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Saturday, December 25, 2010

The Evil of Religion: (Part 6 of 10)

The Five Elements: Quest for the ultimate truth

(Part 6 of 10)

The Evil of Religion:

              We have seen some adherents of “Islam” destroying lives on a mass scale in the name of “Jihad”. They call themselves, “Martyrs”. We have witnessed innocent people being destroyed by these fanatic fools who think they are doing God a favor by blowing up people. Jihad is an Arabic word, which means struggle. It means to struggle with the enemy within. And struggle with the enemy within means not allowing the soul to be enslaved by the senseless desires of the physical world. It is obvious that materialism has enslaved humanity itself. This is what Jihad truly means, fighting to free oneself from the darkness of these senseless desires of the physical world.

           But these fanatics that call themselves “Martyrs” see the enemy within as anyone who questions the principles of their ignorance. They call them, “Infidels,” therefore to destroy the “Infidel” is their interpretation of “Jihad.” They think of themselves as protectors of Islam, but in reality, they are the true enemies of Islam, because they are serving evil in the name of Islam. If these ignorant fanatics think that blowing people up will earn them a ticket to heaven, they need to reconsider that option.

          According to the Islam’s scripture, the Holy Qur’an, “Heaven” is described as a harmonious kingdom, and “Hell” is described as a horrifying fire where one will burn for eternity. So if these fanatics think that blowing themselves up will get them into heaven, they are spirituality blinded by the darkness of evil. Otherwise they would realize that blowing themselves up might be the beginning journey of their eternal hell. One with a clear conscience would never hope to be welcomed into the heavenly kingdom of God by destroying creations of God. If those who destroy lives think of themselves as “Martyrs,” they are victims of ignorance.

              The true definition of a martyr is one who is killed for his or her refusal to serve evil, but not those who serve evil in the name of holiness. Only that! There are many who are called “Martyrs,” but in the real sense of their acts, they are just criminals under different circumstances. When one surrendered his or her life because one can no longer fight, if one gets killed, one is not a martyr, but a dead criminal. Also, when one gets killed from fighting, one is not a martyr, but a losing criminal. Anyone who destroys creations of God in hopes of going to heaven, they have another thing coming.

             Destroying lives is evil and evil is not rewarded in heaven. The “Mohammedan Islam” needs to be purified and restored to its origin as the prophet Mohammed commanded to his followers before he died. But soon after the prophet Mohammad died, the conflict for power among his top followers began. They were the first who violated the proper standard of true Islam and the worthy model of a true Muslim that the prophet left behind. They broke Islam apart into sects (religious groups), and then began instigating wars among themselves, and towards any who opposed their ideology or ambition for power. Some of these prophet’s companions have gone too far with their madness for killing their own followers for not paying yearly tithes.

            Only the devil would blind one’s spirit to be that radical. Killing is an act far worse than not paying tithes. But killing to enforce a rule or law is a familiar practice within all the three forces of society: religion, culture & government, which are nothing but the work of Satan the devil. If it were that anyone who violates the laws of the Qu’ran should be killed, these companions who kill for their ambition in the name of Islam would be the first ones to be killed. They were the first who violated the laws of the Qu’ran that the prophet Mohammad left them, by breaking Islam into sects which is forbidden and condemned within the Qu’ran they seem to believe in. In the holy Qur’an verse 6-159: “Verily, those who divide their religion and break up into sects (all kinds of religious sects), you (O Mohammad) have no concern in them in the least. Their affair is only with Allah (God) who then will tell them that they used to do.”

            How can anyone read and understand this condemnation of sects and create a sect, or be part of a sect? If one understands this condemnation of sects within the holy Qur’an, and still be a part of a sect that means one does not believe in the holy Qur’an, and if one does not believe in the holy Qur’an, one has no moral legitimacy to call him or herself a Muslim (follower of the prophet Mohammad). The prophet Mohammad is the leader of Mohammedan, the religion we know as “Islam,” therefore the prophet Mohammad should be the model to all Muslims within the religion of Islam that is lead by the prophet. Also the holy Qur’an should be the guidance to all Muslims who follow the prophet Mohammad, as said in the holy Qur’an. 33-21, “Indeed in the messenger of God (Mohammad) you have a good example to follow from him who hopes for (the meeting with) God and the last day, and remembers God much.”

