, because his English was clearer. Then when I tried to explain to him that I was just talking to an old man, the man started to walk away from me. He probably thought that I was up to something. However, the experience sparked in my spirit a great interest in understanding the world of spirituality. 

(10) New York, City:

I was on my way to a rehearsal for a fashion show that I was a part of. I arrived at the train station near the theater where the rehearsal was taking place half an hour early for my rehearsal. I sat on the subway bench for about ten minutes, and I saw an old homeless man who looked like he was in his late seventies. He was pushing a shopping cart full of empty soda cans and old clothing. 

The man had a long white beard, and his clothing was very dirty. He pushed the shopping cart to the bench where I was sitting. There was a lady sitting next to me. I first thought that the man wanted to sit. I then moved to one side of the bench to give the man space, but he didn’t sit, and he pushed the shopping cart right up onto my foot. He stood there and stared at me. I wanted to tell him to move his cart off my foot, but I felt sympathy for the old man, and I didn’t say anything. Then I gave him a one-dollar bill. 

The man stared at the bill, and all of sudden his eyes started welling. In that moment, I felt a deep sadness within my soul. Then he said to me “You came through your mother into this world for a very good reason, because God loves you very much.” Then I replied, “God loves you too.” Then he said, “Remember the words that I just said to you, you are very special to this world.” Then he turned his back towards me looking toward the direction I was facing, and in that very moment he was gone, disappeared into thin air. The old man, shopping cart and all, disappeared right before my very eyes.

I turned to the woman who was sitting next to me on the bench and asked her, “Did you see that?” She said, “See what?” And I said to her, “The homeless man I was just talking to?” But the woman responded with an expression that looked as though she felt threatened. Then I got up from the bench and exited the train station. I could not get over asking myself, “Who are these people who keep vanishing before my eyes?” But whoever they might be, or wherever they might be coming from, they have left me with a great curiosity and interest for knowing what more lies beyond the realities of the physical world. 

(11) Los Angeles, CA.

I was in a bookstore in the early afternoon browsing through books. I was there for about twenty-five minutes on the upper floor of the store. Then when I was leaving, there was a man in his thirties walking up the stairway. He said to me, “Excuse me sir.” I stopped. When I looked at the man, his face had lots of pimples and his clothes were not decent. The man looked to me like a drug addict. He extended his hand to me as a greeting.

I shook his hand, and he looked in my face for a moment and said, “For you being here in this world, it’s a blessing to humanity. God bless you and good luck.” When he said these words to me, at first I was intimidated and ashamed for my judgment of his physical appearance. I had nothing much to say to him, but thank you. Then when I said thank you to him, he replied, “You are very welcome, but don’t forget about what I said to you.” 

Then when I was about to ask him who he was, the man turned away from me and then vanished right before my eyes. I was not very surprised when he vanished, but I felt ashamed within my soul. His words meant a great deal to me, and he taught me not to judge anyone solely on their physical appearance, because you never know who the stranger you are talking to truly is, or who you might bump into on the street. 

(12) Miami, FL.

A friend was giving me a ride home late one afternoon after training. We were having a conversation about martial arts because we both practice the same art. We were talking about the competitions we have participated in and so on, when all of a sudden his tone of voice altered dramatically and the conversation completely changed. He first said, “Do you know who you are?” I looked at him, not knowing what he meant. Then he said, “The martial art you are practicing is just to prepare you mentally and physically for the big job you are here to do.” 

Then I said to him, “Man I’m lost, I have no idea what you mean.” Then he said, “You are the chosen one. You know that, don’t you?” I was very confused because we began our conversation talking about martial arts, and now our conversation was heading on a totally different path. Then I said to him, “I am the chosen one for what?” He replied, “You are God’s chosen one, and there will be a lot of envious people around you, so be aware of that. But we are here to protect you.” Then he began warning me about some of my habits, and telling me challenges that I might face on the journey. 

The conversation was getting very personal, and I said to him, “How do you know all these things you are telling me?” When I asked the question, his voice changed back to his own voice, and he reverted the conversation back to martial arts. Then I asked him to stop the car because I was totally puzzled by his personality. When he stopped the car, I told him, “Can you please explain to me what just happened?” Then he kept saying, “I don’t know, I don’t know what happened. I know and can remember every word that I said to you, but I don’t know why I said it.” 

