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Saturday, December 25, 2010

The Evil of Government:

The Five Elements: Quest for the ultimate truth

The Evil of Government:

            Government is an authoritarian system that rules and regulates people under laws. The government holds the highest authority in society. Government authority rules over cultural values and religious beliefs. Any cultural values or religious belief will need government approval in order to become a law for a nation. Members of the political system (politicians) are the highest rank of leaders that society produces, but yet they cannot even resolve the most basic moral needs of their people, which are food, shelter and equal education for all. These human needs are basic necessities for every soul in this world. But the governmental system of the world has another priority.

            Through the governmental system, the annihilation of all the lives of the earth becomes a possibility. There are enough arsenals in the world to destroy the entire planet many times over, and they were all built under the authority of government leadership as well as the authority to use them when they choose. It is the devil & his demonic jinni followers that provide humankind with the knowledge of these horrible weapons that humanity would be better off without. But yet, these satanic instruments of destruction are seen as valuable possessions for a nation. The God who created the world did not create the world for humankind to destroy. However, nations of the world take great pride in their capability of destruction, because it is the criterion of respect between nations.

              The more destruction a nation is capable of, the more respect the nation will be granted, or demand to be granted. You’ll see this human insanity when nations celebrate what they call “independence day.” It doesn’t matter which country is celebrating Independence Day, the concept is the same, even for the poorest nations who cannot feed themselves. You’ll see their “leaders” proudly sitting on bleachers holding their heads up with pride, watching soldiers marching past with rifles on their shoulders, trucks loaded with all kinds of artillery going by slowly for all to see, fighter jets flying above and leaders saluting these satanic instruments.

             Independence Day that we see all so called “free nations” of the world proudly celebrate, threatens everything that peace stands for. One cannot value peace and at the same time demonstrate how destructive one can be. Nations claim to be “free” or “powerful” due to these satanic instruments of destruction they possess. These weapons of destruction the world possesses cost time, effort and resources to make, and they will cost lives when they are used. This is where all nations of the world have betrayed moral righteousness, because the resources, time and effort that are used to build these weapons were not meant for evil use. It is bothersome watching “world leaders” debating on the issues of building these devil’s instruments that the world does not need. But they will debate over which nations can have them and which nations should or should not have them.

              They will ignore the fact that there are already more than enough of these destructive weapons to annihilate all lives on earth. That is not all because these horrible weapons that can end all the lives of the world are in the hands of some psychopaths who would not hesitate to use them. No nation should ever posses these satanic instruments in the first place, and debating on who should or should not have them is just playing a demonic game. You’ll also see politicians having debates over issues of “gun control”, and it can be confusing sometimes to understand what they are trying to achieve. They thought safety locks on handguns would prevent children from accidentally getting shot at home.

               Who are these people trying to save? Because safety locks on handguns won’t stop children from being accidentally or purposely shot by these guns that should never be made. Children cannot be safe while criminals can easily possess a gun. And children cannot be safe when warlords are giving guns to children like toys they play with. Children themselves are becoming criminals due to the availability of guns. If these demonic advocates wanted to solve the gun problem, which they have created, they would not be debating over “safety locks on handguns”, but rather they would shut down the manufacturers that produce them. However, weapons’ manufacturers are not the only ones that need to be shut down, because the alcohol & tobacco manufacturers are causing just as much harm to humanity.

              Children are always told that carrying a gun or smoking cigarettes or consuming alcohol are bad things to do, yet these products that are forbidden to children are legally being produced by “legitimate corporations” of society, authorized by government leadership. All of the weapons, alcohol & tobacco manufacturers need to be shut down for good, as well as nightclubs, bars and brothels, because these are the lifeblood of the devil’s empire within society, the domains of immorality. Through the governmental system; weapons are being made to destroy lives, products are being produced to demoralize humanity, and programs are being designed to degrade the very core of human moral decency as a creation of a Majestic God.

