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Saturday, December 25, 2010

The Evil of Culture:

The Five Elements: Quest for the ultimate truth

The Evil of Culture:         
           Culture is an identification system that differentiates one from another through custom. Culture gives one self-identification as to where one belongs. This was the first system that failed humanity as a whole, because it is where human separation took it roots, and through that, evil and immoralities were able to manifest themselves to their fullest. Through cultural identifications, the souls of humanity were darkened by the insanities of Racism and Discriminations, which lead to the destruction of many lives. Through the cultural system, people can be a citizen of the same nation, but their cultural differences can be the factor that will determine the opportunity and comfort of their livelihood.

             Ethnicity is an issue in which many lives have suffered or been destroyed over, which is more evidence of humans' ignorance toward the God of humanity. If God chose to create, then who are humans to discriminate against God's perfection? Many people are spiritually blinded to even realize their commonality with their own fellow human beings. Human beings are one species of the same kind, and no cultural identity can truly differentiate that commonality. Even when one human being is labeled as evil, and another human being is regarded as righteous, their commonality as human beings would not change and cannot be changed. 

             It doesn't require intellectuality or spirituality to see that every creature of the same kind has differences in shapes, sizes and colors as God created them to be. But many spirits are blinded from realizing that this diversity is the intention of a perfectionist God. Through the cultural system, the wholeness of humanity was broken into different cultural groups, and wall built between them. We have seen people who are dearly in love with each other, but the wall between their cultural will stand between them with demonic graffiti on them saying, "You Don't Belong Together."
             You'll see people get dishonored by their families or condemned by society for crossing these cultural barriers for the sake of compassion (love). The cultural system of the world violates the very core of human purpose on this earth, by divided humans who were meant to unite as Humanity (A community in a common purpose). Culture differentiates based on matters that matter not to spirituality. Through the clarity of spirituality one understands that the source (soul) that keeps one alive has no cultural identification. It is clear to all that all who live will surely die regardless of their cultural identification.

              Cultural differences have brought agony into humanity that is beyond what words can describe. Words cannot truly describe the horrors of genocide, ethnic purging & Holocaust. These are some of the worst atrocities that have been inflicted on humanity and by humanity through the cultural system. People are victims of these evils because of their cultural identity. Culture does not share the same value with moral righteousness towards humanity, because culture inflects evil and influences immorality on humanity. The cultural system of the world has caused catastrophic waves that have rippled from generation to generation, unbalancing the human family-hood, which is in a state of moral collapse. The moral covenant of family-hood is being disregarded and the moral structure of family-hood is being dismantled in every part of our society.

              A marriage is no longer just between a man & a woman, and divorce is no longer just between two spouses. When I first witnessed a boy sitting in a courtroom with his lawyers by his side demanding the right of separation from his parents, I was shocked. The boy and his lawyers argued that the parents were misusing the money that the boy makes from the entertainment industry. The most shocking aspect of this great humiliation to humanity was when the court ruled in the boy's favor. I asked myself, "How can a child divorce his own parents?" But on the other hand, if parents who are the adults do not see the catastrophic elements of divorce, how can a child? This boy was demanding the right of separation from his parents for the same reason many adults get divorced, which is money: having lots of it and fighting for it, or lack of it and fighting about it.

             People get divorced for many senseless reasons, because a divorce is seen as a part of life. A part of life that will scar the souls of the children involved for a long time to come. When my parents were divorced, I was devastated. I was a grown man by then, but the devastation left me with a deep wound within my soul that haunted me for many years. After I experienced the sorrow of divorce, I vowed that if I would ever have children I would never put them through this horrible experience. Divorce is a horrible thing, especially when children are involved.

              People need to put more thought into marriage before getting into it, or pushing someone else to it, because when children become a part of a marriage, divorce is no longer an option. When a child a born in any relationship, whether you call it marriage or companionship, nothing should overshadow the child in that relationship. There are many situations that can justify divorce as a solution, but crushing a child’s spirit should never be a solution for any situation. Children are the greatest victims of divorce and their opinions on the subject are often overlooked. We have seen divorces where children end up going back and forth from one parent to the other like a ping-pong ball on a tennis table. Or if one parent is granted full custody by the court of law, the other parent will lose his or her God given right as a parent. That parent could be the mother who carried the child into the world.

