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Saturday, December 25, 2010

The Evil of Religion: (Part 5 of 10)

The Five Elements: Quest for the ultimate truth

(Part 5 of 10)

The Evil of Religion:

             This story of Abraham was a misinterpreted revelation, but not a test of loyalty from God. Abraham was a man who did not believe in idol gods as his society did. When Abraham found the God who clamed to be the creator of all there is, Abraham vowed to fully submit to the will of this God. In the early journey of Abraham’s faith in the true God, he received many revelations, and this story is one of them. This revelation came during Abraham’s sleep, just like many of the other revelations that were revealed to Abraham so that he would understand what submission to God truly is. God told Abraham that submission to God is when one values God’s creations over any of the earthly possessions that one might have a deep desire for.

             All the messengers that God sent to mankind have received this similar revelation, because one has to disconnect oneself from the senseless earthly desires in order to do God’s will, because submission to God and materialism do not go hand in hand. “Love thy God, Obey thy God”: these are religious terms we have heard over and over, which simply mean to love God over any earthly possession. And to love God over any earthly possession simply means to love God’s creations over materialism. This is what God recommended to humanity, and to obey God is to implement this recommendation of God. One who implements this recommendation of God is one who obeys God. One who obeys God is one who submits to the will of God. One who submits to the will of God is one who worships God. One who worships God is one who loves the creations of God. One who loves the creations of God is one who is compassionate towards all the creations of God, and one cannot be compassionate toward the creations of God and at the same time destroy the creations of God.

             This is what “Submission to the will of God” is all about. When Abraham received the revelation of how one submits to the will of God, Abraham decided to prove his submission to God by his willingness to give up his son whom he loved the most in life, as a burnt offering to God. Burnt offerings were not new to Abraham, because it was a practice he grew up seeing. Giving burnt offerings to gods was a common ritual in Abraham’s time, and still is in many parts of the world. God never demanded for Abraham to kill his son to prove his loyalty to God; it is Abraham who was about to give up his son to prove his loyalty to God. When Abraham was proceeding with his plan to kill his son, an angel was sent from heaven to stop Abraham from committing the forbidden act that is condemned as evil.

             Abraham was stopped from killing his son in the name of God due to his misinterpretation of the revelation of submission to God. And the angel did not give Abraham a lamb to spare Abraham’s son as the story had said. Why would God need any life to be killed in God’s name, while God is the One who creates lives? If the God of Abraham demanded Abraham to sacrifice his own son as a burnt offering to prove his loyalty, then the God of Abraham is not any better than the worthless idol gods that Abraham was running away from. The God of heaven & earth does not need to be given anything by anyone. Killing a soul is the most condemned act of all, but people are still committing this act that is condemned by God and expecting to be rewarded for it by the same God.

             Abraham was fed up with the idol gods he believed to be worthless, but when he found the true God, to understand this God was a work in progress. Abraham was a man who was devoted to worshipping God, but also a man with many flaws. Abraham struggled with morality throughout his prophet-hood, just like many Prophets have. Prophets are human beings just like any other human being regardless of their higher calling. When prophets receive a revelation from God, it is to them who make the translation for people to understand. If all the messages God sent to mankind were interpreted to their true meanings, it would not matter in what language they are translated to, they would never contradict each other, because God’s message to humanity is always the same.

            Due to the misinterpretation and fabrication of the messages, we see religions talking about the same God, but contradicting one another on many fundamental moral issues. There were flaws in prophets and there are flaws in religions that are caused by prophets, which the Devil & his demonic jinn followers are to take credit for. If Abraham weren’t stopped from killing his son, he would have served the devil in the name of the God he wanted to serve, which is something religions are still accustomed to. God does not need to test anyone because God knows who everyone is, and God does not need sacrifice from anyone because He can provide more than anyone can. God is already all He can be and needs to be, “A Mighty Creator,” and the only One there is.

             If giving to God or gods could make life any better, life on earth would be better for all because even the poorest give to god & gods. Any God that needs to be given anything is not a Mighty God. The religious system of mankind has failed the God of heaven in many ways, because many of their principles are catastrophic to humanity. Sacrifice that requires food or blood being given to gods and goddesses, demons and spirits are all ignorance of the human spirit, which was planted by the devil. When righteousness requests sacrifice, it simply means for one to give up any desires that violate morality. Sacrificial ceremonies of any kind are forbidden under the laws of moral righteousness. One with a clear conscience of the laws of moral righteousness would never give a sacrifice of blood or food to any gods or spirits.

             Neither blood nor food has any use to the true God, nor do they have any use to any spirit. When one dies, one’s spirit doesn’t need to eat or drink because the spirit no longer possesses the physical body (flesh) that needs to be fed in order to function. Only demons (bad jinni) would claim to be “spirits” and demand to be given lives or food for sacrifice. When one understands the divine system of moral righteousness, one will realize that many human customs and rituals that are believed to be spiritual are nothing but satanic, designed by the devil himself. The body, soul & spirit are three elements, and each has its purpose, different from the other. When the body dies, the soul & spirit that are not physical will continue their manifestation within the spiritual realm where nothing physical is needed.