            Weapons destroy lives, alcohol ruins lives and families, tobacco causes illness and death, nightclubs, bars and brothels widen the pathway to gambling, prostitution, human trafficking, sex slavery, and many other immoralities that make a human being seem less than a creation of God. All of the problems of humanity are immoral situations that need moral solutions. They cannot be solved through the political systems of our world, because government officials have tried and failed regardless of their good intentions. The political system that could meet the needs of humanity was distorted, which is the system of “Communism.”

               Communism is a political system that has all the elements that can keep earth and its inhabitants in perfect balance through sharing and equality. But communism is regarded as a great threat to a society that values capitalism, for that we have seen a system of communism fail. However, the communist system we have seen fail was a false imitation of the true system, because it lacked all the moral principles of true communism. The principles of true communism are sharing and equality. But the communist model we have seen fail was founded on imperialism & totalitarianism. A system of sharing and equality cannot stand on a foundation of imperialism and totalitarianism.

             When one understands the true meaning and purpose of communism from a moral point of view, one will realize that only the devil and his allies would oppose the system of communism. If a system that was meant for sharing and equality makes one a communist, then the God of humanity is a communist, because God created all souls equal and God meant for the resources of the earth to be equally shared by all of its inhabitants. “Communist” means “Community in a Common Purpose” in its moral definition, and on a larger scale “Humanity”. Communism is the system that was meant to make humans realize the values of sharing and equality as a community. But communism was distorted and substituted with the satanic systems of Isms, such as: Racism, Colonialism, Imperialism, Totalitarianism, Capitalism, Materialism and so on.

             These systems of “Isms” are all manifested through the governmental system. These systems of “Isms” have miserably failed humanity, now they are being given different names: “Freedom & Democracy”. The models of the freedom and the democracy that governments are trying to implement to humanity at this time that these words are being written, these models are just new terminologies of the satanic “Isms” that failed humanity. Government members (politicians) have many times failed in their attempt to resolve the moral issues of humanity. But the fact of the matter is that government officials have the authority and means to shut down all of the immoral operations within society, if they choose.

              Weapons, alcohol and tobacco manufacturers, nightclubs, bars and brothels are the major operations of the evils of society that exchange their products for human souls. These operations are pure menaces to humanity, and their eradication must be the first priority on the list for the harmonization of humanity. All these immoral operations within society must be immediately shut down, and all the satanic products & instruments that are already made must also be destroyed, as well as the knowledge (documentation) of how they are made. The future generations must not waste their moral purpose on this earth rebuilding the path of immorality. Members of the governmental system might see these recommendations as too much to ask, by turning people’s focus towards monetary cost & job loss, instead of on the moral view which is the lives that need to be saved.

            When it comes to moral improvement through the governmental system, money is usually the debating factor. But when it comes to financing wars and many of their senseless programs, they (government members) always provide whatever is needed for their own glorification. It is a moral obligation for this human generation to bring the evils of humanity to an end for the sake of the future generations. The path of destruction must stop here, and the beginning of restoration must start here. It is irresponsible for humankind to continue allowing evil to legally operate in society through the governmental system. Through the governmental system, the destruction of lives can be authorized and legitimized under the rules of the law.

               Humankind must understand that any law, or belief system that requires killing lives in order to be enforced or preserved, the criterion of the system itself is immoral.

         Through governmental systems, one is rewarded, promoted and crowned for killing. We have seen soldiers being rewarded for killing, law-enforcers being promoted for killing, and people overthrowing regimes, and getting crowned as a legitimate Leader of society despite their bloody hands. You’ll even see mass murderers being given an honor of a national holiday through the governmental system, and Christopher Columbus the adventurer is one of them. The atrocity that this little demon & his crew have caused is not so far back in history to the point where it can be doubted whether it is truth or myth.

             The horrors that these human demons have inflicted on Native Americans was witnessed and written, and yet this pure act of evil is being celebrated by western nations as a national holiday. But that is not all, because just about all the major holidays that are celebrated in society emerged from bloody trails of horror. An “Army” functions under the authorities of the governmental system. But the fact of the matter is that any fighting forces that train people to kill belong to the devil. Through the fighting forces of society, evil is served to the fullest, because it is where criminality is legitimized. Through the governmental system one is trained to kill, and brainwashed to obey with no questions asked. Soldiers take great pride in their skills of killing, as well as their character of obedience to their superiors.