             Divorce is one of the great demonic curses to humanity. Marriage was not meant to be a companionship that one can get in or get out of whenever one chooses. The moral covenant of marriage is a companionship of commitment and togetherness forever, for better or worse. But marriage was not meant to be a convenient adventure that one enjoys when things are going well and bail out of when challenging moments arrive. Many people bail out of their marriage when a challenging moment occurs, and for that reason many people are looking for what they call a "soul-mate", expecting to get an easy ride throughout their relationship.

            The search for a "soul-mate" is simply planting the seed of separation (divorce), because when things are not going as well as expected, the search for a "Soul-Mate" could continue. The search could go on forever, because there is no such thing as a "soul-mate." When a relationship is based on the "soul-mate" ideology, differences can easily make the ideology lose its ground. This is why differences should not be what break a marriage apart, or any relationship for that matter. The right mate does not come in a golden package. When you find a mate, it is up to you to make him or her the right mate for you, by being willing to work out any differences thrown at you.

            Humans have an obligation to rebuild the moral structure of society. But first women must be given back their God given equal rights with men, which is essential for the stabilization of the human family structure. The equality between men & women is what first needs to be restored, because through inequality the human family structure was destabilized. It is men's moral responsibility to renounce their claim of superiority in other to establish the balance of equality between men & women. It is not women who need to fight for their equal rights with men; it is men who need to give up their ideology of superiority. The balance of the human family structure lies in the values of equality instead of superiority.

             Human equality would create the right balance that humanity needs to morally navigate within this world. But all the three major forces of society (religion, culture & government) disregard this moral purpose of human equality. Religion seems to represent the God who created all souls equally. "All souls are equal in the eyes of God," this is religious rhetoric that we hear all the time. But yet this religious rhetoric contradicts the reality of religion's influences within society. You'll also see governments advocating equality by calling it democracy, which is nothing but pure hypocrisy. There can be no human equality within a system that discriminates humans through class & categories. But on this subject of human equality, culture sees it as idiotic, because culture needs its kings and queens, sultans & princes in order to survive in society.

             Without these satanic thrones that the devil grants to humans, culture would not have these devil's disciples that people are bowing to due to their claimed superiority over others. Equality is the element that keeps in balance anything that differences could unbalance. If God created all souls equal, then only the devil would grant superiority to some over others. Superiority is the devil's make-believe, because in reality no one is superior to anyone else. When death comes to collect the soul, superiority will be irrelevant. It is the arrogance of superiority that allows humans to see themselves above other living creatures of the world. But God the Magnificent, who creates lives, has granted all lives an equal right to exist on this earth, and death is the evidence of that. You live, you'll die. This is an equal reality for all.

            No one was ever or will ever be granted superiority over others under the moral authority of righteousness. It is because God has created all lives equally, but superiority creates inequality. We have seen the urge for superiority create a popularity contest between family members, where children compete for the attention of their parents, or parents compete for the love of their children. When parents express favoritism among their children, the favorite child will feel superior over the others. And when children favor one parent over the other, unbalance within a family structure will be inevitable.

           Two parents should always be like a pair of shoes towards their children, because a pair of shoes is equal in every way, regardless of their differences of Left & Right. One wears the left shoe the same as one wears the right. The steps one takes with the left are equal to the steps taken with the right if one has no difficulty with walking. Parents should never allow their children to favor one parent over the other, and parents should never express favoritism among their children. It is the parents' responsibility to be treated equally by their children, and it is the parents' responsibility to treat their children equally regardless of any differences of specialties that one child might have from the others, because each individual has his or her own God given specialty.

             When children within a family are not given equal attention by the parents, the spirit of the children who are the less favored can get crushed, and his or her God given specialty might never be known. When people feel inferior within their own family, they can carry that curse with them to the outside world. That can be a catastrophe to any child growing up in a society of favoritism. Favoritism among family members can break the bonds of a loving family, or effect children throughout their adulthood. We have seen grown-ups setting goals in life just wanting to be the most successful in their family: trying to heal their wounds for not being the favored child, or trying to keep their status as their family's favorite child.

