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Saturday, December 25, 2010

The Evil of Religion: (Part 7 of 10)

The Five Elements: Quest for the ultimate truth

(Part 7 of 10)

The Evil of Religion:

              The path that Christ has walked is not the same path that Christianity is walking. The life Christ lived and the purpose behind Christ’s death were divine footsteps that were left for humanity to follow, but the devil distorted their true purpose. The Jesus Christ in the scriptures can make one wonder whether he ever existed at all. Because besides his miraculous birth and the last three years of his life, there is very little that is known about this mighty messenger of God. This can be confusing if one does not have a spiritual understanding of the nature of the God that sends messengers to humanity.

             The lives of many of the messengers of God who came before Christ were recorded in the scriptures from the time they were born to the time they died, and Moses is one of them. Christ had the most anticipated birth of them all according to the scripture, but yet his recorded life is full of blank gaps. According to the scriptures, even kings were aware, and anticipated with great interest the birth of Jesus Christ (Son of Mary). Then how can the life of someone as such be ignored after his birth until later, in his thirties, as “The Messiah?” However, when you analyze the blank gap in the life of Christ within the scriptures from a spiritual understanding, the truth is clearly revealed. The miraculous birth of Christ from a single parent was his divine confirmation as a messenger of God. Then when his time to prophesy came in his thirties, he left his ordinary life behind him to do God’s will. Just like all the messengers of God that were sent to humanity.

             God could have Christ prophesying from the moment he was born, but God’s ways never change. A messenger of God always has to be familiar with the hardships of humanity in order to relate to the people that the messenger needs to guide. The life of Moses is one great example. Moses was a well-established and respected member of the Pharaoh’s household, but he had to be thrown out from the Pharaoh’s household into the wilderness to suffer, in order to relate to the people whom he was meant to free from suffering. This concept of prophet-hood never changes, and the miraculous birth of Christ was not an exception. Jesus Christ was a messenger of God, but there are many interpretations about the life of Christ and the messages of Christ that Christ would never approve of. It is because they are fabrications that are based on religious propaganda.

             The life of Jesus Christ is wrapped in confusion, and for thousands of years many are still struggling to try to make sense out of it. He is being given titles that no one with a clear conscience can make sense of: The Messiah, Son of Man, Son of God & a God, all in one individual. Only the devil would create such ridiculous religious propaganda for the ignorant and hypocrites as a worthy truth. Jesus Christ was born through a single parent (Mary), but this miraculous birth was misinterpreted by calling Jesus Christ “Son of God.” God does not have a son or sons.

            The notion of “Sons of God,” “Daughters of God” and “Children of God,” are terminologies that were used before Jesus Christ was even born. They were commonly used, but not in a biological sense, because the God of heaven & earth is a Creator, not a father to anyone. To call Jesus Christ the son of God and mean it literally, that is a lack of understanding, and the notion of Jesus Christ being the God of heaven & earth, even a five-year-old child can see the nonsense behind this religious propaganda. Within the scriptures, it is written of Jesus Christ constantly praying even to the last moment of his life. So ask this question to yourself: “Whom would God pray to”? Isn’t that God supposed to be the One that answers prayers?

              If Jesus Christ was the true God, which he never claimed to be, then how can a mighty God come to live on earth for the salvation of humanity, but end up being crucified by His own creations? Then salvation put on hold for a second coming, and thousands of years have passed and salvation is yet to be realized? If God had the might to kick the devil out of His heavenly kingdom, then for God to kick the devil out of this world would not be a challenge to this Mighty God.

