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Saturday, December 25, 2010

The Evil of Religion: (Part 4 of 10)

The Five Elements: Quest for the ultimate truth

(Part 4 of 10)

The Evil of Religion:

            Religion’s role in humanity was meant to be like the role of a mother and her baby. A mother’s role is to assist her baby until the baby grows up and is able to do things on its own. For example, a mother feeds her baby, but does not eat for the baby. If a mother ate for her baby instead of feeding her baby, the baby wouldn’t live for very long. Mothers assist their baby to learn how to eat, crawl, and walk, etc. If a mother never wants to put her baby down for it to learn how to crawl and walk, the day will come when the baby will be too heavy for the mother to carry around, and if the baby has yet to know how to walk, there will be a problem.

           The mother will have no other choice but to put the baby down and face reality, which is for the baby to learn how to walk on its own. This is the moment of truth between the mother and her baby, because she will have to explain to her baby why she can no longer carry it around, and why the baby is yet to know how to walk. And when the mother explains herself, the baby might not be pleased, and for the baby to blame the mother will be pointless, because the baby will face a lot of work ahead that should have been done much earlier. If religions fail to let their adherents take responsibility for their deeds instead of promising to carry the burden for their adherents, when the moment of truth comes, the hereafter, adherents who are relying on these religious falsehoods will face a dire reality on their own. And their religion won’t be able to do anything for these adherents, and adherents blaming their religion will be pointless.

             People must understand that depending on anyone for the hereafter instead of their own good deeds, the ending can be catastrophic. Breaking the moral laws of righteousness and then thinking your religion can forgive you for it, that is one’s total ignorance of the laws of moral righteousness. The laws of moral righteousness are the only valid moral authority, here on earth & hereafter.

             The devil might be having fun playing his devilish games with humans, but he knows that there is no law that is above the laws of moral righteousness. He was thrown out from heaven by the same law, and he will be doomed to hell by the sincerity of the laws of moral righteousness. On the Day of Judgment many might be in the same situation as the devil that is doomed to hell due to their carelessness towards humanity. No one has the power or the authority to overrule the laws of moral righteousness. It is like when a child breaks a law of society. The child’s parents might get blamed for not raising their child to respect the law, but it is the child who will be on trial for breaking the law. If the child is convicted, he will add disappointment to his conviction if he thought his parents’ authority could overrule the authority of the law.

            Parents have authority over their children, but parents’ authority cannot overrule the authority of society laws. No religion or individual has the authority to overrule the laws of moral righteousness. The only use religion has is to guide one to understand & apply the laws of moral righteousness. All religions claim to possess the understanding of morality, but many people are confused or arguing as to which religion is the true religion, because religious influences within humanity can make one unclear on what morality truly is.

             Religion means, “Spiritual unification system” and that is what religions of the world were meant to help humanity to achieve: to unify people in the name of spirituality. But the religions of the world are more like division systems than unification systems; therefore, to ask which religion is the true religion is a legitimate question. This question can only be answered through the enlightenment of spiritualism because there, all truths are revealed. If a system that was meant to unite divides, if one truly wants to know the problem, one must start by looking from the foundation of the system itself. First of all, one must understand that religion is just the system that embodies the ideology. It is the people who put the ideas into deeds that are the structure of the religious system. Therefore people who are the structure of the system are responsible for any deeds in the name of the religion, the good & the bad. So people are the real problem of religion’s failure to unify humanity, and people are also responsible for the horrors that religions reflect within humanity.

            If the devil influences humans who are the structure of religion, then the devil will have a say within the religious system. There are falsehoods in all religious systems of the world, because the devil & his jinni gang have dictated most parts of these religious scriptures that are full of errors and contradictions, which many consider to be the words of God. One must understand that on the Day of Judgment, it is not religions that will be on trial, but it is people who will be on trial for their earthly deeds. Each and everyone will be held responsible for their earthly deeds, regardless of who might have influenced them. Those who inherit many of these religious falsehoods will face a dire situation on the Day of Judgment, where all earthly deeds will be reckoned. The religious systems of the world have failed in their true purpose towards humanity by being unable to unify the scattered human race.

            Religions of the world have problems of their own to deal with, because they are struggling to stand on the moral ground of righteousness, and they cannot control or detach their problematic adherents that cause chaos anywhere they go in the name of their religion. The unification of humanity is a must, and can only be achieved through human’s understanding and implementation of the laws of moral righteousness. Humankind needs to come to a clear realization of the truth that there is only one True God. This God is the true Creator of all creations. This mighty Creator has no needs and recommends nothing more to His creations then to be compassionate towards one another.

               If this God of humanity were seen in a metaphor of a parent, this compassionate God would be a parent whose children would run to give a hug when they see Him coming. But not bowing to Him, or being ordered to bow by Him. If there was a figure that filled the horizon of the sky claiming to be god and demanding humankind to get on their knees and bow before his presence, one with a clear understanding of the nature of the true God would hesitate. Because the God of humanity is the creator of this vast universe who is already all He can be and needs to be. This God of humanity is an all mighty Creator, a loving and compassionate God, but not an authoritarian who is thirsty for power like a ruler. The lack of need is what separates the true God from all the false gods & goddesses that are being bowed to and given sacrifices to through ignorance.