            The holy Qur’an authenticated the prophet Mohammad as the prime example of the religion, Mohammedan, we know as “Islam.” But yet, each religious sect within Islam has its own leader instead of the prophet Mohammad, and they all see the Qur’an as their prime source of guidance. This is quite troubling, because it is contradictory. Each sect within Islam has its own leader or leaders to which people of that sect pray to, or organizing pilgrimages in their honor, instead of Mecca, that is recommended by Islam.

             The holy Qur’an says, verse 16-86; “And when those who associated partners with God see their (God’s so-called) partners, they will say: “our Lord! These are our partners whom we used to invoke beside you.” But they will back their word at them (and say): surely! You indeed are liars!” and they will offer (their full) submission to God (alone) on that day (Day of Judgment) and their invented false deities (all that they used to invoke beside God, e.g. idols, saints, priests, monks, angels, jinn, Jibril (Gabriel), messengers) will vanish from them.” If there are any truths within the holy Qur’an, this would be one of them, because it makes it clear that on the Day of Judgment, not a Prophet, not even Gabriel the angel, will able to do anything for anyone.

            To worship anyone but the God of heaven and earth that can be a catastrophic mistake for anyone on the Day of Judgment, because everyone will face their earthly deeds alone regardless of whomever or whatever they used to worship. You’ll see sect founders (leaders) who are long dead, but their places of burial are places of worship by adherents. This is another contradiction that clearly indicates that these sects within Islam do not share the same principals as the holy Qur’an, because one cannot truly believe in a living God and pray to a dead person. People of sects pray and praise their leaders because they truly believe that their dead leaders are more reliable to fulfill their needs than the true living God.

              Anyone who prays to a dead person and says that they believe in God at the same time, they really need to revaluate their belief system. All the sects that emerged from Islam contradict the Qur’an, and the holy Qur’an has condemned them all. Any Muslim who reads the Qur’an can clearly understand that one can be a Muslim without being a part of a sect. Verse 6-159. In the holy Qur’an it says that, to be a Muslim one must accept five pillars as the declaration of faith, and then they must be put to work as a moral duty of a Muslim. First pillar: testimony of faith; “There is no God but God and Mohammad is his messenger.” Second pillar: the ritual of daily prayer to worship God. Third pillar: to give a percentage from your yearly earnings to the poor. Fourth pillar: perform fasting, which is to strengthen the spirit to be able to give up more of the earthly desires, and the fifth pillar: pilgrimage to Mecca if financially capable, which is a symbol of unity.

            These five pillars are symbolic on a religious level, but meaningful on a spiritual level. When you decode these five pillars of Islam (Mohammedan), not on a religious level, but from a spiritual understanding, you will realize that these five pillars are part of an obligation to all humankind. First pillar of Islam: testimony of faith; “There is no God but God and Mohammad is his messenger.” Of course, there is only one true God, and this God is the creator of all creations, and yes indeed Mohammad, the son of Abdullah, is a messenger (prophet) of this Mighty God.

             Mohammad is just one of many messengers who walked the earth sent by the same God and given the same noble message of God of compassion towards all the inhabitants of the earth. Second pillar of Islam: ritual of daily prayers, worshiping God. One with a clear conscience would understand that this mighty God, creator of the universe, is the only God that is worthy to pray to. Praying to this God can be done at anytime, anywhere, any way, and as many times as one chooses. Because this Mighty God can see anyone at any given time and can hear anyone in any language. That is who this God is, and that is what God is. God is, “One who knows all that is,” and the God of heaven & earth is this God.

            It would not matter what you named this God, or how many names you named this God, it would not change who this God truly is: The All-Knowing and The All Seeing, and the only true Creator. His perfection is beyond humans’ apprehension, because giving every human being who ever walked the earth his or her own fingerprint, different from everyone else that says it all. This God is the only true God and the only true Creator. If anyone could create like this God that would be the devil who wanted be like this Mighty God. But the devil cannot access the knowledge by which this God creates, because otherwise the devil would create his own civilization instead of mingling with creations of this Mighty One. Anyone who claims to be this God is either the devil or an agent of the devil, and anything that is compared to this God can only be a demonic product.

              There was no one like this God, and there is no one like this God, and there will never be anyone like this God. Therefore this God is the only one God worthy of praying to. The third pillar of Islam: give a percentage from your yearly earnings to the poor. To decode the message of this third pillar is quite simple. But unfortunately the meaning of this message is not that simple to the wicked who keep more than they need. The world has enough for the decency of all of its inhabitants, but unfortunately the reality of humanity says otherwise. There are two kinds of trees in the garden of kindness, the tree that provides shade and the tree that bears fruit. Giving is the tree that provides shade, and sharing is the tree that bears fruit.