             All the needs the body requires when the person is alive, such as food, drink and other elements that keep the body healthy, all these needs of the body will end when the person dies. There is nothing in the physical realm that the person will need when the person dies. If the needs of the person’s body in the physical realm would be the same after the person dies, that would raise many disturbing questions. A person’s body in the physical realm needs to be fed, along with other elements that are necessities, which keep one healthy and decent. So if these necessities of the body in the physical realm were required when the body dies, then what would happen when the person is in heaven?

            Heaven is believed to be the greatest place that there is and the highest privilege that anyone can attain. So if the person would need to eat, drink, shower and so on, then there would need to be bathrooms and showers in heaven, and if there are bathrooms and showers in heaven, who will be cleaning them up? I don’t think anyone would feel privileged to be given the job of cleaning bathrooms and showers after all the good deeds they did on earth that earned them their privilege of heaven. I don’t think anyone would like to be sent to heaven and be given any kind of job, especially a job that even society has no respect for, such as sanitation workers, janitors, and so on. Nothing physical is needed in the spiritual realm, therefore giving a sacrifice of anything physical, whether it is food or blood, is not spiritual, but pure Satanism. Whatever God created as physical will remain physical, and all physicality will come to an end.

             The human body that lives in the Physical realm will forever remain physical, and when the person dies, that is the end of the journey of the physical body, unless the devil plays his devilish tricks with the dead body. When the physical body dies, the true God who creates lives will not raise the dead body alive again. This definite ending of the physical body should not be too complicated for one to understand, or too difficult for one to accept, because the body itself provides indubitable evidence in this matter. For example, the human eye is the most reliable tool for authenticating physical evidence. We have seen our loved ones die, and even though we sometimes say that they are in heaven, their dead body will remain in the graveyard if they were buried, or in a jar if the dead body was cremated.

             When you dig up any burial-ground, you will find that the remains of the dead are still there, the flesh decomposed and eaten by the maggots and the bones destined to last for a long time to come if they are not disturbed. We have witnessed the same in discovered tombs that are thousands of years old. These are facts that can be all proven true through the eyes. There is also a reality that is called, “near death experience.” Near death experience is when the physical body seems to be dead but the person will possess the same image of the body that seems to dead in a different dimension. Some who have had this experience will claim to have been taken into heaven, paradise or hell. But regardless of the reality of their experience during that period of time, their physical body remained in the physical realm.

              We have seen people who have come back from this experience, explaining how they were detached from their physical body and able to observe their non-functioning physical body from a different dimension. When the body is dead, the soul & spirit continue the journey to their final destination of eternity. It is not the physical body that will go to heaven or hell, because the body is just the vessel that is meant to carry the soul & the spirit. When one feels joy or sorrow, it is not the body itself that feels these emotions that we all experience. When one expresses joy or sorrow it is the soul within the heart and the spirit within the brain that feels and expresses these experiences. There is no part in the physical body that can be removed for one not to feel joy or sorrow while remaining alive and fully functional.

             All the behaviors that one experiences and expresses in emotions are manifestations of the soul & spirit, the two elements that live on even after the physical body is dead. Death is a separation of the body from the soul & spirit. After death, the spirit will project the image of the same body that is dead, but in a spiritual dimension. The dead body cannot and will not leave the physical realm. We have seen mummified bodies that were dead for thousands of years, as well as the remains of human bones that were dead long ago, left behind by the soul & spirit that kept them alive. The body that the soul & spirit possess in the spiritual realm does not need anything physical, such as liquids or food and so on, because the spiritual realm and the physical realm are two different dimensions.

              When one goes to heaven or hell, the soul & spirit that experience the feelings of joy and sorrow in the physical realm are the same ones who will feel the harmonious joys of heaven or the horrifying terrors of hell. When one truly understands the purpose of the body, soul & spirit, one will pay more attention to the soul & spirit, because they are the two elements that live on for eternity, and they are responsible and will be held accountable for all deeds. Understanding the role of these three elements, body, soul & spirit, can set a bright light of realization that giving sacrifices of any kind to any gods or spirits is pure Satanism, the work of Satan, the devil. Nothing of the physical realm can survive the fires of hell and nothing in the physical realm is needed in heaven. Giving sacrifices to any Gods or spirits is the devil’s work that only deepens one’s spirit into the darkness of evil.

            Sacrificial ceremonies are pointless in spirituality, because the purpose of spirituality is to give the spirit clarity on moral righteousness, and killing lives for sacrifice violates the very core of the laws of moral righteousness. The true definition of spiritual sacrifice on a moral understanding is when one understands the moral laws of righteousness and commits oneself on those principles. The sincerity of the commitment is what spiritual sacrifice truly is. This is what spiritual sacrifice is all about, because with principles of moral righteousness, one will not be blinded by senseless desires of the physical realm. The God of heaven & earth never gave any of His messengers a message that commanded or approved the destruction of lives of the earth.

