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Saturday, December 25, 2010

The Evil of Religion: (Part 1 of 10)

The Five Elements: Quest for the ultimate truth

(Part 1 of 10)

The Evil of Religion:

             “Religion” is a spiritual unification system. Any system that unifies people in the name of spiritualism is a religion. The true purpose of religion was to unify humans in the name of spirituality, which is a path of clarity. Only than humanity could unify itself and solve all of its problems. But the religion system of the world has created its own “Spiritual Path” different from the true path that is governed by the laws of moral righteousness. For that reason, religion became a divisive system, instead of the unification system that religion was meant to be.

             We have seen religious radicalism causing separation within loving families. We have seen religious radicalism bring differences between friendly neighbors, and we have seen religious radicalism influence destruction between nations. Religions of the world may claim to be walking the path of spirituality or claim to be servants of morality, but their criminality towards humanity is as catastrophic as it can get. The lack of spiritualism within the religious systems of the world has resulted in religions contradicting one and another or trying to annihilate one another.

               You’ll see all the three monotheistic religions of the world, Judaism, Christianity & Islam claim to believe in the same God, but they are each different in principles and their bloody history among themselves says it louder and clearer than it can ever be written. All the major religions of this world have engaged in bloodshed in the name of holiness. They seem to believe that their acts of evil are doing God’s Will. They will kill to preserve their beliefs, or to force them upon others. If religions of the world were put on trial in the court of moral righteousness for (evil) destroying lives, they will all be found guilty due to their bloody trail in history that is yet to be dry. Destroying lives in the name of holiness is a total blindness from the laws of moral righteousness.

              Even there were a loud voice hollering from the sky for all to hear claiming to be God and calling for the destruction of lives in the name of holiness, anyone with a clear understanding of moral righteousness will not be a part of it. Destroying lives is at the very core of what differentiates Good from Evil. Destroying a Life is what Evil is. Just realizing how many lives are senselessly destroyed and still being destroyed in the name of holiness, that can make anyone with a clear conscience stay away from anything that is “Holy”: fighting holy wars, fighting over holy sites, fighting over holy books, and indiscriminately destroying the lives that holiness was meant to save.

            Religions justifying the destruction of lives in the name of holiness made it easier for cultures to justify genocide and for governments not to have concern for the insanity of warfare. There’s nothing Just or Moral, Righteous or Holy in destroying lives. Anyone who claims to be fighting evil by destroying lives, one is not fighting evil, but contributing to evil. Religions of the world are totally blinded from moral righteousness started with their contradictory and confusing doctrines that many believe to be words of a Divine God. The contradictions and confusions within religious scriptures are a clear indication that religions of the world are not walking on the path of clarity (spirituality).

              How could a Divine God be oblivious to His own creation? Because based on many of these religious scriptures it seems like God does not know who is who, or where everything is, as well as speaking to humans in such a contradictory and confusing way that for thousands of years many are still struggling to figure out what this God wants or what this God is saying! Or maybe this God doesn’t know what He wants, because you’ll see within these religious scriptures this God repeatedly changing His mind, saying one thing and later saying another on the same subject, as well as asking people their names, or searching for people’s whereabouts, and so on.

             Religious scriptures still create debates, due to their contradictions and confusions. The God of humanity is nothing like the way in which He has been portrayed within many of these religious scriptures, where He is more like a mighty destroyer and storyteller. Religious scriptures are full with demonic influences and human errors that started before they were even put together as a “Holy Book.” Take for example, Judaism and Christianity. Judaism and Christianity are two different religions. The “Old Testament” is the guideline of Judaic principles. But the Old Testament is put together with the “New Testament” which becomes “The Holy Bible” of Christianity, and Christianity and Judaism are two different religions.