              It is not God’s job to kick the devil out of this world, nor bring salvation to humanity. That is humankind’s responsibility, which God can only provide assistance with from above. But not by walking among humans. If the salvation of humanity was God’s responsibility, God would do it in the blink of an eye, and the devil would not stand in the way. God gave humans the free will and the knowledge to bring salvation to humanity. It is human’s choice, and Christ set a prime example for all to follow. The other three major flaws that surround the life of Christ are; (1) “Christ died for our sins.” (2) “Christ was resurrected from death.” (3) “The second coming of Christ.” These religious rhetoric are nothing more than the devil’s lies that made it into the scriptures as a propaganda, for the blinded spirits to follow. (1) Jesus Christ did not die for anyone’s sin, and neither can his Death wipe out anybody’s sin. 
              Christ said: Matthew 5:20, “For I say unto you, that except your righteousness shall exceed the righteousness of the scribes and Pharisees, ye shall in no case enter into the kingdom of heaven.”

               This revelation made it clear that, without your righteousness you hall in no case enter into the kingdom of heaven. But yet, “Christ died for our sins” is the most emphasized rhetoric in Christianity. The death of Jesus Christ was a symbolic act for how one fights the devil, but not a sacrifice for those who serve the devil. Christ understood that it is the devil that influences evil, and evil cannot be fought with evil. Christ had the influence to have people pick up arms and fight in the name of God, or in the name of Christ. Christ was willing to surrender his life rather than contributing to the devil’s cause of destruction.

              You’ll see soldiers carrying the holy bible on the battlefield, wearing the cross symbol as their Christian identification, but ready to make the devil proud in the name of Christ. Then when these soldiers claim victory on the battlefield for killing lives, the devil will crown them with medals or plaques of honor for their acts of evil. They won’t realize that only the devil is victorious when lives are destroyed. Those who destroy lives in the name of Christ while considering themselves Christians, these are true “Antichrist” because they are everything that Christ was not, and everything that the gospel of Christ was not meant to be associated with. Christ was not a killer, nor did he order anyone to kill. But soldiers take pride in their skills of killing on the Battlefields of warfare.

             Sometimes soldiers act with great enthusiasm when they have the advantage, due to their advanced machinery of destruction that the devil provides. What these soldiers might not realize is that the act of killing that they see as skillful will do them bad in the hereafter. And for them to say, “My superior ordered me to do it” will do no good for them, because if God gave you a free will that enables you to say yes or no, and you surrender it to the devil, that fellowship with the devil might last for eternity in hell. Christ said, “Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you.” Christ also said “Whosoever shall smite thee on thy right cheek, turn to him the other also.”

             You’ll also see in the scripture Christ recommending to his disciples, telling them, “To be harmless as doves.” So any crusader or killer cannot be acting by these recommendations of Christ, but rather they are acting by the commandments of the devil in the name of Christ. The other propagandas that surround the life of Christ are the resurrection and the second coming. If Jesus Christ was resurrected from death, why didn’t he go back on the streets to continue his work of preaching the messages of God to people? That would have set a bright light into the kingdom of righteousness on earth, to the extent that the devil himself would no longer be able to shake the moral foundation of humanity. Why would Christ be resurrected? Or come back to earth while he already fulfilled his purpose for being here on earth?

               JHON 17: 4, “I have glorified thee on the earth: I have finished the work which thou gavest me to do.”

                Christ has done what he was sent do in this world. Christ has shown humankind how one can navigate through the darkness of the evil of the world into the heavenly kingdom of the Mighty One. Christ surrendered his life to show humans how humanity as a whole can prevail against the devil & his evils. Christ surrendered his body, soul and spirit and all the divine powers that come with it, for the sake of humanity. What more can one do?

           Jesus Christ was not resurrected, nor will he be coming back in this world in the flesh to do anything for anyone. After Christ was crucified, his body was not resurrected; it was sealed from human eyes in order not to be worshipped by humans. Messengers of God are often sealed from the eyes of humans when they die for the same reason, not to be worshipped by humans. Moses was one of them and many other messengers of God who have walked the earth. Even though the bodies of messengers are often sealed from human eyes in order not to be worshipped, humans are worshiping their names, as well as their carved, molded, and painted images, which are being worshipped just like idol gods, which is forbidden. The messengers of God have repeatedly warned people that no one is worthy of being worshipped, but the God who sent them.

