The 5 Elements: Quest for the truth.

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Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Evil of Religion: (Part 10 of 10)

The Five Elements: Quest for the ultimate truth
(Part 10 of 10)

The Evil of Religion:

              The struggle for food should never be a reality for any soul in this world, because there is enough food for every living soul on this earth. As a matter of fact, there is a surplus of food on the earth. But because of the curse of greed that infected those who keep more than they need, many are left empty handed. And yet the devil that created this wickedness will turn the focus to God as the one to blame, and the blinded human spirit will follow the devil’s finger pointing toward God, as usual. In most parts of the world, especially in the western world, food is being dumped into the trash on a massive scale on a daily basis, while millions of souls are starving in many corners of the world.

              The food that is being dumped is the surplus that belongs to the millions of starving souls of humanity. God is not responsible for any starving soul in this world, nor should God be blamed for this inhumane act of humanity. It is the devil that orchestrated it and humans executed it. It is as simple as that. The devil has confused many to not have trust in the God that provides. It is God the magnificent Creator that provides all the elements that lives need in order to stay alive. If God stopped the oxygen that living things breathe for ten minutes, there would not be many lives left in this world.

             When one understands who God is, one will know how to pray to God and what to pray for, because many pray to this God who has so much to give, but they will be asking for the wrong things, which this God does not provide. “Ask and you shall receive.” This does not mean to ask for what you already have, or what you can get for yourself. Many pray to God asking for such things as money, cars, houses or other materialistic instruments that society cannot seem to get enough of. But the fact of the matter is that God does not provide these human made instruments that many people pray for.

               One does not need God in order to have materialistic instruments, because the knowledge for getting them is available. If you want money, God does not make money, people do. If you want a car, God does not make cars, people do. If you want a house, God does not build houses, people do, as well as any other materialistic instruments that one might have a desire for. There are many who have plenty of materialistic instruments without the help of God. So anyone who has desires of materialism, the people who make them can be more helpful than the God who does not make them or provide them. There are many people who are cursed by the desire of materialism that cannot fulfill the soul.

            There are many who consider themselves as religious, but money is the only god they believe in, and materialism is their only motivation to pray. These are the people you will see rushing to work, running to catch buses, trains, or driving recklessly on the road trying to make it to work on time. Then, when they get to work, they will give their best performance hoping for a promotion or to avoid getting fired. But when it comes to God’s business, they would complain about knee, ankle or back problems, or falling asleep during prayer, or prayer will be brief because they have no more energy left to spare. It is wiser for people to be more devoted to knowing their moral requirements in life than praying for or chasing after materialism. Humanity as a whole must understand that if the God of humankind is capable of creating what humans cannot, this God can fulfill more than what humans can ever need or pray for.

            Praying to this unseen God requires nothing more than realizing what He is capable of, which is all around us. It is this God of humanity that feeds the belly of an elephant and that of an insect. Therefore if this God did not feed your belly, it is not because your belly is too big for this God to feed, or too small for this God to care about. When one gets deep into the path of spirituality, one will understand there are abundant stores for humanity. But due to the darkness of the world, the human spirit is unable to tap in to them, and the human eyes are blind to them. Within the darkness of the world, prayers disintegrate into thin air to nowhere.

              If humanity could see all there is for them, the devil would not be able to blind the human spirit and darken the human soul because even what the eyes see is enough for all humanity, provided it were shared. There are enough blessings for all humanity to prosper, but humankind must clear & clean itself from the darkness of the world in order to see them. When one has cleared one’s self from the darkness of the world, then one will have to clean the darkness that is within one’s inner self. Then, when one has cleared and cleansed oneself from the darkness of the world, one’s spirit will be opened to the path of clarity, where prayers cannot be intercepted by any evil means. To be clear and clean from the darkness of the world is when one feels no presence of any of these five demonic spirits; doubt, not doubting the existence of God; fear, not fearing the worst to come; low self-esteem, not feeling unworthy as a creation of God; anger, not feeling anger toward anyone, and hate, not feeling hatred toward anyone.

             When one is clean from these demonic spirits, one will be as clean as one can be. However, one must understand that looking clean from the outside does not mean one is clean from within. These demonic spirits influence all the darkness that makes one dirty from within. They cannot be covered with clothing, nor can they be washed away with “holy water” or water of any kind. All it takes for one to cleanse oneself from these evil elements is to realize that these spirits are not friends, but foes.