             Any claimed god that is demanding to be given anything, whether it is a sacrifice or ceremony of any kind is a false God. No symbol, ceremony, or ritual is needed to worship the true God of humanity. Humankind must stop their insanity toward the inhabitants of the earth, and manifest kindness toward all lives of the earth, because they are creations of a magnificent Creator whose perfection exceeds far beyond the comprehension of the human spirit. All creations of the earth must be respected as creations of a God who does no wrong and forbids all wrongs. Humankind has the will to take care of this earth that we all live in, as well as be the kindest creatures on this earth that all lives must share. Every single creation of the earth has their divine rights to be here on this earth.

              One must understand that God creates only for a good purpose, even though one does not have full knowledge of what each creation of God was created to manifest in life, because only God has that knowledge. Only God, the Lord of all creations has the full knowledge of what each and every one of His creation was created to manifest in life. But the only thing one needs to know is that all creations of God were created for a good purpose, and there is no good purpose in destroying creations of God. Humankind must come to understand that destroying lives is not worshipping the God that creates lives. This is another area where many religions have committed catastrophic sins in the name of their God by destroying lives as part of their worshipping.

               This is just another stupidity of the human spirit. Why would a mighty God need anything from anyone? But even the poorest people will Give the little they should be feeding their family with to “god” & “gods.” This human foolishness is a great humiliation to moral righteousness, because it makes it seem that God is no longer providing for the poor, but taking away from the poor. Many give to God and expect to get more in return and religions use this scandalous strategy to strengthen their establishment within society by robbing even the poorest. In any country, city or town you go to in this world, religious worship places are distinguishable by their beauty, while there are people sheltering in boxes on street corners.

              Giving anything to God or gods is pure ignorance and in some level is evil, because the Mighty God, creator of this universe has no needs, and cannot be given anything that He could have if He wanted to. Giving God things that God himself created, or things that have no use to God, it should not take a lot of realization to see the nonsense behind this human foolishness. The true God of humanity has no needs and carved, molded or mythical Gods are not needed, because they are worthless gods who cannot respond to anything. People give sacrifices to god & gods for many different reasons. But the purpose is the same, which is to gain something in return. It can be hoping for a better harvest season, or hoping for a burden to be miraculously lifted, or hoping for a spiritual enlightenment, or pursuing a satanic power. Lives are killed including human beings as sacrifices just for these reasons.

              Sacrificing a life to a God is pure evil, because the God who created lives does not need to be given lives for sacrifice. And a God who cannot create life does not need to be given anything. Only the devil & his demonic jinn followers possess human spirits to destroy lives for sacrifices, or for any other purpose. Sacrificial rituals started in the very early ages of human history. But sacrifice in the name of the heavenly God, this came from the misinterpretation of the story of Abraham that we see within the religious scriptures. This story was misinterpreted and misused for religious purposes, because religion needed a symbolic story that can make one willing to give up any of their earthly possessions for God. And Abraham’s story has all of that potential.

              The story says that, “God told Abraham to go to the mountains of Mariah to kill his son as a burnt offering.” There is a dispute as to which of the two sons of Abraham, Isaac or Ishmael, were to be slaughtered in God’s name. This dispute is just one of the many elements that turned this story away from its true purpose. Many are familiar with this religious story, but in short, it is said that God told Abraham to sacrifice his son. Then when Abraham proceeded to prove his loyalty to God, an angel was sent from heaven to stop Abraham from slaughtering his son, by giving Abraham a lamb to kill, thus sparing his son’s life. Then the story said that the angel told Abraham that God was pleased by his loyalty and the reward would be great.

            This story of Abraham has turned out to be a catastrophic religious fairytale, and is being glorified by all the three monotheistic religions that portrayed this same God as, “The All Knowing.” If God is “The all knowing,” why then, did God need to test Abraham’s loyalty? If the God of Abraham was testing Abraham’s loyalty, then the God of Abraham is not an “all knowing God.” The “All Knowing God,” the Creator of mankind would know Abraham more than Abraham knew himself. Because this originator of creation knows all there is in His universe precisely as it is. God the Mighty Creator of the universe knows all that is, and does not need to test anyone in order to know who everyone truly is.

              This story of Abraham has blinded many from understanding the devil’s cruelties toward humanity. History has witnessed newborn babies burnt alive and buried alive all in the name of sacrifice to god & gods. Any God who would ask me to kill my child to test my loyalty, or kill my child to teach me, I would tell that God to go to hell. I don’t need a God who would teach me anything at the expense of the blood of my child. Only the devil & his demonic jinn exchange their unwanted knowledge for bloodshed, or blind the self-righteous one to spill blood in the name of God. One must understand that the God of humanity has no needs, and anyone who knows this God, or wants to know this God would not spill blood in the name of this God.

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