Then we sat in the car for over an hour trying to make sense of the experience, but he ended up saying, “Whatever you do, I don’t think you should forget about what happened today, because I have no explanation for it, and I don’t think you do. But somehow I am sure that someday you will know what it means.” And yes indeed, that day shortly came to pass, because days later, the meaning of this phenomenal experience was clear to my spirit, and just then the restoration of humanity started to take priority within my spirit.  

(13) Rochester, NY.

I was working as a security guard for a company for about two months. I was planning to move to California at the end of that time. On my last day at work, one of the janitors of the building walked up to me and said, “I heard you are moving to California. We are really going to miss you. Don’t forget about us now.” 

To me nothing was out of the ordinary about that, because we had known each other for about a month, but when I shook his hand to say goodbye, he said, “It is not common to meet someone like you.” He held my right hand in both of his hands, seeming not to want to let my hand go. Just then I felt like he was not just saying a goodbye. I said to him, “Thank you, you guys are good people.” 

But the man seemed like he wanted to get my attention, by saying, “This place is not for you. God has a better place for you, where you will have everything you need.” When the man said that, I knew then that something out of the ordinary was happening. Then I asked him if it was ok to record what he said as a souvenir. He said, “Certainly.” I gave him my tape recorder and told him to call me when he was done. After seventeen minutes of recording, he called me and we said goodbye. 

Then as I rode the bus home, I listened to what the man had recorded, and what I heard was more than a janitor saying goodbye to a security guard. Here I quote him: “God is speaking through you. He wants you to change lives around and move people’s spirits in the right direction. Don’t be afraid of anything because God is with you. The world out there can eat one up, but not you, because you are better than that, and I am glad that I met you.” This man had spoken until I think he ran out of good things to say. But one thing is for sure: he has given me a gift that I will treasure as long as I live.

(14) Miami, FL.

I was staying in my friend’s house, and at around noontime, a man who lives in the house next door, whom I never spoke to before, called my name. I was at first surprised, because the man seemed like a very private person. The man had passed me by many times and had never even said hello, and I had greeted him once and he didn’t even bother to reply. So I was surprised when he called me by name. He said, “Excuse me Abdoulaye” while standing on his front porch. 

I walked to him and the man looked at me for a second, and then said, “Abdoulaye, you are very rare in this world. If everyone was like you, the world would be a paradise.” I did not know what to say, because the man had never spoken to me, not even a simple hello, and now he was saying these kind words to me. But I responded anyway by saying, “Thank you, that was very kind of you.” Then he said, “I’m serious, man, there is no one like you in this world.” Just then I felt like he was trying to tell me something that I still didn’t get.

Then I asked the man if I could get my tape recorder to record what he had just said. He replied, “I will be glad to, I have the whole day for you.” Then I got my tape recorder and we sat on his porch and he started talking. He sounded like he was reading a script. He talked for forty-nine minutes exactly, and after he was finished talking, I learned that he was a very intellectual man. He was a former Haitian official at the United Nations for eight years, but what he was telling me was far beyond his political intellect. 

I will quote some of the man’s words that puzzled me for quite sometime. He said, “I’m fifty-eight years old and I worked at United Nations for eight years and I have met many people, but to find some like you, no. I have been looking for my entire life for someone like you, and finally I have the opportunity to meet you. I don’t care if I die now. God bless you my friend.” What struck me the most about the whole experience was when I played the tape over after he was done speaking. He was more puzzled than I was after listening to himself on the recording, because he could not understand why he had said what he had said.

Then I asked the man, “If what you said is not your own words, then who’s words are they?” he replied saying, I don’t know and you do not know either, but one thing I know for sure, is that as long as I live I will never forget this day.” After that day, I have listened to the recording many times, and have also shared it with a few close friends as well, but they all were puzzled by the words just as I was for the first time. These spiritual phenomena were puzzling to my spirit when I was first experiencing them, but as I grew spiritually their meaning became a guide to my spirit and a comfort to my soul. 

(15) Los Angeles, CA. 

I was working for a friend, remodeling the offices of his film production company. There was a lady in her fifties who was filling in as a secretary for about week. When I got to work one morning, I greeted the lady and I was going to get changed into my working clothing. But when I passed the reception area, the lady called me saying, “Excuse me.” I stopped and walked back to her. When I got to her, I put my hands on top of the desk with an expression of “What.” Then she said, “God will honor you, because you are His servant, and you have the discipline to serve.”

