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Saturday, December 25, 2010

The Evil of Religion: (Part 2 of 10)

The Five Elements: Quest for the ultimate truth

(Part 2 of 10)

The Evil of Religion:

              Jesus Christ (son of Mary) has left this moral truth for humans to follow, but humankind is still not getting it. Christ had the influence to have people pick up the sword for evil, but Christ understood that evil cannot be fought with evil. Christ was willing to surrender his life rather than contributing to evil, and for that reason as a messenger of God, his name resonates within the souls of humanity more than any messenger of God who ever walked the earth. Christ did not fight his enemies, nor curse those that crucified him. Instead Christ prayed for his enemies so they could see the light of moral righteousness, and then forgave those who crucified him for their ignorance.

           If everyone would rather be the victim than the aggressor as Christ did, there would be no aggressor and evil would be eradicated from the face of the earth. This is what Jesus Christ died for; shoving humanity how can evil be eradicated, but this purposeful act of sacrifice that Christ has done for humanity was distorted, misinterpreted and misused. The eradication of evils of the world can only come to reality when humanity galvanizes itself under moral righteousness, and just than salvation for humanity will become a reality. This is what moral righteousness is all about; to help humanity unified itself to achieved Salvation. The unification of humanity is a must for the salvation of humanity. All lives on this earth are relevant for the salvation of humanity.

              It is like the metaphor of making clothing. When clothing is being made, the fabric is cut into different pieces. All the cut pieces of the fabric are relevant for the process of becoming clothing that one can wear. If the cut pieces of the cloth are not put together, all of the cut pieces will be useless to their purpose of being clothing that can be worn. This same metaphor applies to the salvation of humankind, because all souls are relevant for the process, just like the cut pieces of the cloth that are put together to become clothing that can be worn. If every human being holds on to their self-identification that is given to them by society, humankind will never come to realize their true purpose on this earth, and salvation will never manifest in this world.

              This realization of salvation was the true purpose of religion to humanity: by unifying humans under the laws of moral righteousness and call it “Worshipping God”. But religion has miserably failed on this moral task. “Worship thy God.” worshipping God is not the rituals that many are accustomed to. Worshiping God has nothing to do with going to these worship places or so-called “Houses of God” and humming, singing, dancing and so on. If worshipping God is what we see happening in these worship places, that should raise the question of why God wants humans to act as His cheerleaders, by gathering in worship places shouting His name? The God of humanity is a God that has no needs, and humming or shouting the name of this God won’t make this true God more or less than the Mighty Creator that He already is.

             Worshipping this true God has only one true definition, as this God stands alone above all existences. Worshipping God simply means, “Compassion towards all creations of this Mighty God.” And that makes the whole planet “A worship place,” because anywhere one can be in this planet, there are creations of God that need to be cared for. The misinterpretation of “Worshipping God” is how the devil & his demonic followers were able to create the chaos between religions and the Confusion within religions. If worshipping God was interpreted to its true meaning, both religious and non-religious people would realize that one does not have to be religious to worship God.

             One can worship God through any religion, or without any religion, but the lack of clarity of worshipping God has caused many even to destroy creations of God as part of their worshipping God. Creatures are being killed indiscriminately as part of worshipping God, and that has contributed to human’s cruelties and careless behavior on this earth. Humans are thoughtlessly destroying the flora & fauna of the earth. Sometimes just for the fun of it, and you’ll see often the very same people who are committing these immoral and evil acts shouting and humming in worship Places, praising the God who created what they are destroying.

             How can one be glorifying God and destroying creations of God at the same time? Many people are shouting and humming and seem to be glorifying God. You’ll see them in these worship places behaving like holy angels, thinking that God is standing before them enjoying the moment. Then when they leave the worship place, they will go back to their business as usual. Some will be running the devil’s errands, and some will be causing all kinds of mischief, thinking that they left God at the worship place. These are some of the many people, who see themselves as worshippers, but in the true sense of their behaviors in life, they are mockers of morality, because they have no respect for the God they seem to be worshipping, and they have no care for the creation of the God they claim to believe in.

               There is only one true definition of “Worshiping God” and Christ has clearly shown the way for humanity to follow, which is compassion towards all, even to those who might wish you ill. Humankind must understand that cruelty towards any lives on this earth is not part of worshipping the God of humanity. One must understand that humanity cannot be restored by destroying humanity, and salvation cannot be realized through the path of destruction. These deadly games that the devil & his demonic followers are playing with human souls must come to an end. Any human being that claiming to restore anything in this world by destroying lives in the process, he or she is associated with these demonic jinn. It is simple as that.