             The tree that provides shade can only give comfort to those beneath it on a sunny day, and bringing the poor beneath the shaded tree once a year, that’s what giving to the poor once a year really is, and humanity can do better than that. The other tree in the garden of kindness that bears fruits, this is the tree that brings joy to many, even to those who cannot see or never saw the tree. This fruitful tree can give comfort to those beneath it and give joy to those who are far away from the tree. This is the tree worth nurturing, and its fruit’s seeds need to be planted in every part of this earth.

             The fourth pillar of Islam: fasting, this simply means to strengthen the spirit to be able to keep itself away from the needless earthly desires. This pillar is just as important as the others, because if the spirit of humanity was disciplined to distance itself from the senseless earthly desires, that could end the curse of greed that has infected the souls of humanity. Just then the devil would not be able to blind the human spirit through materialism that many cannot get enough of. When the spirit is disciplined from going after the needless accessories of society, often the spirit turns itself onto the path of spirituality or religious euphoria.

             We have seen this disciplinary method of the spirit work in the prison system and in the places of worship. We have seen many people who get their spiritual awakening in prison because they are no longer able to pursue the devil’s accessories of society that are probably what got them locked up. We have also seen worship places being full of the poorest, jumping and shouting with great enthusiasm, hoping for their situation to change, which God will totally ignore, because they are people who are worshiping for the wrong reason. Many people go to worship places praying for the needless accessories of society, which God does not and will not provide to anyone. Anything that can remind one to be grateful for his or her needs being fulfilled, instead of wanting more of what the soul does not need, that is what moral guidance is, and that’s what the fourth pillar of Islam was meant to help the spirit to realize.

             The fifth pillar of Islam: pilgrimage to Mecca. This fifth pillar is a symbol of unity. Pilgrimage basically is where people with a same common belief get together as a group to strengthen their belief system, by showing their solidarity en masse. When you decode “Pilgrimage” on a spiritual level, you’ll realize that a pilgrimage does not have to be to a geographical location. The real place for pilgrimage is within. Where one can go at any given time to remind oneself that, one and humanity are one and the same. One must realize that one and humanity are one and the same and should not be separated.

             After that realization, then one will need to strengthen one’s spirit on this belief system of oneness and solidarity towards anyone within humanity. It is one’s moral obligation to disregard any ideology that is designed to separate one from another, because all are creation of the same God. When you decode these five pillars of Islam from a spiritual understanding, you’ll see that one can be a Muslim without being a part of any religious sect. Also being a part of a religious sect does not mean one is a true Muslim, based on the true definition of a Muslim. No sect belongs within any religion, because it is forbidden, and prophets have warned people about it. It is all written.

              Prophets struggled with the devil during their prophet-hood, but by the end of their journey, they always set the clear example for humanity, and the concept is always the same: “calling for unification of humanity through the spirit of Compassion. But it is a sad reality when the religions they lead cannot even unify themselves. All of the conflicts and confusion within religions and between religions are nothing more than the work of the devil. Any sect within any religion has a different agenda from the main core of the religion itself, and each religion within society has a different agenda toward humanity. There is only one true religion of God and that is, “Submission to the will of God”, “Compassion towards the creations of God”. One can call it Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Spiritualism, or whatever one chooses to call it; it would not change what it represents.

              Compassion. This is the true religion of the true God. One who submits to the will of this God will be compassionate towards all the creations of this God. This is the religion that God has given to humanity as a moral obligation to all. This is the religion of God, the creator of all great things. Any religion that does not base its values on this moral principle, that religion needs to be reformed. This moral principle of the true religion of God is clear to all souls, and its guidance is within everyone’s spirit. God’s recommendation to humanity is compassion to one and all. One can call this concept religious or non-religious, or any other interpretation one chooses, but it would not change what it stands for.

                 It doesn’t matter which religion or organization that one belongs to, if it does not honor these moral principles of compassion toward the inhabitants of the earth, it is certain that one is being led astray. Everyone should be concerned more about his or her soul in the hereafter, than trying to defend a sect, or system that is designed for earthly purposes. Many of the systems of society violate the principles of compassion that God has recommended to humanity as a moral obligation to all. Compassion is a seed that exists within all souls, and it is one’s moral obligation to cultivate this seed that bears the fruits of harmony.