            This can be quite confusing even to the very intelligent. Christianity and Judaism have bloody histories due to their different principles, but yet their principles are bound into one holy book (the Holy Bible). Contradictory in principles, but yet united in the Holy Bible: this is bothersome. How could a righteous God be responsible for such obvious hypocrisy? You’ll see a similar problem within the main three monotheistic religions of the world, Judaism, Christianity & Islam. Each religion has their claimed written scripture we call a “Holy Book”, and each holy book is seen as the cornerstone of the religion it represents, because they guide people to understand that religion’s principles. But holy books are not seen as guidebooks, they are promoted as divine books.

             Many seem to believe that these “Holy Books” possess a divine power of their own. Even in society’s courtrooms, people are obligated to swear on holy books because of the divinity that it is believed that they possess. It is pathetic in some sense, because if a book cannot tell who is guilty and who is not, it is pointless to have anyone swear on it. A criminal who did not care about the consequences of killing would not care about lying while holding a “Holy Book” that cannot prove or disprove anything. This is the same paradox within the religious system, because people are willing to kill or be killed to promote or protect these holy books, even though it is written within them, “Thou shall not kill”.

            If holy books possessed divine power of their own, they would be able to protect themselves from being destroyed, but not people getting destroyed for protecting them. Any holy book that guides one to destroy or be destroyed, that holy book has certainly led one astray from the laws of moral righteousness, and whatever righteousness condemned cannot be morally justify. The God of humanity never approved or gave anyone a revelation that approves destruction of life (Evil). The word of truth is the only weapon that God gives His messenger to fight with, but not the sword of terror.

             All the contradiction and confusion within these holy books are pure demonic influences. Only demons (bad jinn) would whisper into the humans’ ears with words that are contradictory, and when they are applied, they will create confusion. Prophets are often inspired to write many books, and most of the time these demonic jinn participate in the process to plant their satanic ideologies, which always lead to destruction.

             Many messengers of God have struggled to find peace for themselves, or failed to bring peace to their people, because these demonic jinn have blinded their spirit from morality, by dragging them into the path of bloodshed, which is a path that the God of humanity would never walk with anyone. When messengers of God are challenged, they often gathered their followers to protect both the message and the messenger by all means. This is the first step toward the downfall of anyone who is walking with the God of humanity.

            When a messenger of God picks up a sword in the name of holiness, the first thing the sword will cut is the divine bond between the messenger and God. Then, when blood is spilled in the name of holiness, the noble message of God that the messenger carries will no longer be holy, and the messenger will no longer be walking by the divine revelations of God. Spilled blood on the noble messages of God is like spilled toxins in clean water. When toxins are spilled in clean water, the water is no longer drinkable. For this reason, holiness is no longer holy.

             Even in this very moment in time that these words are being written, lives are still being destroyed in the name of holiness. If God wanted any life to be destroyed, God would not need help for that. Why would God need anyone’s help to do anything? If a twelve year-old child can end someone’s life, then why would a Mighty God need help to do what a twelve year-old child can do? One does not even need to be a spiritualist to realize the foolishness of this evil. But many are expecting God to holler from heaven to clarify this human stupidity. The God of humanity can see beyond any religious identification that many carry while they are serving evil. Destroying lives in the name of holiness or for the “Love” of God, these acts of evil do not make anyone special in the eyes of God, because God condemns them all.

             Any situation that would lead to destruction of life, the devil & his jinn followers already have it under their control, and there is nothing that is holy about these demonic jinn. The God of humanity does not walk on the path of destruction (evil), nor take anyone’s side in any situation that would lead to destruction of life. The God of humanity is a Creator, not a destroyer. When God says, “To be” it will be, and when God says, “No longer be”, it will no longer be. If God would end any existence, that existence will cease to exist and will leave no debris behind. It is the devil & his jinn followers who destroy and leave plenty of debris behind as evidence of their cruelties.

