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Saturday, December 25, 2010

The Condemnation of Abortion:

The Five Elements: Quest for the ultimate truth

The Condemnation of Abortion:

               Through the demonic authority of society, immorality is being implemented in many areas of human livelihood. Some will interpret their act of immorality as a privilege of society. Some will value their act of immorality as their freedom of society. Some will fight for their act of immorality as their right of society. Now women are waving their “Pro-Choice” flags, demanding their rights for abortion, which can only be granted through the demonic authorities of society that have no credibility in the court of moral righteousness. “Pro-Choice” means to have the right for an abortion, and abortion is ending a baby’s Life in its mother’s womb.

              Abortion is one of the cruelest ways of destroying human lives. Flushing out a baby from its mother’s womb into pieces is an act that can never be legalized under the moral authority of righteousness. There are two worst-case scenarios for which one might see abortion as rightful or purposeful. The first is when the woman is raped and ends up with an unwanted pregnancy. The second is when a woman’s pregnancy is causing complications that are seen as a risk to the woman’s life. When you analyze these two situations from a moral understanding, you’ll realize that their conditions give no one the moral legitimacy to commit the act of abortion. When a woman is raped and left with an unwanted pregnancy by her rapist, the rapist has violated the woman’s moral rights.

              Only the woman can forgive the rapist of this horrible act (sin). But when an abortion is committed due to the unwanted pregnancy caused by the rapist, the one who performed the abortion has committed an act far worse than the act of rape. In this situation, when the rapist and the one who performed the abortion stand in the court of moral righteousness to be judged for their acts, the one who committed the abortion will have more to worry about. We have similar rules of judgment in our judiciary system. In society’s rules of law, when one who commits aggravated assault and one who commits homicide stand in the court of law, the one who committed homicide will have more to worry about. It is because the penalty for a homicide is far greater than the penalty of an aggravated assault.

              If being assaulted makes you go kill someone who had nothing to do with your assault, when you stand in the court of law, you will no longer be there as a victim of an assault, but you will be tried as a convicted murderer. We see this same method of judgment in our judicial system and that goes the same with the laws of moral righteousness. If a woman who is left with an unwanted pregnancy understands this truth, she would rather remain a victim of a rape. Then when she faces her rapist in the court of moral righteousness, she will have her chance to condemn or forgive her rapist, rather than standing in the court of righteousness to be tried as a murderer. Or be tried as an accomplice of a murder if someone else performed the actual abortion.

               When there is a murder, all who were involved will each be charged and convicted based on their involvement. The act of rape alone is a horrible act, and when an unwanted pregnancy follows, that is an awful situation for any woman. But abortion should never be the solution. A woman in this situation should try to embrace the spirit of forgiveness, because through forgiveness only, the wounds of the soul can be healed. To forgive in this situation is easier said than done, but it is the only way forward towards inner peace for the soul. We have seen victims of an act whose lives were worsened, by becoming a second victim of their own bitterness. We have also seen victims using revenge to heal their inner wounds, but they only deepened themselves into the darkness of despair.

              A victim can heal his or her inner wounds through forgiveness only. Revenge can only give a victim the satisfaction of no longer being the only victim, and a victim’s contempt and resentment towards his or her aggressor stops the healing process of the wounded soul. When a victim forgives his or her aggressor, whether the aggressor knows it or not, the victim has healed his or herself from the darkness of bitterness that is a poison to the soul. Rapists are some of the worst of humanity, and even when forgiveness gains them passage into heaven, their shame as a rapist will go with them. If being a known rapist in any neighborhood in society can be a shameful experience, then being a rapist standing before God, the Most Holy, can be an excruciating experience for any rapist.