I heard what she said, but I wanted a confirmation, and I asked her, “What do you mean?” She said, “God will honor you in this life.” I stood there looking at her for a moment not knowing what to say. Then I said to her, “Thank you, what you said means a lot to me.” Then I went to change and started working, but I could not stop thinking about what she said to me, and at the end of the day, I went back to her and asked her, “How do you know about the things you said to me, and how can you be so sure about them?” Then she responded by saying, “I don’t know why I said them, but I believe it with all my heart, and time will tell.” So I took her last word for it by leaving it to time to testify. 

(16) Miami, Fl:

I was going to the grocery store at around nine-fifteen pm. When I got out of my building, there was a man in his late fifties, dressed in a black suit and holding a blue office folder. When I was about to pass the man, he called out to me saying, “Excuse me.” I stopped, and he walked to me and shook my hand tightly and did not let go for a moment. I looked at his face and then at our hands, still clasped in the handshake with a guarded expression. Then he said, “I am sorry” and he let my hand go and opened the blue office folder he had with him. 

When he opened the blue folder, there were papers inside all bunched up, and I started becoming impatient, not knowing why he had stopped me. I said to him, “Are you okay?” The man looked into my eyes and said, “You are the one and the only true warrior left for this world. They are all gone. You are the only one left to save it.” I was at first confused, because the man looked more like an official than a spiritual figure. I did not know what to say, I just stood there looking at him. Then he continued, saying, “You have to promise me that you will prove to all that you are the best.”

In that moment, I thought that he knew that I was training for the Olympics and he was trying to boost my confidence. Then I said to him, “I will give it my best, that I know.” Then as I kept talking about how determined I was and the sacrifices I had already made for my training, the man was smiling and said, “I’m not talking about your competition, but you’ll understand when the time comes.” Then I was shut up for the moment, and he said, “Good luck and I hope to see you again.” 

Then as we were saying good-bye to each other, his eyes were tearing. It all happened so suddenly and I did not try to know who that man truly was, which I wish I would have done. But when I came back from the store, that’s when his words kept resonating in my consciousness constantly, and the more I reflected on his words, the more I understood that his words were beyond my Olympic ambition, and his presence was beyond the ordinary. 

(17) Rochester, NY.

I was lying in bed doing the breathing exercise I often do after my morning prayers. I was doing this exercise for about five minutes when the same bright light of my visions flashed in my face, and when I opened my eyes, I was walking with a big crowd. I was leading the crowd on a wide terrain. We had been walking for a long time when we got to a crevice of dry mud. People seemed to be very exhausted. There were two men who were walking next to me. Their skin was paling like victims of a drowning, and all of a sudden they fell in the crevice and seemed to be dying. 

I told the crowd to keep walking, and I carried the two men on my shoulders. Then we came to a large door, about seventy feet tall and twenty-five feet wide, and the door was closing up, and I yelled at the crowd to run and get inside before the door closed. I was yelling at the crowd to hurry, and we all made it to the door, and when we got inside the door shut behind us. 

There was a big pipe tunnel in front of us, and all of a sudden there was milk pouring into the tunnel from some open holes that connected into the tunnel. Then everyone was very excited, but the tunnel was filling up very fast. The milk was pouring into the tunnel until it reached our waist level, and we all were drinking the milk. Then a song began echoing in the tunnel. We did not see the people who were singing, but it seemed like there were many. They were singing the words, “We are so proud of you, we are so proud of you, we are so proud of you.” 

When we got closer to where the sound was coming from, the tunnel was getting full of milk, and some of the people were getting worried because the milk reached our chest level. Then we started swimming, and all of a sudden the milk began turning into water. The tunnel was completely full, and we swam under the milky water. As we swam under the water, the water got clearer, and we were able to breathe and speak under the water. Everyone was energetic and we all were in a great joy. 

Then I kept telling them “Swim ahead, let’s move faster.” I was in the front and seemed to be going faster then I ever could. When I looked further ahead, I saw a woman swimming toward us, and when she got closer to us, I recognized her face. She was the woman whose face filled the horizon in one of my earlier visions, whom I was told was my spiritual guidance. When I saw her for the first time, her image was too large to detail her exquisite beauty, but this time around, her image was human sized. 

She swam close enough to reach my hands, then she swam around me saying, “I'm so proud of you.” I was totally mesmerized by her presence. When I looked at the people behind me, they all seemed to be transfixed by her. Then I asked her, “Where do we go from here?” She pointed her hand towards the direction in which she came. Then I told the people to swim ahead. While we were swimming, we came to a second large door, which seemed to be the exit door of the tunnel. When we got to the door, I commanded the door to open up just by motioning with my hand. 