             These demonic jinn are destroyers, not creators nor restorers. That reveals anyone who associates with these demons. They cannot grant anyone the power to restore anything in this world. Everything about these demons is wrapped up in lies, because you’ll even see written within the scriptures the devil being described as a fallen angel. Saying that he rallied the heavenly angels to revolt against God, and then he and his angel gang were thrown out of heaven, to earth, as disgraced angels. This scenario is one of the most damaging lies within the scriptures, because it seems as though God has no full control over His heavenly kingdom when angels have been able to rebel against His authority.

              This demonic lies have portrayed the devil as a powerful and dangerous angel on the loose. The devil is a disgraced jinni in heaven and a cowardly creature on earth, because nothing is more disgraceful than being thrown out of heaven by God, and nothing is more cowardly than sneaking around possessing people without their knowledge or free will. Even many prophets have misunderstood the devil, by praying to God for protection from this cowardly creature. Everything about this demonic jinni and his followers are wrapped up in confusion. They will whisper what seem to be good ideas into the human ears, but when the reality of the ideas unfolds evil will be served. Their satanic whispers are words that are contradictory and they will always create confusion when they are put into deeds.

             You’ll see their work within, and throughout all the most respected religious scriptures of the world. Many of their deceptions within the scriptures are even revealed on an intellectual level. You’ll see within religious scriptures a singular being pluralized. “Let us make man in our image, we created man from the dust of the earth,” and so on. Who created man, a God or gods? The concept of singular and plural was clearly understood when these scriptures were being written. But yet you’ll see in all the monotheistic scriptures the One God they claim to believe in being pluralized, as in “Let us make man in our image, we created man from the dust of the earth”.

           Even if God dictated the scriptures through angels, angels would not say, “We created man from our image” because only God alone Creates. These singular and plural confusions within these scriptures are not translation errors but clear evidence that they are not words or work of a God that knows all there is: what was, what is and what is to come. Most parts of these religious scriptures are not the words of God, nor dictated by God, but the deceptions of the devil & his jinni disciples. The true God, creator of the universe, knows precisely how many creations there are within the universe, and the purpose of each and every one of His creations. The errors and inconsistencies within the scriptures are the evidence that cleared the God of humanity from any wrong ever done in the name of religion.

           All the confusion and contradiction within these religious scriptures as well as the destruction their religion has inflicted on humanity, are all orchestrated by these demonic jinn. The true God is an all-knowing God that makes no error or contradiction. This capability of manifestation is what separates this God from everyone. These demonic jinn might be clever for not reveling themselves to humanity, but still they cannot cover their lies and deceptions on a spiritual level. You’ll see their ridiculous stories within the scriptures that sound more like works of storytellers then words of an all-knowing God. The God of this universe would not ask questions as someone who does not know where everything is or who everyone is. It is these demonic jinn who portray themselves as god & Gods in most parts of these religious scriptures, but they are not the ones who created the world. They were expelled from this world that they still want to destroy.

             Nothing is transparent about how these demonic jinn operate with humans. They do everything in secret because they are deceivers. They have given humans gimmicky artifacts and commanded them to hide them from the eyes of others, because if they revealed to all, one with a clear conscience might know what they truly are. There are many religious artifacts that are believed to be divine, but in reality they are nothing but devices of technology of these demonic liars. These demon jinn are the gods that many worship, and they are the gods of all the false prophets that lead humans into the deep darkness of ignorance or a catastrophic ending.

             They use their advanced knowledge of technology to portray themselves as Gods and command humans to treat them as gods. These jinn have humiliated humans in every way one can think of. You’ll even see whore goddesses being worshiped by humans. There is a Whore goddess called “Galama” and her Women followers are called “Davadasy.” This whore goddess has only women followers and they are all prostitutes. But that is not all, because when her women followers give birth to a girl, that baby girl is destined to be a prostitute for the honor of the goddess. How can a whore goddess be seen as divine and be worshiped when divinity means purity? Sexuality is a ritual of decency that was not meant to be commercialized or obligated on anyone. But this goddess of prostitution is not the only god that humans worship.

            There are all kinds of gods & goddesses being worshiped by humans. You’ll even see humans organizing religions in honor of the devil himself. Religion was meant to guide humanity away from the devil & his evils. But yet religions are being formed in honor of this devil that leads the campaign of influencing evil and immorality. This is clear evidence that humankind has completely lost its way of moral purpose in life. The devil & his demonic jinni followers are the gods & goddess of all Cults and false prophets that lead people away from morality. They send false prophets to deceive humans. But their false prophets can easily be distinguished from a true messenger of the true God.

