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Saturday, December 25, 2010

The Evil of Religion: (Part 3 of 10)

The Five Elements: Quest for the ultimate truth
(Part 3 of 10)

The Evil of Religion:

             Humans must come to their moral senses before it is too late. If humans ever think of themselves as gods just because the devil provided them with the knowledge and the technology to multiply lives, that will be catastrophic for the human race. Anyone who thinks of themselves as a god, they better know how to create a heaven of their own in the hereafter or have the might to extinguish hell, otherwise they will face a mighty problem. There is great doubt in the existence of hell, but humankind better believe that there is a hell burning, of which the horror cannot be fully described. The horror of hell is incomprehensible for the human spirit to even begin to describe. Mankind is on a journey on earth, & was given the will to return to heaven where all souls belong. The devil is determined to lead humankind all the way into hell, and that possibility seems to be in the devil’s favor due to human behavior on this earth. There are five destinations that humankind needs to have a clear understanding of.
One: Earth
Two: Paradise
Three: Pit of Darkness
Four: Heaven
Five: Hell
All souls were meant to join God in heaven for all eternity. But the devil has interfered with that process and it is urgent for humankind to set things right because time is running out. Heaven is not a reward for humankind like many religions have made it seem. Heaven is a place where everything and everyone harmoniously manifests within the presence of God, the mighty creator of all great things. Every soul will be judged before they unite with God in heaven: the souls that were yet to be born, the newborns, the young and the old. After all are judged, the souls that were yet to be born on earth and the unborn souls will all be given a five-year-old image with a glow unlike the rest of the humans.

          These children’s images, compared to the rest of the humans, will be like gold among silver. They will be called, “children of heaven.” These children will be as close to God as angels are. These children will be given this honor because they didn’t commit any sin during their short existence in life. This privilege that will be given to these children was meant for all humankind, but due to the darkness of sin, the human spirit lost its purpose in life and its honorable privilege in the afterlife. Only in paradise is the human spirit able to manifest to its fullest potential of its God given free will. Paradise is an existent place in the spiritual realm where those who did great deeds in life will go when they die to wait for The Day of Judgment, the moment of truth for all. In paradise, the spirit manifests to its fullest, meaning, anything that exists in paradise, the spirit can experience without boundaries if it chooses. On the other hand, there is a place in the spiritual realm called, “The pit of darkness” where those who did bad deeds in life will wait for Judgment Day when they die.

            The pit of darkness is where those who had no regard towards creations of God will find the agony they caused to humanity waiting for them. The pit of darkness is a tormenting place, where the human spirit will be in total darkness, and can only feel the agony it has caused to others in life. Paradise and the pit of darkness are the first stop when one dies. No one will go to heaven or hell before they are judged for their earthly deeds.

            If anyone would be taken to heaven or hell before Judgment Day, then what would be the purpose of Judgment Day? Because if one is already in heaven before being judged, that means one has already earned his or her privilege of heaven, and then why would one be brought to face judgment? And that goes the other way around, because if one is sent to hell before one is judged, then why would one need to face judgment as to whether one should go to hell or not when one is already in hell? This metaphor would be like indicting one for a trial and finding one innocent or guilty before the trial takes place.

           If anyone would be taken to heaven or hell before Judgment Day, Lucifer, the devil would be long in hell. But the patient God let the devil loose just like God has been watching humans making fools of themselves, by violating all the laws of moral righteousness, and the only thing God is doing about it is to continue sending guidance to humanity. God has been continuously sending messengers to humanity so humans may save themselves from the path of evil that leads into hell. But humans still do not get it. When one dies, one will wait for Judgment Day either in paradise or the pit of darkness. It is earthly deeds that will determine to which of these two places one will be sent when one dies, and one’s earthly deeds will also determine whether one will go to heaven or hell on the Day of Judgment.