Then the door opened to let us out of the tunnel. When we were out of the tunnel, we took a short walk to a large place that was crowded with people. Some were standing in lines and some were walking in all directions. Some of them began pointing at us saying, “The new arrivals are here.” There was a man who was standing on a podium above where we were standing. 

The man called my name, and said, “Abdullah, how many people are with you?” I walked from the group and I yelled, “They are all here.” Then the man said, “Go sit and we will be with you shortly,” pointing at a dark blue door. When I opened that door, there was brightness as far as I could see, and just then I was out of the vision, and back lying on my bed with my hands on my chest.

These spiritual visions and encounters are just a few of many of the spiritual experiences that opened to my spirit the path of the reality of the unseen, & strengthened my soul with the burning desire of the restoration of humanity. Dear friends, by the end of this Five Elements journey, humankind will come to a clear conclusion that this world will be restored to it’s earlier glory as it was meant to be. It is written in heaven & it shall be done on earth.


Introduction: (Part 1 of 2)

The Five Elements: Quest for the ultimate truth

Introduction:     (Part 1 of 2)

             “Quest for the Ultimate Truth”: What is “Truth”? Truth is Fact. Anything that can be confirmed as fact is a truth. There are truths that can be physically confirmed and there are truths that can only be confirmed through the understanding of spirituality. The Five Elements journey goes deep into the depth of spirituality, where the existence of God is revealed.

            The Five Elements has enlightened my spirit with the truth and comforted my soul for having a belief for a better humanity that is to come. There was a time when I questioned whether life itself had any purpose, because my spirit was lost in total darkness and my soul was haunted by the agonies of humanity: where war, famine, homelessness and many other cruelties seem to be part of life. I was disenchanted with society and everything it seemed to stand for. I blamed culture and religion for their divisive systems, and governments for their unjust political systems. But most of all, I blamed the God for whom I was taught to believe in that He is the Creator of the world. However, blaming God for creating a world that seemed to be senseless to my understanding put me on the quest of wanting to know God and the true purpose behind His creation.

             When I embarked on the quest to find God and the purpose behind His creation, the first thing I noticed was a deep voice resonating within my spirit telling me that life has a greater purpose than the experiences at hand. I started to travel to many parts of the world, but the more I traveled and asked questions about God and the purpose of life, the more I seemed to be getting alienated from people due to the hypocrisies of society. There are many open questions that people would rather not be asked. I have spoken to many highly respected religious leaders, but they often condemn the questions that they don’t have the true answers to as inappropriate or immoral.

           However, when I often insist on an answer or question their claimed knowledge, I am automatically on their list of those who will be roasted in hell. I have also witnessed how religious beliefs can overshadow or shatter a family bond, because when I questioned some of my father’s religious principles, it opened a great wound in our relationship as father & son. This is another area where religions of the world have totally failed humankind, because when their principles are questioned, that could bring separation among family members, or among neighbors, even among nations.

            The tension between my father and I did not stop my quest for truth, because if the quest for truth is dishonoring to fatherhood, I said, “so be it.” However, my frustration grew from the tension, but the inner voice within my spirit was getting clearer, and became my trusted guide. My spirit was in the process of conviction that life didn’t create itself, and that there is a God who is the Divine Creator of all creation. But the question was “where is this God?”, because after a lot of traveling and questioning, it was clear to me that this God does not have a temple on earth, neither is He hiding in holy books.

          I also realized that shouting, singing or humming in worship places would not find this God, because I have already seen people doing that, and this God is still yet to be found to my understanding. I also saw many kinds of mumbo jumbo in the quest for this Divine God that many have the deep desire to know about. Many search for God hoping for a better understanding of this chaotic and confusing world.
There are five vital questions in life that many struggle to find the true answers to.
One: Who is the Creator of creation? Two: What is the purpose of humankind on earth? Three: How much control does humankind have over its life? Four: What is the fellowship between humankind and other living creatures of the earth? Five: What is the reality after death?

            If the answers to these five questions were as clear to all as the reality of death itself, no one would struggle to accept their answers. Death is one truth that is understood by all, because everyone knows that if one lives, one will certainly die, it doesn’t matter whether one is black or white, yellow or brown, male or female, rich or poor, or whether they live in the east or west, north or south. Death is the one truth that is clear to all.
Question One:

           Who is the Creator of creation? We all know that humans enter this world through a woman's womb, but when you think about the process backwards to how humans come into this world, you'll end up with the question, "how then, did the first human come to the world, if he or she did not come through a woman's womb?" Most of us are familiar with the religious story of Adam & Eve, that they were the first humans God created. But this religious point of view is still disputed by many. However, whether one agrees with this religious view or disputes it, it’s a basic level of understanding that nothing creates itself. There is nothing that is known to humankind that created itself.