           False prophets cannot provide one solid piece of evidence that will prove them to be messengers of the true divine God. They often claim to have possessed the evidence, but they will never prove it, and those who follow them will be walking by faith into the darkness of ignorance, and many of them will no longer be able to see their fore-coming self-destruction. We have witnessed humans who have walked into their own self-destruction through these satanic cults that are being created by the commandments of this devil & his demonic jinni. We have seen humans committing mass-suicide through cults. We have also seen people committing suicide because these demonic jinn promise them a UFO’s rapture to their heavenly planet. But the only UFO they will end up getting in is the coffin, on a destination to the planet of the dead, the graveyard.

            However, these jinn can truly rapture humans from planet earth to their desolate planet, which is parallel to planet earth, but in a different dimension. Due to their advanced knowledge of technology, they can rapture not just individuals, but entire civilizations, if you will. But these devilish jinn would only rapture humans who are useful to them as slaves. We have seen civilizations where the structures of their livelihoods they left behind are the only evidence that proves that they existed. One example is the tribe known as “The Mayans” The Mayans tribe existed a few thousand years ago, and their building structures and knowledge they left behind still baffle the modern generation. But there is no trace of the people or where they have gone, because their remains are nowhere to be found.

              These demonic jinn that call themselves gods visited the Mayans, and the Mayans believed them to be gods and treated them as Gods. They did not fool the Mayans with the technology of materialism like they have done to modern generations. But instead, they fooled the Mayans with astrological knowledge that even modern astronomers see as remarkable. The Mayans were made to believe by these jinn that only gods have knowledge as such. Therefore the Mayans worshiped these jinn, even killing their own people as sacrifices to show their devotion to these evil demons who called themselves gods. When the Mayans exercised full submission to these jinn, they were abducted as slaves by these jinn, which the Mayans would still see as serving their Gods. Humankind is being taken as complete fools by these demonic creatures.

             Some even refer to them as aliens. But whatever one chooses to call them, the reality is that these jinn don’t serve the greater good of humanity, because they are leading humans onto the same path that doomed them when they inhabited the planet earth. They doomed themselves and they want the same for humans. With all the knowledge of technology they possess, it is now useless to them. Their technology can no longer serve them any good. These demonic jinn doomed themselves by the arrogance of their technology. Now they are leading humans on the same path of technology. They are the ones who produced all the knowledge that humanity was better off without.

            Humans are no longer ignorant about the destruction that the arsenals they possess can do, because we have witnessed the reality of the horror. But yet humans are holding on to these evil instruments of destruction as valuable possession for a nation. They have blinded humans to create the possibility of their own annihilation. One who serves the greater good of humanity would not lead humanity onto the path of a possibility of self-destruction. The arrogance of technology is what caused these demonic jinn to get thrown out from this earth to a realm where their “mighty technology” serves no good purpose for them, and they are passing on to humans that curse of arrogance.

            If humans do not turn back from this arrogant path of self-destruction, it is certain that humans will be the next creatures to be thrown out from this planet earth, or destroy it with the help of these jinn who are enemies of moral righteousness. The arrogance of technology has blinded humanity from the laws of moral righteousness, which is to understand that God’s creations have a far greater purpose than materialism. When God created the first humans, Adam & Eve, God blessed them so they could multiply, meaning for Adam & Eve to be able to bring human beings into existence without God repeating the same process that Adam & Eve were created by. God created all living creatures and living plants and blessed them all with the seed that enables them to multiply without God going through the same process over and over. Humans and some other creatures give birth to multiply, birds lay eggs to multiply, trees and plants bear fruit or blossom seeds to multiply.

            By the will of God all lives were created, and by the blessings of God lives can multiply. Jinn have used the process of how lives can multiply and implanted the same process through technology so they could consider themselves as equal to the God who created lives. So jinni did. Now these jinn are giving humans the same knowledge and the technology to multiply lives so humans will also consider themselves as equal to the God who created lives. So humans are trying. This is the same strategy of deception that the devil used to deceive the first humans, Adam & Eve, to disobey God. So Adam & Eve did. Then Adam & Eve got thrown out from where they had all they could possibly need. Then they ended up in a situation where they would have to work for any of their needs.

              The devil deceived Adam & Eve to disobey God, now the devil is leading the descendants of Adam & Eve away from God, and the devil has come close to separating the human race from God in the hereafter. Separation from God in the hereafter will be hell for anyone.

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