              Anyone who understands the role these evil elements play in life, they would not be praying to God while having these elements on their side. These five elements are enemies of moral righteousness; therefore they must not be present during one’s prayers. Just then one can choose however one would like to carry out his or her prayers, because custom does not matter to the God of heaven & earth that answers prayers. My special time of praying is between the hours of three and five in the morning. Before I even had any interest in spirituality, I used to wake up spontaneously everyday at the same time not knowing why. I think many people have the habit of waking up early in the morning, but what got my attention was waking up at the same time everyday, which later became useful in my spiritual quest.

            Morning prayers have helped me clean the darkness within my spirit, and when I was comfortable with the process, if my inside could be seen like my outside, I would not be ashamed to go anywhere or to be seen by anyone. It is important for one to understand that to receive from the God that answers prayers one must be clean from within. When one prays for evil means, this God will not respond. When one prays standing in the darkness of evil, this God will not respond. Praying to this God of heaven & earth, or to receive from this God, is not what many believe it to be, especially within the religious belief systems.

            When I get up early for my morning prayer to pray to this mighty One that answers prayers, I first keep myself clean by wearing decent clothing, then I sit on the floor, or wherever I feel comfortable, because the God I am praying to can hear me anywhere on this earth. Then after I sit comfortably and feel clean within my spirit, just then I start to pray on whatever my moral desires are at the time. I begin my prayers by realizing that I am praying to a capable God to whom nothing is too little or too much for this God to consider or provide, because it is the same God who feeds the belly of an elephant and the belly of the small insect that can be barely seen through the human eye.

              What religions see as a house of worship has allowed the devil to have an easy grip on the religious system. Religions would fully comply or compromise with any authority that provides them funding for their religious ambition, which religions would see as a necessity. Money has a use in worshiping God, but money should not determine how to worship God. If money were essential in worshipping God, then God would have provided His prophets with plenty of it. The God of humanity is a God who has no needs, and does not require to be given anything by anyone, and should not be given anything by anyone. Because the true God has no needs.

              Killing a soul is the most condemned act of all, and it cannot be justified according to the sincerity of the condemnation. But religions justify it. Cultures justify it. Governments justify it. Criminals justify it as well. When a human being kills another human being, that is a murder, but mankind has ramified this heavenly law through the false authorities of the devil. Killing a soul is a murder, and is condemned in the name of moral righteousness, whether it is ramified as an Eye for an Eye, or Capital Punishment. When one kills without the authority of these three forces of society, it will be interpreted as a “Crime.” But when one commits the same act under the authority of these forces, one can be crowned as a Hero, Martyr or a Warrior. The devil has granted many a right to kill under his false authority. Any Authority that permits the killing of lives has no legitimacy in the heavenly kingdom of the Mighty One.

            Religion’s justification of killing in the name of God has given many a reason to undermine the laws of moral righteousness. The three forces of society: culture, religion & government, have become a sanctuary for murderers, because killing through their authority is not considered a murder. The false interpretation of “Murder” is the flaw that allowed murderers to take refuge within these systems that protect them. If murder were interpreted in its true meaning, then no system would be a sanctuary for those who commit this forbidden act of evil. Due to these flaws, man’s laws have no credibility in the court of moral righteousness, in the hereafter when everyone’s deeds will scrutinized.

             Many laws of man are influenced by the devil himself. If a Law rewarded one, and punished another for the same act, that law has a flaw. Because it has discriminated between two people who have committed the same act by manipulating the meaning of the act. Rewarding a murderer is an insult to moral righteousness, and killing a murderer is just another violation of moral righteousness. Anyone who disrespects moral righteousness on the magnitude of killing a soul, that individual deserves to be put away behind bars where he or she will reflect on the evil deed. But killing them for killing is just another killing. All these laws of killing are nothing but the devil playing humans as fools. Humanity needs to realize that whatever one is willing to kill or be killed for is not worth the value of a soul. Killing a soul is the mother of all sins.

              There are two kinds of sins. (1) The sin between the individual and God. (2) The sin between the individual and his or her fellow beings. The sin between the individual and God, only God can forgive, and the sin between the individual and other beings only the victim of the act can forgive. When one disobeys God’s recommendations, one has committed a sin against God, but when one harms another life in any way, one has committed a sin against whoever is the victim of one’s action. God set a moral law and recommended that it not be violated, and God did not create any life to be mistreated by anyone. This is the reasoning behind these two kinds of sins. When one disobeyed what God has recommended one has sinned against God.