             It will not matter what religious group one is affiliated with, or what organization or corporation of society that one serves, on the Day of Judgment one will face their earthly deeds alone; the ones one did on their own, the ones one was influenced to do, and the ones that one was forced to do. One will be held responsible for every single one of their earthly deeds, believe it or not. If humankind understood the true meaning of “worshiping God”, both religious and non-religious people would clearly realize their common purpose on this earth. God’s recommendation to His creations is to have compassion towards one and another, but the devil commands the creations of God to destroy one another. Mankind must understand that God and the devil are the opposite of one another in every aspect. God recommends to humankind, and the devil commands mankind. Recommend and command are two very different elements.

             A command is an order with no choice given but to comply. The slave-master commands the slave against his or her free will, the dictator commands the oppressed against their free will, the king commands the servant and the powerful command the Weak due to the inequality that society created between them. On the other hand, recommendation is when one has the choice to comply or disregard. This is the fellowship between God and humankind. God has given humankind the choice (free will) to comply or disregard their moral obligations on this earth. If the slave-master can command the slave to work against his or her free will, and the prisoner locked up against his or her free will, then God would be able make anyone act against his or her free will.

            God could punish anyone who violates His moral authority at the very moment that one does. If God commanded humankind on any obligation without giving them a choice, humankind would have no other way but to comply, because God is far more capable than all His creations combined. But God would not violate the notion of free will that He has granted creatures that enable them to choose. The God of humankind is a merciful God who would not force anyone against his or her free will that God has granted them. Nor will God punish anyone who disregards what God has recommended. The moral obligations that God has recommended to humankind are being violated on a daily basis almost by all, and all God is doing about it is sending more messengers to remind people of their moral duties on this earth.

             God would not force anyone to do anything. But one must understand that whatever one does on earth, one will face those deeds in the hereafter (Day of Judgment). One’s deeds only will determine one’s eternal fate in the hereafter. God has been sending prophets throughout human history for guidance to humanity, but the devil & his demonic disciples have hijacked religions and galvanized humans, leading them on the march onto the path towards hell. The devil is being glorified even within the major religions of the world. Take Christianity for example. The cross is the symbol of Christianity. But when you analyze what the cross represents from a moral understanding, you’ll come to the clear conclusion that the cross does not represent moral righteousness.

            One with a clear conscience on moral righteousness would never associate the cross with a religion of God. The cross is a symbol of the devil, which he uses for evil, crucifixion. Christ was not the first victim of the cross, nor was he the last. History has witnessed people being slaughtered on a mass scale, burned alive, lynched and many other kinds of cruelties, for which the cross symbol plays a major role in these evil deeds. You’ll hear stories where the cross appears in a vision talking to people, telling them to conquer in the name of the cross. Some use the cross in their ceremonies of cruelty, in which they will associate Christ with their evil deeds that are commended by the devil. Anything that is associated with cruelty, Christ is not part of, and his life and death are testimonial evidence.

              When Christ walked the earth he did not command nor recommend anyone to conquer in his name, nor did he approve any cruelty in his name. The cross was designed by the devil for evil use, but yet the cross has become a symbol of Christianity that represents Jesus Christ, one of the greatest messengers of God who ever walked the earth. This is one of the greater humiliations to moral righteousness. Idolizing the cross is not honoring Christ, but mocking Christ as a victim of the cross, and only the devil is laughing. This act of humiliation authenticates humans’ ignorance toward moral righteousness. Because if I really love or want to honor my master, I will not idolize or honor the symbol upon which my master suffered to his death.

             The cross is a symbol of the devil, and to associate the cross with Christ in worship is a disgrace. Jesus Christ (the son of Mary) was the most honorable among the messengers of God. Christ was against anything that associates with human cruelty. The devil has distorted the purpose that Christ lived for, and then fabricated the notion that Christ had died for the sins of man. That’s how the cross became an idolized symbol of Christianity. The notion that Christ died for the sins of man is the reason many people idolize the cross and Christ on the cross. These are some of the greatest religious catastrophes of our religious system. The cross belongs to the devil, and the idea that Christ died for the sins of man has kept many away from their moral responsibilities. Many are expecting that Christ will take care of them in the hereafter when their earthly deeds will be scrutinized.

             Many people try to convince themselves of these religious falsehoods because their comfort of society is their priority. But Christ has responded to these hypocrites who are beating the drum of these religious propaganda that are linked to Christ’s name. Christ said, “Not every one that saith unto me lord, lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my father (God) which is in heaven.” This simply means that you can cheer the name of Christ as much you want, or shout as loud as you can, but without your good deeds of compassion that God has recommended to all humanity, you will not make it into heaven. This is a clear revelation that should resonate loud within Christendom. If there are truths within the holy bible, this would be one of them.

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