            When one dies, one’s earthly deeds will determine which destination will be next in one’s journey of eternity. The more one does bad deeds in life, the closer one will be to the pit of darkness when one dies, and the more one does good deeds in life, the closer one will be to paradise when one dies. Then when judgment day arrives, those who are in paradise and the pit of darkness will all be brought together to stand before God to be judged for their final destination: Heaven or Hell. On earth the spirit struggles to manifest to its purpose due to the darkness of evil in the world. In paradise the spirit manifests to its fullest potential due to the nonexistent evil in paradise. In the pit of darkness the spirit is left with only one sense, which is the awareness of the darkness that it is in.

            In heaven one will be in ultimate harmony within the presence of God, and in hell is where one will burn for eternity due to one’s earthly wicked deeds. On The Day of Judgment, murderers and the suicides will be the first ones to be judged, because the suicides have rejected the most precious gift that God has to give anyone in life, and that is the soul. The soul is the most precious element in life because it is what keeps one alive, and committing suicide is rejecting God’s most precious gift in life. The suicides will have a lot of explaining to do in the hereafter. Then those who have committed murder, the most condemned act of all, which is ending a human life that they did not create, these individuals will be in a worse situation than anyone.

           If murderers and the suicides who are pending for Judgment in the pit of darkness were given a second chance in life, the murderers would act saintly towards others, and the suicides would rather stick in this world no matter how chaotic it might seem for them. Mankind should have great concern about the hereafter, because if the intensity of society’s courtroom trials can be a terrifying experience for a defendant, then the Day of Judgment will be a nightmare for any sinners. In society’s trials the accused never know if they will be acquitted or found guilty until the verdict is read, even though they know whether they are truly guilty or innocent of the charges they are being tried for.

           This same metaphor will apply on the Day of Judgment, because no one will know their final destiny until their verdict is read, and on The Day Judgment, everyone will be on trial. Murder is the mother of all sins, but one can commit the act and be acquitted by the unjust laws of society, or be promised forgiveness by religious propaganda. But on the Day of Judgment, mankind will see that the laws of moral righteousness are far different from the laws of society, and regardless of who’s guilty or acquitted in courts of society, those verdicts will be irrelevant to the court of moral righteousness. Society’s judgment system is full of flaws, because one can be truly guilty for an act and be acquitted, or be innocent for an act but be found guilty for it.

             For those who where unfairly convicted or unjustly acquitted by the corrupted system of society, the laws of moral righteousness will set the record straight on The Day of Judgment. If humankind understood the laws of moral righteousness, everyone would realize the necessity of the unification of humanity, because on The Day of Judgment, humankind will depend on one another. Everyone’s fate of going into heaven or hell might depend on someone’s forgiveness, including the prophets themselves. If humankind does not embrace the spirit of forgiveness before the hereafter, humankind as whole might be doomed to hell.

            Through the spirit of forgiveness humanity can unite itself, and through the spirit of forgiveness humankind can save themselves from the horrors of hell. Even murderers still have a chance to be forgiven by their victims, because the dead are closer to the truth than the living, and they might know the necessity of forgiveness more than the living. Asking for forgiveness from a dead victim might seem foolish to some, but it is worth a try. Pride or arrogance should never stand in the way of an aggressor to ask for forgiveness from his or her victim. The consequences of not being forgiven will be the reality of a nightmare for anyone. Humankind still has the chance to set everything right for all, here on earth & in the hereafter on the Day of Judgment.

            Mankind must first acknowledge that the God of humankind is the only true God, and the only true Creator, and all His creations need to be treated with great respect. No one was created to burn in hell, but the devil was determined not to be alone in hell by derailing humans from their earthly purposes. But God kept sending guidance to humans, and humans kept on failing in their moral responsibilities that God has recommended. Each human generation has faced the darkness of their own evil that failed them in fully understanding the laws of moral righteousness. Humanity must understand the urgency of the necessity to care for all the flora & fauna of the planet, as well as the necessity of forgiveness towards one another.