Question Two:

            What is the purpose of humankind on earth? Culture, Religion & Government are the three major forces of society that rule and regulate what one should and should not do. Everything that society approves or condemns, is either cultural values, or religious beliefs, or government laws. Therefore, these three forces of our society seem to know what humankind is here to do on earth. But do they? These three forces are the architects that divided the land of the earth into territories, and then divided humankind into groups and categories.

         The earth is divided into nations, and then the livelihood of the people in every nation is divided into categories: the rich, the poor and those in the middle. So too, everyone is given their own cultural identity that differentiates them from others. Then we have Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, and so on, and each religious group is walking in its own path deferent from others.

            The structures of which these three forces (culture, religion & government) are built upon to function violate the very core of moral righteousness, because they have divided what was whole (the earth) and what was meant to unite (humans) as Humanity. These three major forces of our world views’ on human’s purpose on earth are questionable.

Question Three:

             How much control does humankind have over its life? Based on the experiences of reality, it is clear that there is a force that manifests in life that is far more capable than one’s God given free will. Free will is what enables one to choose and act without the dictation of God. If everyone was choosing and acting by the will of God, then God would be responsible for all human thoughts and actions, the good and the bad. But I don’t think anyone would even consider that God would dictate the act of a little innocent child, murdered and dumped in the wilderness like a piece of trash, and left to rot. That is a pure act of evil, not the will of a divine God.

           It would be hypocritical on the part of God to give humans the free will to choose and act and then dictate their choices and actions at the same time. If humans had full control over their lives, then one would not make a decision and face disappointment at the outcome. But it is obvious that we all experience disappointment. So how much influence does one’s free will have over one’s life? The three major forces of society: culture, religion & government seem to have the answer, because they are the authorities that judge one’s actions, and punishment is their solution.

            Murder is the worst act that one can commit, and society has a severe punishment for one who commits the act. Punishing a murderer seems reasonable, but even with knowledge of the consequences of committing murder people are still committing the act. We have seen murder being committed by people from all walks of life; men, women, children & adults, rich & poor, “well educated people,” as well as “the self righteous ones.”

           We have seen people who commit murder and serve their time of punishment, and when they get released they will be doomed to repeat the same crime, possibly in a worse fashion. Are these people really committing these crimes with their free will, or are they victims of a higher power that programs, or influences humans to commit a crime against their free will? One who commits a crime is the one who is physically responsible for the act, and should be condemned for the act, but if one was programmed or influenced to act against his or her free will, that would make one who commits the crime a victim, but a victim of whom? Does humankind fully understand all the forces that manifest in life?

Question Four:
           What is the fellowship between humankind and other living creatures of the earth? Should it be as it is? Was humankind really granted the right to rule other creatures of the world, as some religions have proclaimed? It is obvious that humankind does not even consider being equal to any creature of this world and the three major forces of society: culture, religion, & government, share this view. In many cultural & religious customs, animals are killed for celebration or sacrificial ceremonies, and when you go to any slaughterhouse in any part of the world, animals are being legally killed under the approval of governmental authorities. Has humankind got it right in their attitude towards the other creatures of the world?

Question Five:

           What is the reality after death? Culture has its mythical stories, religion has its prophecies and science has its theories, but the answer to this question remains a mystery to humankind, because the after-life journey goes beyond the perimeters of physicality. Therefore any claimed knowledge of the whole journey can be questioned. Reality has proven many claimed answers to this question to be untrue. In some cultures people used to be buried with their earthly possessions as an accommodation for their after-life journey, but reality has proven that dead people cannot take anything from this world to wherever they are going.

            There are many discoveries of human tombs & burial sites that date back many thousands of years, but what remains in these tombs are human bones and earthly riches that were meant to accommodate the dead on their after-life journey. If cultures thought that dead people could take any earthly possessions into another world, reality has proven otherwise. The after-life journey is still a mystery to the human intellect, and religions have seized that as an opportunity to promote themselves as institutions of the unseen.