             In the hereafter, everyone’s true identity will be revealed for all to know, because the laws of moral righteousness that govern morality harbor no secrets. A woman in the situation of being raped and left with an unwanted pregnancy should make all efforts to the best of her ability, to carry that soul into the world, and at that point if the mother chooses not to keep the baby, humanity as a whole will share an equal responsibility to take care of that newborn soul. There are many righteous souls in humanity who would willingly take care of a new soul that cannot be cared for by the mother. So being a victim of an unwanted pregnancy should not be the reason for any woman to have an abortion, which will create a dead victim, which is far worse than being a rape victim.

              The second worst-case scenario for an abortion that can be seen as purposeful is when a woman’s life is threatened by complications of her pregnancy. In this situation abortion might seem right or reasonable, but when you look at it from a moral point of view, you’ll come to the clear conclusion that no one has the moral legitimacy to commit, or grant the right for an abortion. Only the devil would make abortion in this situation seem reasonable, or grant one the right to do so. “You die so I can live” is a demonic game set up by the devil, by putting a price tag on human souls for one to choose which soul is worth the most. The soul of a mother and the soul of her unborn baby have the same value to moral righteousness.

             Just because the life of the mother seems to be threatened by her pregnancy, that doesn’t give anyone a moral right to decide who should live or die: the mother or the baby. These situations are often created by medical personnel, who do not have the full knowledge of the life of a living being. We have seen physicians making medical catastrophes based on their decisions. We have also seen physicians making false predictions based on their limited knowledge of the lives of living beings. There are many who would testify being told by their physician how long they have to live based on their illness, but they end up living a lot longer than their physician predicted. We have also seen people who have given up looking for a cure for their illness because their physician tells them that there is no cure.

              There are many who have died believing that their illness could not be cured just because their physician said so. It is that belief that blinded their spirits from looking for the cure elsewhere. Physicians have limitations when it comes to understanding the life of a living being. Therefore, no physician has the moral legitimacy or credibility to predict or decide who should live or die. Righteousness grants no one the right to decide who should live or who should die. Any right, law or regulation that violates this law of moral righteousness can only be satanic. The ones who are fighting for abortion rights need to realize that if they were victims of abortion, they would not be alive to fight for any rights. Being granted a right to kill does not mean you are right when you kill. The devil that grants these rights will be the first one to be condemned into hell in the hereafter.

             Humans must understand that every soul deserves an opportunity to live a purposeful journey on this earth. It is God given. Women must not follow men’s footsteps on the path of destroying human lives. Men have engaged in destruction of one another to a point where many human spirits are numb to the guilt of this evil. But if women lose their sensitivity for carrying souls into the world and caring for the souls of the world, that would be a moral catastrophe to the human race. God chose women to carry souls into the world, but the devil with his demonic authority wants to grant women, the right to choose when to destroy the soul that they were meant to carry and care for. God the Creator of all great things has chosen women to carry the most precious element in life, which is the soul. Without a soul one would not be alive, therefore the soul is God’s most precious gift.

              Women carrying souls into the world is a God given privilege to women. It is also what allows the continuation of human generations. If (Adam) the first man God created was the only human on this earth, there would be no descendant from his existence. It is women who extend the human race from one generation to the next. One might argue that without men’s participation in the process there would be no future generations. But God has proven that to be untrue, because woman alone can carry a soul into the world, and the birth of Jesus Christ, the son of Mary, is a true testimonial. Women are the balance that is meant to keep the human family structure stable.

              The human family structure is the cornerstone of humanity. Therefore it is crucial for women not to surrender their sensitivity of the soul to the devil, as men have done. If men were coming into this world in the same way that the first man Adam was created, the devil would have them destroying each other faster than God would be creating them. Men might be the ones who are ruling the world, but it is also certain that they are the ones who are helping the devil ruin the world. Women’s sensitivities are the balance that can keep mankind from drowning in its own blood by the hands of evil. Humanity as a whole needs to realize that any right to kill is pure satanic. All the laws of man need to be carefully reviewed and re-evaluated, because moral righteousness grants no one a right to kill.

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