              God manifests Goodness towards his creations, and the devil influences the darkness of evil toward God’s creations. Humanity has an obligation to reclaim and embrace the noble messages of God, which is compassion toward God’s creations. Only the devil orchestrates warfare, and then blinds humankind to play his bloody game. Most religions lost their purity from the beginning of their declaration as an institution of God. Take Islam for example. In the very early start of Islam, the prophet Mohammad was dragged into the mess of warfare by the devil through one of the prophet’s companions, called Hamsa. Hamsa was a man who understood physical means more than the wills of God.

            “Submission to the will of God,” this is the message that was given to the prophet Mohammad and that is what Islam means in the language of the prophet, which is Arabic. Submission to the will of God is what “Islam” means in Arabic, and one who is submitted to the will of God is what “Muslim” means in the same Arabic language. Therefore the true meanings of Islam and Muslim existed long before earth was even created, because “Submission to the will of God” (Islam) is the structure of the heavenly kingdom of God, and angels within the heavenly kingdom of God are “Submitted to the will of God” (Muslim). The true definitions of the words Islam and Muslim go beyond the Arabic language that described them, and their moral principles go beyond human ideology. But many see Islam as a religion of the prophet Mohammad, and they refer to Muslims as to those who follow the teachings of the prophet Mohammad.

            This is another area where the devil & his demonic jinn followers have caused a catastrophic religious confusion through the language barrier, by distorting the core of the moral principle that was meant to be the foundation of humanity. When one understands Islam and Muslim in their true meaning, one will realize that Islam is not a religion of man, but a religion of God, and a function of a true Muslim is not one who prays five times a day, but anyone who is submitted to the will of God. Islam existed before the prophet Mohammad, and there were Muslims before the prophet Mohammad.

             Islam, “Submission to the will of God” is the religion of God, and Muslim, “One who is submitted to the will of God” is one who worships God, and one who worships God, is one who has compassion towards the creations of God, and one who is compassionate towards the creations of God is one who is righteous, and one who is righteous, is one who values the rights of all the creations of God, and one who values the rights of all the creations of God, is one who values sharing and equality, and one who values sharing and equality, is one who understands that God created all souls equal, and created the resources of the earth to be shared. Then when sharing and equality are valued, peace will manifest itself, and through peace, humanity can be whole, and through the wholeness of humanity, life on earth can be harmonious as it is in heaven.

             This is what Islam and Muslim stand for in the true sense of their meanings. But there are many who are confused about the principles of Islam, “Submission to the will of God” and many are threatened by the characteristics of a Muslim, “One who submitted to the will of God”, because the devil & his demonic jinn disciples have distorted the true principles of Islam, and hijacked the admirable character of a true Muslim. The true principles of Islam were distorted by the devil from the very beginning when he dragged Islam into the evil of bloodshed. Then the devil hijacked the true characteristics of a Muslim by having “Muslims” pick up the sword in the name of Islam. This is where Islam was derailed from its path of peace and harmony. However, the religion of Islam we know today (Mohammedan) declared by the prophet Mohammad was clarified before the prophet died.

              Before the prophet died, in his last sermon, he revealed this true principle of Islam, and the standard of a true Muslim. The prophet said to his followers in his last sermon, “Treat others justly so that no one would be unjust to you. Remember that you will indeed meet your Lord, and that He will indeed reckon your deeds.”

              This simply means that one should care for others and that also one will be responsible for one’s own deeds in the hereafter. He also said, “Oh people, be mindful of those who work under you. Feed and clothe them as you feed and clothe yourselves.” This message is about sharing and equality, which is what worshiping God truly is, because sharing and equality can be done only through compassion. If those who have, see themselves as equal to those who have not, those who have would be willing to share, and just then the world would be a better place for all. But unfortunately, many of those who have seem to be wanting more and more, and some of them would not even be ashamed to take from those who have very little to begin with. Have compassion towards all lives regardless of any differences; this is God’s recommendation to humanity.

             If one does not have compassion toward the creations of God, one is not submitted to the will of God, and if one is not submitted to the will of God, one is not worshiping God, and if one is not worshiping God, one is not righteous, and one who is not righteous should not expect to be welcomed into the heavenly kingdom of God. Compassion towards the creations of God is the path that would lead anyone straight to the heavenly kingdom of the Mighty One. One must exercise his or her God given will to shatter any barrier that stands between one and the path to compassion. It is the only path that God plowed for humanity to walk on. You can spend as much time as you want at the church, synagogue, and mosque or at the temple, but without your compassion towards the creations of God, your time at the “Worship Place” is meaningless to God and worthless on the Day of Judgment, when all deeds will be reckoned.

            All the messengers of God, regardless of how much they struggle with the devil, always successfully clarify this noble message to humanity, which is compassion toward all the inhabitants of the earth. The example of compassion that the prophets reveal for their adherents to follow, this noble message of God often dies with the prophets. The prophet Mohammad is one example. As soon as the prophet Mohammad died, his message of compassion died with him, because the bloody trail of Mohammedan, the “Islam” he led is still causing terror to humanity.

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