             When one mistreated a creation of God one has sinned against the creation of God. This is another area where religions of the world have miserably failed moral righteousness. Because even sinners who have no regard towards humanity see religions as dry cleaners where they can drop off their sins and expect them to be cleaned up. But this failure of religions will be a nightmare for many in the Hereafter. There is no religious ritual of any kind that can wipe out a sin from a sinner. Any religious ritual that promises to wipe away the sin of a sinner is pure nonsense. Anyone who bets their eternal fate on these religious falsehoods will have a big surprise waiting for them in the Hereafter. Any religion that does not nurture understanding of the necessity of caring for all God’s creations, that religion has no use for anyone, because on the Day of Judgment, how one cared for the creations of God will be what matters the most for everyone.

              Religions of the world must stand on the principles of moral righteousness and be truthful with their adherents to face the responsibility for their own deeds, instead of making promises that will lead to great disappointment for many in the hereafter when blaming will do no good for anyone. Promising something you cannot deliver is deceptive and is condemned under the laws of moral righteousness. Many within the religious system think that they are in good hands based on these religious false promises. To harm someone and think that your religion will forgive you for it is not just ignorance, but stupidity. No one truly believes this religious nonsense, but people like to play stupid when it comes to facing their moral responsibilities.

              How could a righteous God approve of such a foolish system of hypocrisy? It is like a twelve-year old boy harming his nine-year old sister, and then going to his mother and father and saying, “Mom, Dad I want you to forgive me for what I have done to my sister.” If the boy truly felt remorse for harming his sister, or cared about the feelings of his sister, the boy would apologize to his sister, because it is the sister who was harmed, not the mother or the father, and if the mother & the father have any moral understanding, they will tell the young boy to go apologize to his sister. The one you harm is the one to ask for forgiveness, this is a basic moral understanding. The devil was even able to blind mankind from this simple logic, because people are still going to these “Worship Places” that they call “Houses of God” asking God for forgiveness of a sin that God is not the victim of.

             To harm someone and then run to God or your religion for forgiveness, even a twelve-year old can analyze this and see its foolishness. God is not a victim of any killing or any cruelty; therefore God is not the one to ask for forgiveness of these sins. Any religion that promises to forgive the sin of a sinner without the consent of the victim, that religion does not represent moral righteousness, period. Many of these religious false promises will be a catastrophic reality for many in the hereafter, when everyone will face their earthly deeds. Religions of the world have fallen very short of their purposes to humanity. Many are attracted to religions due to these religious falsehoods, especially when it comes to their promises of heaven.

               All religions promise their adherents a passage to heaven, or “Eternal life” as they call it. The more the promises are hyped up, chances are that more people will swarm to that religion and shun everything that contradicts the promise. The devil was warned he would burn in hell for any mischievous behavior toward the Creatures of the earth. The devil was not condemned to hell for questioning the authority of God. God would not send anyone to hell for questioning His authority. If the devil repented when he questioned God’s authority, the devil might still be in heaven, because the God of heaven is not a petty God. Questioning God’s authority is a sin that God will forgive everyone due to the ignorance of the spirit toward who God truly is.

               The sin between one and God, it is certain that God will forgive this sin to all. But mistreating God’s Creations is the sin that will get many into trouble in the hereafter. The devil is doomed to burn in hell for eternity due to the destruction of lives he has caused throughout his rebellious journey in life. The Day of Judgment will not be about creatures being judged for their ignorance towards God, but instead it will be about creatures being judged for their carelessness towards one another. The sin that lies between a victim and an aggressor is what will condemn anyone to hell if the victim does not forgive, because this is a sin that only the victim can forgive the aggressor of. Humans & jinni are warned to face judgment in the hereafter for their deeds.

                On the Day of Judgment everyone will stand before God and be judged for their deeds. A person will not be mistaken with another person, and a person’s deeds will not be mistaken for another person’s deeds. In the hereafter mankind will come to realize who God truly is, and the sophistication of His creation. Anyone who thinks that they can get away with any wicked deed in life better think again. There are some religious beliefs that state that each person on earth has two angels that write down their earthly Deeds in books. One Angel writes the good deeds and the other angel writes the bad deeds, and on the Day of Judgment those books will be the evidence of the deeds that everyone’s judgment will be based upon. God would laugh at this.