            Many people measure their success based on who they are more successful than in their family, and some would be okay with anyone else's success as long as it is not a family member. Many are envious because they are not the most successful in their family, and they will direct their envious attitude towards others, even to those who wish them well. Many of the viruses that darken the human soul start within the family structure, and parents have a moral responsibility to put a stop to it. Parents often play the role of a good cop and a bad cop with their children, meaning that one parent will act nice towards their children and the other parent will act tough towards their children. This game is basically giving children a green light to choose their favorite parent, and the parent who plays the good cop is most likely to be the chosen one.

            No one prefers to be disciplined and everyone enjoys being comforted. This is the reason why a strict disciplinarian parent might not be the favorite in a family's favoritism contest, because it is an easy choice for children to favor the parent who gets them out of trouble, or ignores them when they are getting into trouble. When children are misbehaving, parents must stand firm with one voice and take the proper measures necessary together, instead of playing good cop/bad cop, because children need to understand that a disciplinary parent does not make a bad parent, and a comforting parent does not make a good parent. Parents who discipline their children to keep them out of trouble serve the best interests of their children. But parents who comfort their children when they get into mischief do not serve the best interests of their children. It is as simple as that.

              Children need to be disciplined and given the love they deserve at home before they get trapped within the satanic systems of society that are destroying children who are the fruits of humanity. We have seen children being influenced by gangs & the drug-dealing system, which ends up ruining their potential for greatness. These systems' paths are most likely to lead anyone behind bars or to the graveyard. When children enter these systems: they will brag about their reckless behavior towards others, dealing drugs for easy money trying a shortcut in life, though their lives are at stake, and they will still see that as easy.

             The gangs and the drug-dealing systems are systems of destruction, and the role models of these systems are individuals who have no regard for the greater good of humanity. They would brag and be proud of their artificial livelihood: wearing expensive clothes, driving expensive cars, acting like they are on top of the world, while the world is on top of them. Because it is just a matter of time before they arrive at their chosen destination, which is the graveyard or behind bars. Then cars, money, and jewels will end up in the hands of the authorities. These individuals should not be role models for any children, and children must not be allowed to follow this path into the abyss that ruins lives. Parents should be the first role models for their children, by setting up proper standards at home for children to adapt to, before they adapt to these demonic systems of society that will ruin their lives. This is another area where governments of the world have failed humankind, because the reality of gangs & drug-dealing are happening under their watch.

             Governments will deploy their armies to invade a country, but they will seem to be struggling for the safety of their streets that is a gangland. They have the might to invade another country but fail to secure their own streets. What a Pure Hypocrisy! Any government that really wants to end gangs & drug- dealing within their borders has the authority and means to do so. But these demonic systems (Gangs & drug- dealing) that destroy lives seem to be in the best interest of governments, because that is what makes many of their satanic laws seem purposeful. There are many laws of society that were designed seemingly for the well being of humans, but the reality these laws produce contradicts their claimed purposes. There is pure evil & hypocrisy within many of the laws of society, especially the ones that seem to protect children.

             The law will accuse parents of abusing their children, but the law does far worse to children through the justice system. Children can be beaten and made to endure many kinds of cruelties as a disciplinary measure within the prison system. The prison system is run by the rule of law, but the same law would lock up parents for "abusing" their child, while the law itself abuses children in prison. It is the same system that is taking children away from their family household into foster care, where the spirit of a child can be scarred with many unwanted memories that can haunt any child even as they grow to adulthood. There are many adults who are still being haunted by their unwanted memories of childhood within the foster care system.

            The love for children can only be nurtured within the family structure, but not through the foster care system. The discipline that children need can only be implemented within the family structure. Any system that cares for the well being of children would strengthen the structure of the family household by providing its needs. Taking children away from their family household is dismantling the moral foundation of the family structure. But parents can dismantle these demonic laws that are destroying the family household by simply understanding that physical punishment is not what disciplines a child. Enforcing a rule through physical means is not what disciplines, because society enforces many of its laws with severe physical punishment, even with death, and people are still breaking these laws on a regular basis.