          One must show compassion and embrace the spirit of forgiveness by being willing to forgive even those who have not asked, and ask for forgiveness even from those who might not forgive. Due to this necessity for forgiveness, righteousness is given the authority by the Supreme Creator to free every non-murderer within the prison system of society, in order to soften the hearts of humankind to be able to forgive one another, before the hereafter, for the sake of all souls of humanity. Prisoners might not deserve sympathy from society, but for the sake of humanity in the hereafter, prisoners must be forgiven and welcomed back in order to unite humanity as a whole. Humankind must heal itself from the curse of evil that numbs the soul, making many souls unwilling to forgive.

            Whoever and wherever you may be on this earth, righteousness is coming your way to set you free from the darkness of the world, but only when you ask. Even those who are locked up in the prison system by the laws of humans, righteousness will set you free. However, for those who are locked up in prison by the laws of man for committing the act of murder, righteousness has no authority on your behalf, because the sin of murder is beyond the jurisdiction of the authorities of righteousness. But for those who are wrongly convicted of murder, righteousness is the authority that can and will prove their innocence. Righteousness can only pray for those individuals who have committed the act of murder, and hope for their victims to grant them the forgiveness they need.

            If victims of murder do not forgive their aggressors, the aggressors will face a major problem in the hereafter, because no victim’s misery will go in vain. For this reason, people of the world, you must soften your souls to be able to forgive one another here (on earth) before the hereafter, because believe it or not, there will be a Day Judgment in the hereafter, where everyone will face their earthly deeds. Anyone who would rather go to hell than see someone else (an enemy) go to heaven, that individual is not any different from the devil, because the devil chose to go to hell rather than seeing humankind living in harmony within the heavenly kingdom of the Mighty One. God warned the devil that for any mischief toward creatures of the earth, hell will be the repercussion. But the devil chose to go to hell by rallying his demonic followers and causing great harm to the creations of God.

            If the devil did not blind the human spirit from the truth, humankind as a whole would walk straight into heaven, sin free, but the devil would rather go to hell than see that happen. Therefore, anyone who would rather go to hell than see someone else go to heaven, he or she and the devil aren’t any different, and anyone who is no different from the devil, he or she is not a member of humanity as far as righteousness is concerned. If you cannot forgive your fellow human being, you should not expect forgiveness from God, and this is a truth that humankind needs to understand.

            Those who are locked up by the authority of humans will be free by the divine authority of moral righteousness. But when you are freed and go back into society, you’ll need to remember that the authority that released you is watching. One needs to understand that being free from the prison of society does not mean one is free from hell, the prison of eternity. Even though you got released from the prison of society by the authority of moral righteousness, you still need forgiveness from your victim in the hereafter, because no victim’s misery will go in vain, and that’s what judgment Day is all about. In the hereafter everyone will face their earthly deeds, and their earthly deeds only will determine their eternity. Eternity is the final destination for all journeys within existence.

           The Mighty God of heaven & earth is a fair and just God, and the moral obligations that He has recommended to mankind apply to all, prophet and non-prophet. Just being a prophet or having respected religious titles won’t get anyone into the heavenly kingdom of God. Trying to humble yourself like an angel, or praying like someone who wants to be an angel won’t get one into heaven either. If there were a ticket to heaven on earth, the price to earn one would be good deeds, and good deeds are nothing more or less than showing compassion towards all the inhabitants of the earth. If humans manifested compassion towards all the inhabitants of the earth, as God recommended, the devil & his demonic gang would be lonely in hell. The devil knows that God is a merciful Creator who would not send anyone to burn in hell just for disobeying God.

            The suffering one caused to another for disobeying God that will be the nightmare that is waiting for many in the hereafter. God creates only for a great purpose, and anyone who glorifies God’s creations is welcome into the heavenly kingdom of God. But God and Heaven are both being misused to promote religious ideology. Certain religious rhetoric caused many people to sound like they meet with God on a daily basis and act like the key of heaven is in their hands. It is ridiculous and scandalous when religions are promising their adherents a guaranteed way into heaven.