           Religions explain the afterlife journey in detail, and promise a comforting scenario to their adherents, and in some religious scriptures the exaggeration of the promise is more like science fiction. However, scientific views on the after-life journey are still a work in progress, because science values physical fact, and the after-life journey is beyond physicality, therefore scientists are still struggling on why & how the body dies. A scientific theory on the subject is that the body dies when an “unknown energy” no longer exists within the body. Isn’t that obvious? Of course if the body dies it’s because there was a presence in the body that no longer exists in the body. The question is, what is “the energy” and where does the energy go after leaving the body? Do humans truly know all they need to know?

Before we embark upon The Five Elements’ spiritual journey, one must realize that spirituality is a personal journey.


            When one made the commitment to walk the journey of spirituality, one must separate oneself from any self-identity given by society, whether it is cultural, political or religious. This separation is necessary, because it allows the spirit to navigate beyond the limitations of these three systems of our world. The cultural system of the world has divided humankind, the political system of the world has failed to meet the needs of humankind, and the confused religious systems of the world cannot even agree on who God is, or what God is. When one embarks on the path of spirituality, which is a path of clarity, one should not allow oneself to be deterred or discouraged by these failed systems of the world.

          Through the path of Spirituality one evolves to serve a higher purpose in life, because it is the path where the human spirit manifests to its God given purpose, by confirming what it knows on its own without any intimidation or outside influences. The path of spirituality reveals one’s higher purpose in life, because all lives have a greater purpose on this world than just being a surviving being. On my beginning journey of spirituality, it was clear to me that no creation creates itself. So my search for the Creator of creation became a question of where to go, because if I didn’t find it on earth, and if heaven is where to go, the daunting question was, “How can I get there.”

            While this question kept me busy, what I didn’t realize was that I was being disconnected from the dog eat dog world of materialism that society cannot seem to get enough of. My finding the Creator of creation was in a bleak stage at that moment, but I was evolving into a different person, because I no longer accepted materialism to define my identity as a human being. I became a student of a silent world that exists deep within my soul. The more my spirit was calmed to listen, the more I understood spirituality (the reality of the unseen). Spirituality is the path of clarity where the human spirit can analyze and realize the seen & the unseen.

        Through the path of spirituality, one understands the differences between Creator & creation, Good & evil, Morality & immorality. Spirituality is a personal journey, not a convoy to an unclear destination that many religions of the world are. The path of spirituality distinguishes itself from the religious system, because religious convictions are based on ideology, and spirituality convinces one based on reality. Religions guide and spirituality reveals. Religions metaphorically explain God & gods, but spirituality reveals what only God is capable of. On the path of spirituality, everything is clearly seen as it is.

Let’s began the journey of The Five Elements’ quest for the ultimate truth:

One: Who is the Creator of creation? Two: What is the purpose of humankind on earth? Three: How much control does humankind have over its life? Four: What is the fellowship between humankind and other living creatures of the earth? Five: What is the reality after death?

Question One:
           Who is the Creator of creation? Let’s take the human persona as an example. The human persona is three combined elements, Body, Soul & Spirit. The body is the part of the persona that moves in the physical realm. The soul is the source that gives life to the body. The spirit, also known as “the mind”, is the source that produces thoughts upon which the body acts. These three elements are what make a person fully functional in life. The heart is the flesh that harbors the soul that gives life, and the brain is the flesh that harbors the spirit that gives thoughts. A heart can be moved from a person to give another body life as long as the soul is still beating in the heart. When a person’s heart stops beating, the person will be pronounced dead, regardless of the perfect conditions of the person’s brain or body. The soul is the source that keeps one alive. The spirit is the source that produces thoughts upon which the body acts. A person can be in a coma for years and remain alive.

           A comatose stage is when the body is alive, but unable to respond to any stimulus, because the brain that enables the body to respond to the spirit’s thoughts goes into a nonfunctional state. The heart is what carries the soul (the source of life) and the brain is what carries the spirit (the source of thoughts). A person must have a beating heart in order to be alive, and a person must have a functional brain in order to make decisions. So when one analyzes these three elements: body, soul & spirit, it would not take much realization to understand that they were specifically created to function each on its own purpose. We have also discovered that each individual has his or her own fingerprint different from everyone else’s. As small as the human thumb is, with every person having his or her own design, this phenomenon is mind boggling to think about from a scientific point of view, but when one thinks about it from a spiritual standpoint, it simply tells you that there is the existence of a Creator of creation (God).

The existence of a Creator of creation is a truth that can be confirmed on a very basic level of spirituality.
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