              If physical disciplinary methods would discipline one, the prison system would not be as congested as it is, and the courtrooms of society would not be an everyday drama. If physical disciplinary methods have failed the law, it will fail anyone who disciplines according to the law. But many parents see enforcing rules on their children through physical punishment as a disciplinary method. Some parents will act like the king of the castle with their children, and end up being their own king in their lonely castle, because they will implement some rules that will force the children to leave their household whenever they have the chance, and coming back will not be part of their plan.

             We have seen children, mostly our teenagers, running away from home and wandering around on the streets, which might leave their parents wondering what they did wrong. These children will leave the home that has all their needs available for the street, where they will have to hustle for any of their needs. They willingly give up the home's privileges just because of the rules that are attached. Parents must understand that disciplining children and pushing them away are two very different elements. Playing the king of the castle with children by setting senseless rules for them to comply with is pushing them away. To discipline a child, the child needs to be informed of his or her abilities and moral responsibilities toward greatness. This can only be done through the spirit of love and understanding the principles of moral righteousness.

           When a child is nurtured to understand his or her moral responsibilities and capabilities toward greatness, just then, the child is most likely to strive for greatness. The expectation of greatness itself possesses the power to discipline the spirit to strive for greatness. This method of discipline of the spirit works both in children & adults, because the expectation of greatness makes one feel worthy of greatness, and when one feels worthy of greatness, one will discipline oneself for the requirements necessary. We discipline ourselves to avoid many wrongs because of the greatness that is expected from us. Expectation is an element that can discipline a child to take the path of greatness, or destroy a child's path to greatness. Children are the future generation of humanity, and they need to know that greatness is expected from them.

           When they see the expectation of greatness from them as their moral obligation to achieve, humanity will be bright for all. But children must first be nurtured with the love of worthiness at home, so they would see their requirement of greatness as their moral obligation. It is a parent's responsibility to nurture children with these values of great expectation. When an expectation is good, it leads to a great outcome, and when an expectation is bad, it can lead to a bad outcome. When you have great expectations for your child, do not enforce them through any physical punishment, because it will grow into a tree of frustration that bears fruits of disappointment.

           Through the spirit of love and moral understanding lies the key that opens the gateway to greatness for any soul. When dialogue becomes the communication tool between parents and their children, the parents and the children are more likely to have a better understanding of one another. However, dialogue should never be used as a negotiation tool between parents and their children. Children need to understand that they cannot do whatever they want to do, or go wherever they want to go if there are potential consequences. Parents must also understand that children adapt to their surroundings, and home should be the most influential surrounding that reflects on children's well being. No one was smoking, drinking, using drugs, or terrorizing people from the moment they were born. But a child can pick up these immoral behaviors based on their environment.

             When parents understand that disciplining a child is not laying out a rule for only the child to follow, then implement the skill of dialogue within the family household, children will become listeners, instead of the rebels that the demonic laws of society allowed them to be. Parents must be the role models for their children by being an example. Not simply by laying out some rules just for children to follow. We see parents doing in the presence of their children what they have forbidden their children to do, such as smoking, drug using, drinking, and cursing and so on. This is not setting moral standards for children, it is setting rules for children, and children often rebel against them, or break them just out of curiosity.

            They wonder, "If it is bad, why do they do it?" which is a good question. Yes, if smoking, drug using, drinking and cursing are bad, why then do grown-ups do it? We have seen these forbidden substances killing people. So why are grown-ups still using them, and yet telling their children not to. What they are really saying to children is "don't do it now, wait till you are grown-up." And so they will, when they feel that they are grown-up. This is pure human hypocrisy that the devil is having fun watching: Grown-ups using deadly substances that seem enjoyable, setting an example for their future generation. What a sad reality: grown-ups destroying their own future generation.

            Children cannot be put on the path of greatness with the empty words and thoughtless actions of hypocrites. Parents have the moral obligation to be humanitarian role models for their children, just then; children will be able to be taught how to be gentle, kind, compassionate and sensitive towards all inhabitants of the earth, because the survival of humanity depends on it. If the next generation follows the footsteps of this present generation onto the same path of cruelty, self annihilation will be inevitable.

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