              No one owns heaven but God, and only God decides who enters his heavenly kingdom, but not an angel or prophet or through any religious propaganda. The devil getting thrown out of heaven is a testament that should enlighten every human spirit to understand that anyone who has no respect for the creations of God will not be welcome into the heavenly kingdom of God. It is as simple as that. God did not promise to welcome any individual or group into His heavenly kingdom just because of their claimed spiritualism, or religious devotion. On the Day of Judgment, everyone will be judged by their earthly deeds individually. This rule of Judgment should not seem odd or surprising to humans, because we have a similar judgment system unfolding all the time in our societies’ courtrooms.

           When a group of people who committed the same crime together face justice in the court of law, each will be individually charged, convicted and sentenced based on their involvement in the crime they are all indicted for. This form of societies’ justice is familiar to many, because we see it played out in courtrooms. But some might seem unfamiliar with this process of justice, because some people like to play ignorant when it comes to anything that clarifies their moral responsibility to humanity. But these hypocrites that play these catastrophic games of ignorance need to realize that they are playing a losing game with their souls. Anyone who thinks that their moral obligation of compassion towards others is not necessary because their religion or prophet has their hereafter under control, the reality of their hereafter will be catastrophic.

           Anyone who depends on these false religious ideologies by ignoring their moral responsibilities toward others, it is certain that they will face a disaster of their own making when the moment of truth arrives, the Day of Judgment. False religious ideologies have made the way into heaven become like a political campaign, where parties are campaigning for votes. Religions use heaven to attract followers, and expect to be the elected party on the Day of Judgment based on the accumulation of adherents. There are many who value these religious fallacies, because they think that on the Day of Judgment, God will send the non-religious people into hell, because based on these religious falsehoods, non-religious people are automatically doomed to hell, just because they have no religion on their side.

           They think that on the Day of Judgment God will sit on his throne with all religions lined up: Judaism on the right, Christianity on the left, Islam in the middle, Hinduism on the upper right and Buddhism on the upper left and so on. Then God will choose which religion will go to heaven. Then each prophet will stand on the front line of his people; Moses, for Judaism, Jesus for Christianity, Mohammad for Islam and so on. Then God will proceed with His judgment, to choose one religion and send the rest to hell, by saying; “O Moses! Come into heaven with my chosen people and the rest of you (the other religions) you go to hell.” Or God will say, “O Jesus my son bring your people (Christians) into heaven and the rest of you (the others religions) you go to hell.”

            Or God will say, “O Mohammad my beloved last messenger come into heaven with your people (Muslims) and the rest of you (the other religions) you go to hell.” So on and so on. I don’t think anyone with a functional brain would consider this scenario as a possibility. The God of mankind will not condemn an innocent being for a crime he or she did not commit, nor will He allow criminals, thieves, dictators & warmongers who are the worst of humanity into His heavenly kingdom through religion, while the righteous ones are sent to hell, prophets & all. A God as such would not be worthy of worship. Only the devil would give an unjust devilish judgment as such.

             We have seen the devil arm all the nations of the world, and some nations are armed to the tooth with the deadliest arsenals that there are. Then when they face off in the battlefields of warfare, the devil would not care who annihilated the other, even though he armed them all. The God of humanity is nothing like the devil who many seem to adapt to his way of operating within society. The God of humankind is a just and merciful God who would not be unjust to anyone, because He is a God who knows all that there is. Many religions of the world have got it all wrong when it comes to the heavenly kingdom of the God of humanity. The way into the heavenly kingdom of God is a personal journey for which Good deeds are all one needs. But following these religious convoys that are not truly certain of their destination can cause one a catastrophic reality in the hereafter. Anyone with a clear conscience on the laws of moral righteousness would never value these religious propaganda that can be clearly seen.