            These messengers of God have done all they could do to keep mankind’s souls & spirits towards the light of God. But the darkness of evil has surrounded the human spirit like pollution that gradually destroys its victims. These propaganda of, “Christ is God, Christ died for our sins and Christ is coming back for us”, all of this nonsense was the devil’s plan to dissuade people from their moral responsibilities. And these devil’s plans worked. Many people expect Christ to come back for them, and some people are cheering and shouting the name of Christ because they think that show of devotion will be their ticket into heaven. Thinking that Jesus Christ is the God of heaven & earth is just plain crazy. It is pure foolishness to consider that a human being can be the architect of the universe, or that this architect of the universe would be a human being.

            To raise a prophet beyond their human level is a common reality within the religious system, and it has caused great harm to the human spirit, because it draws many to have more interest in the messenger than the message that was meant for them. One must understand that messengers of God are human beings regardless of their higher callings in life. Then when they are raised beyond the human level, they become a figure to worship, and their messages become disregarded or manipulated, and Jesus Christ is one example. Jesus Christ has already shown humankind the way into heaven, but there are many who care more about what someone can do for them, than what they need to do themselves. You’ll see people sitting doing nothing about their moral responsibilities, but cheering and shouting with great enthusiasm that Christ will come back to save them.

             These are people who are gambling with their souls, but we will repeat that Christ will not be coming back in this world in the flesh to do anything for anyone. The idea of Jesus Christ coming back into this world was the devil’s propaganda and lies. Through this devil’s deception to humanity, he was able to appoint his false Christs and grant them his satanic ideologies that lead many to a catastrophic ending. History has witnessed many souls who have perished through the leadership of these people that the devil appointed as a Christ. Until this very moment in time, these devil’s disciples are still emerging and getting more radical. Some of them are even trying to deny the existence of the devil & hell, so that those who follow them would widen the path of immorality within humanity. They will encourage their followers to commit what moral righteousness condemned as sin.

            With their satanic ideologies they will turn many people away from their moral obligations, just as those who are using the ideology of the second coming of Christ, expecting that Christ will clean up their mess. Many people comfort themselves though these falsehoods. For more than two thousand years, many generations have come and gone strongly convinced that Jesus Christ will come back to earth in their time, and it never happened, and yet this ideology of second coming is still being nurtured as a reliable source by many. That made it easer for the devil to continue anointing his false Christs to blind the spirits of many from realizing their moral responsibilities within humanity.

              This devil’s ideology of the second coming of Christ into this world is still being nurtured by people who are not just Foolish, but selfish as well. Because the idea of Christ coming back to save them and leaving others behind, that makes them feel special in their narrow minds. But anyone who ignores their moral responsibilities on this earth by hoping to drift away into heaven and leave others behind, when the moment of truth comes (Day of Judgment), they might be the ones left behind when righteousness escorts its people into the heavenly kingdom of the Mighty One. Many people within the religious system cheer and shout, not because they love God, but instead they expect to be compensated in the hereafter. But disappointment is more than certain for anyone who neglects their moral responsibilities on this earth by following these religious falsehoods.

             Watching people cheering and shouting in worship places can make one wonder what scripture these people are reading, and whose example they are following. Messengers of God weren’t shouters and dancers in worship, nor do the scriptures recommend it. So why are people doing it? But of course when you have understanding of how some operate within society, you will know the reason why people cheer for a messenger, but ignore the message of the messenger. People will cheer for a messenger, but walk on a different path than the messenger has walked. Many of these hypocrites within the religious system will read the scriptures, but will value the propaganda that don’t belong within any scripture, and then ignore the core messages of the messenger.

           These are types of individuals who are warned by all messengers and God himself. Christ says in the scripture, “Many will say to me in that day (day of judgment) lord, lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? And in thy name have cast out the devil? And in thy name done many wonderful works? And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work Iniquity.” If one loved Christ, one would not just cheer and shout the name of Christ, but instead one would honor the work of Christ by following the path that Christ has walked, which is, to have compassion towards all, even to your enemies.