         If God has any limitations, they would be His unwillingness and inability to destroy. God is light to His creation, and light cannot project darkness (destruction). You’ll see within the most respected religious scriptures, stories of destructions that were caused by God, or ordered by God, or will happen by the will of God, but the fact of the matter is that the true God of humanity does not involve in destruction of any kind. When you analyze many of these religious scriptures with a clear conscience, the contradictions can be quite disturbing: God destroys people for rebelling, orders wars, or sides with the claimed righteous ones on the battlefield, and so on.

            It is contradictory for a just God to destroy people for their rebelliousness and not to destroy the devil that rebelled first and influences people to rebel. It is also contradictory for a mighty God to side with anyone on a battlefield and be defeated by a human army. We have seen, heard or read where the claimed self righteous ones got annihilated on the battlefields, and it is ludicrous to think that the God who created the world can be defeated by a human army. If the God of humanity would side with any army on a battlefield, no devil in hell would be able to defeat them.

             It is disturbing seeing God being portrayed as a mighty destroyer within religious scriptures. One of the most ridiculous stories that portrayed God like a destructive monster is the story of Noah, where God flooded the entire world because, “The wickedness of men was great on the earth.” When you read this story with a clear conscience, you will see that, whoever wrote this story left many flaws behind that prove the story to be inaccurate and contradictory.

             It is clear that God did not dictate this story, nor did Noah write it, because it says “And God said unto Noah, instead of (God) “I said unto Noah,” or (Noah) “God said unto me.” This story is ridiculous in any way you think about it: archeologically, scientifically, or spiritually. The story says, “The water prevailed; and the mountains were covered.” There are mountains on earth seven and eight kilometers above sea level, and a flood that covered them all would still leave plenty of archeological evidence in many parts of the world. The story went further saying, “And every living substance were destroyed which was upon the face of the ground, both man, and cattle, and the creeping things, and the fowl of the heaven; and Noah only remained alive, and they that were with him in the ark.”

              From a scientific point of view, it would be insane to even consider the idea that all the living creatures of the modern world are the descendants of the survivors of Noah’s ark. You’ll also see repeatedly in the scriptures that, “God will not judge the son by the father’s deeds,” but yet God flooded the entire world, killing babies, children and other creatures of the earth for the wickedness they were not responsible for. This is a clear contradiction, but the story went further saying that after God flooded the entire world, “And God remembered Noah and every living thing that was with him in the ark: and God made a wind to pass over the earth, and the water assuaged.” This God seems like a God with a bad memory, because after flooding the entire world, He had to “Remember” that the ones He was saving were still floating somewhere out there Forgotten.

             This God does not fit the profile of an all-knowing God. When you decode Noah’s flood on a spiritual level, you’ll find out that everything about this story is ridiculous. Noah’s flood was not an event that the modern generation has not experienced, but this story was blown way out of proportion for religious propaganda. We have seen rains, hurricanes and tsunamis flood towns and cities and destroy lives and demolish structures that are far more stable than the structures of past generations. Noah was a righteous man who was revealed in a dream of an oncoming flood that would destroy his entire city. Then Noah was told to warn his people, but even Noah himself was not convinced till the same dream was repeated to him many times.

             Then when Noah warned his people, they weren’t convinced, just as he was not convinced when it was first revealed to him. Noah’s flood has nothing to do with the wickedness of men, it was an demonic event, and when people were warned of what was to come, their lack of belief caused their destruction. Even in our generation, we have seen people refusing to be evacuated prior to the warning of an oncoming destruction, despite the high percent accuracy of some of the modern technology. The God of heaven & earth did not save Noah and his family, and then destroy others for their wickedness as the story said. The story also emphasized that God instructed Noah to build a large sized ark that was big enough to carry two of every animal on the earth. This is also untrue, because the size of the ark Noah built was just large enough for his family and a few of their livestock, because livestock were seen as valuable possessions, from which they could build their new start.