             Humans have the tendency to convince themselves of what they don’t truly believe in, but they will hold on to it just because it sounds good or looks easy. You’ll often hear people within the religious system saying that to accept a prophet as a messenger of God, just that conviction is enough to get one into heaven. To accept these concepts of religious ideology is pure ignorance, because prophets themselves will be judged for their earthly deeds just like everyone else. So how can accepting a prophet as a messenger of God save anyone from being judged for his or her earthly deeds?

           If God has a special treatment package for any individual, prophets would not struggle in life, and they often suffer more than anyone else. If God did not give His own prophets any exemption from the agonies of humanity, then why would God give anyone an exemption of any kind in the name of a prophet? Humankind needs to come to its senses and realize that the glorification of prophets is unnecessary, because it won’t save anyone from being judged for their earthly deeds. Many prophets are long gone, but you’ll see their names and images being glorified by people, while their moral messages are buried deep under the dusts of ignorance. A prophet cannot do anything for anyone that the moral messages of righteousness that they carry cannot, because prophets die, but their messages of moral righteousness given by God live on.

              If prophets could physically manifest in life after death, they would do their best to protect their names and messages from any misuse. But the fact of the matter is that whatever prophets could not do when they were alive, its certain that they cannot when they are dead. It’s as simple as that. The Day of Judgment is a moment of truth, because everyone will be judged for their earthly deeds only. No one will be judged for the color of their skin, size or weight, or by their title in society, or their nationality. Prophets, kings, presidents, husbands, housewives, criminals, thieves, warmongers as well as the self-righteous ones will all face the same judgment system, where victims of any unjust act will be granted the upper hand of authority to forgive or condemn their aggressors.

             Prophets are often seen as miracle workers, and for that reason they often overshadow the moral messages of God that were meant for humanity. But one must understand that when prophets perform what many see as “miracles,” that does not make a prophet more than human. The human spirit is a powerful instrument that can manifest to a great magnitude that defies intellectualism, which would be seen as a miracle due to the lack of understanding of the capacity of the human spirit. One must understand also that the ability to perform a miracle is not the criterion for confirmation of prophet-hood. All spirits are miracle workers, but due to the darkness of evil in the world, the human spirit is unable to manifest to its full potential.

               The spirit is the reason judgment day is to be held, because the spirit is the element of free will, which allowed one to act without the dictations of God. The free will is the element that allows one to obey or disobey God when they choose, and for that reason, humans & jinn will face judgment for the choices they made with their free will. If everyone were acting by the dictations of God, then there would be no need for Judgment Day, nor would anyone be held accountable for any wrong doing because God would be responsible for all deeds. God gave free will to both human & jinn and then recommended them on what to do and what not to do, and it is up to one to obey or disobey if they choose. When people act cruelly toward other creatures of the world, that is not God’s will, but it is people’s choice due to their free will motivated by evil.

             This is the reason why God will judge and hold everyone accountable for the choices they made in their life, because God created all lives of the earth to freely exist in harmony as they wish. For one creature to destroy a life of another creature, that is not God’s will, but the work of the devil. If everyone treated others as one would like to be treated, no one would be harmed, because no one likes to be harmed by anyone. No one is a fool when it comes to knowing how he or she wants to be treated. The devil was granted the privilege to live in heaven due to his compassion towards God’s creations of the earth. But the devil was also expelled from the heavenly kingdom of God due to his arrogance, and he is doomed to hell for his cruelty towards creations of God.

              The devil did not even kill, and his heavenly privilege was stripped away, therefore for one to be uncompassionate by destroying lives of the earth and hoping to be privileged in heaven would be pure foolishness. God has requested nothing more or less to humans than to have compassion toward creations of the earth, and every single human being on this earth has the will to do just that, with or without any religious, cultural or political system. But due to the failures of religions of the world, this simple moral duty to all has been complicated until it lost its true meaning. Many are walking burden-free of their moral responsibility, thinking that their religions will take care of them in the hereafter. Many are unconcerned for their hereafter due to these many false promises of religions.
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