              Some cultures even have a similar belief system that they call, “books of the dead,” thinking that after life these so-called books of the dead will be the evidence of one’s deeds in life. The truth of the matter is that there are no angels writing down the deeds of anyone, and there will be no such thing as “books of the dead” in the hereafter. God’s system of proving who everyone truly is & what everyone truly did in life is far more sophisticated than writing it in books. Mankind is totally oblivious about the Might of God. The God of heaven & earth is not hiding from humankind nor has He hidden the truth from humankind. It is humankind who walked away from God and got lost within the darkness of ignorance and hypocrisy that blinds the human spirit from the truth. If one understands the sophistication of a human being, one will realize that God does not need to write the deeds of anyone in books in order to prove who did what in their lifetime.

             When one understands the functioning of the human persona, one will realize that everyone’s deeds in life have been watched and recorded by their own spirit. The human spirit is an indubitable instrument of truth that exists within every human being. Whatever one does, the spirit knows, and whatever the spirit knows in life, the spirit will reveal in the hereafter as it happened in life. On the Day of Judgment the human spirit will manifest as a metaphor of a surveillance device. The spirit will project the body it possessed in life, just as the spirit projects the person’s image in a sleeping dream. The person’s image in a dream is identical to the same person’s image in the physical world.

               The only difference between the image in a sleeping dream and the image in the physical realm is that they exist in a different dimension. The images the spirit projects in a sleeping dream are identical to the images that we see in the reality of the physical world. For instance, if you have a dream in which you are interacting with a friend, the images, words, as well as the scenery, can be no different than what is understood as the reality of the physical world. People can claim to have a dream of driving their own car, because the car in the dream and the car they own in the physical world are identical in every way. When a person dies, the spirit of the dead person will project the image of the person, but in the spiritual realm.

              The person’s image in the spiritual realm will be as real as the person’s existence in the reality of the physical world. Then when Judgment Day arrives, everyone’s spirit will project their last recognizable image on earth, as well as all their earthly deeds down to the last one. Whatever the spirit witnessed in life, it will be revealed on the Day of Judgment as it happened. This is the system of moral righteousness that has no flaws. Everyone’s judgment will be based on this factual system that the devil himself will not be able to manipulate, because believing is seeing. No one will be able to dispute the truth. Denial can free one who is truly guilty in the courtrooms of society, but not in the courtroom of moral righteousness. The human spirit is an instrument of truth that will reveal everything it knows on the Day of Judgment.

              One might say, “What about those who lost their memories and can’t remember anything about their lives?” Hypocrites might ask this question because hypocrites like to play fools when it comes to understanding the truth that will obligate them to acknowledge their moral responsibilities. But anyone who thinks that loss of memory will erase their wicked deeds in life, they are dead wrong, because in the divine system of God, nothing gets lost. Even to the spirits who came to the world but were yet to have a journey in life, such as the unborn souls.

               These unborn souls will be given the image of a five-year-old child on the Day of Judgment. And if an unborn soul was a victim of a murder, that soul will introduce itself to whoever was responsible for its death. Then there will be imminent justice between them. On the Day of Judgment, no victim’s misery will go in vain. No one will have the authority to speak on behalf of anyone: not a father or mother or prophet, not even God will interfere on the behalf of an aggressor. All disputes and cruelties of humanity will be settled once and for all by a judgmental system that has no flaw. Pointing fingers or blaming someone else for your own deeds will do no good to anyone. “I didn’t do it,” “He or she made me do it,” or “I didn’t know it should not be done,” none of these will be relevant on the Day of Judgment. Everyone will stand before God the Supreme who knows all that is, and each and every one will be judged upon his or her earthly deeds.

             One might ask how God will judge creatures among themselves. Because one can be a victim of one act and be an aggressor in another act. This might seem like a complex situation to the human intellect, but not to a God who knows all there is. On the Day of Judgment, only the victim can forgive the aggressor, therefore if one is a victim of an act and an aggressor in another act, that individual will have to forgive and be forgiven. This is where humanity as a whole will face a major problem, because if the parasite of selfishness remains within the human spirit, many will be doomed to hell, because if the victims of murder are not Christ like, they might tell to those who murdered them to go to hell.