              “I say unto you, love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and persecute you:” Christ has even said, “I say unto you, that whoever is angry with his brother without cause shall be in danger of judgment.” These are the true principles of Christ’s teaching. If Christ said that anger could cause one trouble on the Day of Judgment, than it would be hard to believe that Christ would promise a free pass into heaven to anyone, especially to thieves, criminals and warmongers who think that Christ will take care of them just because they call themselves “Christians”. Many of the people who are jumping and shouting the name of Christ with great enthusiasm, claiming to have their tickets to heaven, these individuals need to look closely at their heavenly tickets with their spiritual eyes. Because the devil has many counterfeit tickets with “Destination to heaven” written on them, and they are being given to people for free through the religious system.

             The only valid ticket to heaven is one’s own good deeds; anything but that is invalid. The devil has led many astray from the truth of God through the religious system. It would be a sad reality for anyone to find out on the Day of Judgment that his or her religious beliefs were based on falsehood, because blaming someone for it will not do any good for anyone. It is a major mistake for anyone to depend on any system or any individual besides his or her own good deeds in life. The truth of the matter is that whatever one sows in life, is what one will reap in the after-life; it is as simple as that. The devil has been able to blind many spirits and numb many souls from this simple truth.

             Many neglect their moral obligations in life for earthly purposes, and many are destroying the creations of God for earthly purposes. These are the nightmares that are waiting for many in the hereafter. The devil has even misled messengers of God for earthly purposes, and on the Day of Judgment, whether you are a messenger of God or not, the fate of anyone going to heaven or hell will lie on their earthly deeds. On the Day of Judgment every soul will be judged under the law of moral righteousness, because what God has recommended to humanity applies to all souls, and messengers of God are not an exception on this moral obligation.

            No one is above the laws of moral righteousness, but the devil has even blinded messengers of God to undermine the moral principles of righteousness. The God of heaven & earth never sends a messenger to destroy lives or give anyone a revelation that will destroy lives. But this is where the devil has many prophets struggle during their prophet-hood. A messenger of God who’s on the clear path of moral righteousness would clearly understand the immorality of bloodshed. Killing a fellow human being is the devil’s game that can seal one’s fate to burn in hell for eternity. When one’s soul is enlightened to have clear understanding of the condemnation of bloodshed, one would rather be the victim than the aggressor, as Christ did.

             On the Day of Judgment, those who spilled the blood of others will beg for mercy from their victims or be doomed to hell. It would not matter whether the aggressor was a messenger of God or not. “All souls are equal in the eyes of God.” Humankind will clearly understand what this revelation truly means on the Day of Judgment, because there, the title as a messenger of God is irrelevant to moral righteousness, the ever-lasting authority. There are three kinds of messengers that God sends to humanity. (1) Prophet. (2) Christ. (3) Anointed. A Prophet is sent to teach people about their moral obligations in life. A Christ is sent to lead people onto the moral pathway of righteousness. An Anointed one is sent to manifest moral righteousness to all humanity.

               (1) Prophets. Many Prophets have walked the earth, and only God knows how many true prophets there are, because there are many false prophets appointed by the devil, and there are many true prophets who were rejected by people due to the devil’s propaganda that blinds many from realizing the truth. From the moment the devil vowed to lead people away from the path of moral righteousness, God was committed to send prophets to teach people their obligations of moral righteousness on earth. That is what prophet means: “A Divine Teacher.” Throughout human history, prophets are often sent to the region of their origin (tribe), where they will be able to verbally communicate with people, because communication is essential to the divine messages of God that prophets carry. Even though prophets are sent to their region of origin that does not mean the divine messages of God are only for those particular people.

              This is where many false prophets who are appointed by the devil emerge, by getting the support that they need from the people of their region of origin. Also many true prophets have been rejected for the lack of support from the people of their region, or get rejected because of their origin.

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