             Soldiers see these characteristics of obedience of an order as collectiveness, which is nothing but weakness of the human spirit that is blinded by the darkness of ignorance. People are called “warriors” for their skills of killing, and some are called “heroes” for their acts of killing. But the fact of the matter is that a true warrior does not destroy Lives, and a true hero’s title is not earned through destroying lives. Destroying lives is evil, and evil is not rewarded in heaven. The devil & his demonic jinni followers that influence evil are not warriors or heroes in the heavenly kingdom of the mighty One. A warrior is one who has the courage to say “No” when evil calls. When evil calls for the destruction of lives, a true warrior will not join that call, because a true warrior glorifies no evil. A true warrior fights to say no to evil, but not to join evil.

              The act of defiance to evil, regardless of any threats evil might pose, that is the true definition of heroism from a moral point of view. A true warrior understands that destroying does not make one powerful, because even a one-year-old child can destroy an item that cannot be replaced. Those who destroy lives are no wiser than a child who doesn’t know any better. When a child breaks an irreplaceable item, that does not mean the child is powerful, it simply means that the child did not know any better. If humankind were wiser to their purposes in this world, morality would never be insulted on the battlefields of warfare.

              If government leaders who declare war had to fight on the battlefield, humanity would never be wounded by the agonies of warfare. Because if these warmongers (leaders) could only get recognition for fighting on a battlefield, their names wouldn’t be seen in a local newspaper, but due to their surrendering and willingness to serve evil, their names are written in history with blood that can never be erased. We have seen these dictators & warmongers building bunkers as hideouts in case the chaos they create boomerangs back to them. And when it does, they would not be ashamed to run into their dugout-holes like scared rats, and leave people whom they were supposed to lead and protect in harm’s way. All the major wars in human history were orchestrated and executed through government leadership.

             War is pure evil regardless of any justification. If those who lost their lives fighting in war were given a second chance in life, they would rather be fighting against the act of war than dying in the fact of war. There is nothing righteous or courageous about warfare. It is an overdue moral obligation of government leaders to dismantle all fighting forces of society that destroy lives, such as armies & any other like forces. These evil forces of society need to be dismantled. All nations of the world need to disarm themselves of their capabilities of destruction. Humankind as a whole has a moral responsibility to disarm itself from these evil’s instruments that are destroying God’s creation. God did not create His creation for humankind to destroy.

             Religions must stop arming their fanatics. Cultures must stop arming their rebels & warlords. Governments must stop arming their soldiers & law-enforcers. Arming for any reason for the purpose of destruction is an evil game at the expense of human souls. Humans have created the possibility of their own annihilation by searching for security, and that is a great humiliation to such capable creatures as human beings. Lives on earth would be far more secure if there were no weapons of any kind, but nations see the weapons they possess as a necessity for their security. Members of the government must fulfill their moral responsibility towards humanity. That is to uproot the evil influences within the governmental system. Then implement true freedom & democracy for all humanity, which is simply to understand that no life was created to destroy or be destroyed.

             Humanity as a whole must understand this true principle and implement it towards all lives of the earth. Humankind would never experience the extraordinary life that is waiting to substitute the evils of humanity, unless the destruction of lives of the earth comes to an end. It is up to humans to stop the destruction of lives of the earth in order to allow harmony to manifest itself for all the inhabitants of the earth, or continue the present path of destruction that is leading humanity to a total annihilation.

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  1. Governments are there to enact the saying, "Do as I say, not as I do." A gang of thieves truly above the law.

  2. The Law by Bastiat puts it best.
    Torah is the ultimate Law.
    Also the ultimate communal law.
    You don't want "communism" as Marx or Rousseau conceived it.
    If you think you do, you haven't read the totalitarian nature in their books.
    Foundationally totalitarian.