                  Many might not be willing to forgive while their fate of eternity is still in Limbo. This system of judgment is the reason that no one can be sure, nor should they be arrogant of their destination of heaven until they get there. The Day of Judgment is precisely detailed in many religious scriptures, and the claims are as different as the religions are. When you read many of these religious sayings regarding the hereafter, it will seem like Good or Evil does not matter to God as long one has a religious identification. You’ll see within these religious belief systems that one’s good deeds are not enough to get one into heaven. This is one of the major religious flaws, because this is how religions were able to recruit many of their members and brainwash them from the truth that they need for sake of their souls in the hereafter.

             Anyone who thinks that good deeds and bad deeds would not matter on the Day of Judgment; they are totally spiritually blinded, because even a prophet’s fate into heaven will lie on their good deeds. Every religion sounds like they have everything under control when it comes to the hereafter, but these falsehoods will disappoint many in the hereafter, because on the Day of Judgment it is Good & Evil who will be on trial. Humankind will face a judgmental system unlike the drama of society’s courtrooms, where the innocent can be found guilty, or one who is guilty for a crime can be acquitted. “No one sins in heaven and no sinner is welcome in heaven.” This is the rule of God’s heavenly kingdom. God has made it clear that sin is forbidden in His heavenly kingdom, and Lucifer the devil is a testimonial of God’s sincerity on His moral authority.

               No one will be welcome into heaven with his or her sins, and this moral authority applies to all. Every single soul will be judged based upon their earthly deeds before they are welcomed into heaven. Lucifer was given heavenly privileges for his moral deeds, and he was also thrown out of heaven: not for his thoughts, but for his immoral deeds. So if anyone says that good deeds are not what grant one the honor of heaven, and bad deeds are not what bar one from heaven, then they are talking about a different heaven than the kingdom of the Mighty One. Anyone who thinks or is being told that the suffering they have caused to others will be dismissed by a prophet or their religious devotion, they are surely mistaken or being mislead.

              Many religious people are talking and acting like only death is standing between them and heaven, but many of these people might face a great disappointment due to their arrogant attitudes. On the Day of Judgment, there will be no such thing as being taken care of, because even prophets cannot guarantee their admission into heaven. Prophets might have higher hopes of going to heaven due to their understanding of morality; however, they will go through the same process of judgment as everyone else. Being a prophet will not be a free pass into heaven for any prophet. Judgment Day will be Judgment for all, and prophets are not exempt. Prophets are God’s servants to humanity, but they still are human beings regardless of their higher callings.

               When prophets are born, they will wrestle with immorality just like everyone else before the time of prophet-hood as a messenger of God. Then when they start preaching their message of moral righteousness the devil will challenge them every step of their way. The devil has more experience in life than any prophet that ever was or ever will be sent to humanity, because the devil existed long before any human was even created. Experience is one of the major advantages the devil has over humans, and he has used that advantage to wrestle many prophets and bring out the worst in them, which they will be judged for. Everyone will face their earthly deeds alone. It is for this reason why it would be irresponsible and unwise for anyone to put his or her eternal fate in the hands of anyone else but their earthly good deeds.

              Not an angel, prophet or a claimed self-righteous one can prevent one from facing his or her earthly deeds alone. This is a truth that is already written. It is stated in the Holy Qur’an, verse 16-86; that on the Day of Judgment: all invented (false) gods, idols, saints, priests, monks, jinn, angels, messengers, will all be vanished from those who used to invoke them beside God. Then when they vanish, people who used to invoke them beside God will offer their full submission to God alone, and they will be called liars. Anyone who does anything but submit to the will of God alone will regret it in the hereafter. In the hereafter no one can save anyone but one’s own good deeds, which is how they submitted to the will of God in life, and submitting to the will of God in life is nothing more or less then showing Compassion towards the creations of God.

             When humans understand and apply compassion towards the inhabitances of the earth, evils of the world will be eradicated, and the souls of humanity will be enlightened. Compassion is the light of God that enlightens the soul, & humans have been walking away from this light of God to the extent that the light no longer shines in the souls of humans, but instead only flashes like a lighthouse on a beach. A lighthouse on a beach is only meant to guide those who navigate in the deep sea, and save the ones who lost their way. And humans have been navigating within the darkness of evil, and many have lost their way, but the light of God is still flashing for all to find their way back home. The light of God was not meant to flash for guidance, but to enlighten all the souls of humanity. It is overdue for humans to find their way back to the light of God & rejuvenate the lives of the earth, which is a moral Obligation that has been neglected for so long.

“Submission to the will of God”
“Compassion towards the creation of  God"

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