              The God of heaven & earth would not destroy anyone for their wickedness, but has warned that all will face the consequences of their own making for any wicked deeds. There are many wicked people just about anywhere in our world whose actions reflect greatly on humanity, and yet God did not destroy them. If God would destroy anyone for rebellious behavior, the devil would be long in hell, and I don’t think anyone doubts that the devil is still at Large. God did not destroy the devil, but God warned the devil that he would face judgment for his rebellious behavior.

              God has the might and the authority to destroy the devil, or order angels to destroy the devil, but God did not destroy the devil, neither did he order the devil to be destroyed. The God of humanity would not destroy anyone for any reason, because that would condemn God for committing the act of evil that He has forbidden. We have read in the scriptures of prophets falling by the hand of evil, and yet God did not destroy those who destroyed His messengers. Religions seem to believe that portraying God as a mighty destroyer would make people fear God, meaning; fear God or be doomed by the mighty hands of God, but that did not prevent many people from rebelling against morality, nor did it stop the wicked from being wicked.

              That is why it is crucial for religious scriptures to be analyzed on a spiritual level, in order to sort out all the demonic influences that are within them. Any destruction within any scripture that is linked to God is untrue. Another example is the prophecy of Christ & an Antichrist facing off in the battle of Armageddon. The scriptures described the battle of Armageddon between Christ & an Antichrist in very profound detail; where the battle is going to take place, how the battle will be fought, as well as the outcome of the battle, and so on. These scenarios of Christ, Antichrist & Armageddon are nothing more than the devil & his demonic followers playing humans as fools as usual. There never was and will never be a battle between good and evil on a battlefield of destruction. It can only be Evil & Evil playing a demonic bloody game, at the expense of human souls.

           Good does not participate in destruction of any kind. One must ask the question: if Christ denounced violence and was willing to die for that principle, which he did, then why would Christ come back to this world as a destroyer? That would contradict all that Christ stood for when he walked the earth: his teaching and his nobility that lead to his crucifixion. When these demonic jinn were dictating Armageddon as an inevitable prophecy, they made a major flaw just like many of their other lies within these scriptures. If Armageddon was being addressed to the modern generation, well, the modern generation doesn’t fight wars like past human generations, where men faced off in one area with swords and spears butchering one another like savages.

            Warfare has leapt from extreme barbarism to extreme evil, because due to the advanced technology of warfare, the destruction of lives that a whole army could not do in the past generations, now one man can do far worse by simply pressing a button while sitting in a chair. Anyone with knowledge of the human history on this world would be doubtful that if there were to be a battle of Armageddon as the scriptures foretold, that would eradicate evil in this world. Even at this very moment in time that these words are being written, lives are being destroyed in biblical proportions in the name of good & evil. We have seen Armageddon being repeated throughout human history. No battle of destruction will eradicate evil in this world, because only evil instigates battles. Armageddon & the Antichrist foretold within the scriptures are nothing more than demonic deception.  

         These demonic jinn are using the scenario of the Antichrist, setting up humans so they would challenge the Anointed messenger of God, when he emerges to lead the eradication of evil of the world. They have used this same strategy so many times in the past, and it has worked, by rallying the ignorant and the hypocrites to challenge moral righteousness that came to save them. Many messengers of God have been prosecuted, executed and crucified by the very same people whom they were meant to guide out of the darkness of the evil of their society. Jesus Christ was a great example of this human foolishness.

              Christ was crucified for saving people from the darkness of their ignorance and hypocrisy. Many righteous people have failed by the hands of evil, due to this demonic strategy set up for to shame morality. But this demonic strategy is doomed to fail this time around, because the Anointed is anointed with the truth, many times greater than all messengers of God who came before him combined. This can sound arrogant to the ear that hears from behind the veil of evil, because the truth intimidates those who serve evil. All the evils of the world are coming to an end. But humankind must understand that evil can never be eradicated through the battlefields of destruction. Evils of the world can only be eradicated through the implementation of moral righteousness, not through the path of destruction.

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