The 5 Elements: Quest for the truth.

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“When you are COMPASSIONATE towards humanity, you become a spiritual instrument for the greater good of humanity”

Saturday, December 25, 2010

The Evil of Religion: (Part 8 of 10)

The Five Elements: Quest for the ultimate truth

(Part 8 of 10)

The Evil of Religion:

“Manifest compassion towards all.”

This is a divine message from God and it does not belong to any messengers, nor does it belong to the tribe of any messenger. This divine message of God is meant for all humanity. One must understand that prophets are God’s messengers, and the messages they carry concern all humanity, unless one is a false prophet appointed by the devil and anointed with his satanic messages. Prophets are sent to their tribe for the purpose of ensuring that the divine message they carry takes its grassroots in clear translations. But often when the message starts spreading beyond the regional borders of the messenger, mistranslation is one of the tools that the devil uses to misinterpret and misguide those who are not familiar with the language of the messenger who delivered the message. Mistranslation is an effective weapon that the devil uses to distort the message that prophets carry.

            Many prophets would testify as a victim of this devil’s strategy of misguidance. The second kind of messenger God sends to humanity is a Christ. Christ, Messiah and Savior are one and the same in meaning. A Christ is a messenger of God who is meant to show how one can prevail against the darkness of evil that makes one unable to see the pathway into the heavenly kingdom of the Mighty One where all souls were meant to return for eternity. Jesus of Nazareth, the son of Mary, was one known Christ who has walked the earth. Jesus Christ has shown humanity how one can prevail against the evil of the world to see the glorious kingdom of God. But the devil has blinded the human spirit from seeing the treasure of the footsteps that Christ has left for humanity to follow. For this reason people will claim to be walking in Christ’s footsteps, but their deeds will contradict the principles that Christ has laid out.

           If the footsteps and principles that Christ left for humanity were clear to all, no one would expect to be raptured into heaven by Christ. Or expect that cheering and shouting the name of Christ will be their ticket into heaven. If one understands the purpose that Christ was sent to serve, one would not expect Christ to come back into the world in flesh and bone. Jesus Christ said, “Nevertheless I tell you the truth; it is expedient for you that I go away: for if I go not away, the comforter will not come unto you; but if I depart, I will send him unto you. And when he is come, he will reprove the world of sin, and of righteousness, and of judgment: of sin, because they believe not on me; of righteousness, because I go to my father, and ye see me no more; of judgment, because the prince of this world is judged. I have yet many things to say unto you, but ye cannot bear them now. Howbeit when he, the spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth: for he shall hear, that shall he speak: and he will show you things to come.”

             If Christ prophesied one who will guide you (humanity) into all truth, and show you things to come, then what is the purpose of Christ coming back into this world? If one understands this revelation, it simply reveals the third type of messenger that God sends to humanity. It is also shedding a light of understanding that Jesus Christ is not coming back in this world to do anything for anyone.

             Jesus Christ has shown the way of moral righteousness that prophets tried their best to teach people, but mankind failed again. For this reason of human failure, God had to send an Anointed one, which is the third type of God’s messenger. In the time that Jesus Christ walked the earth, humanity wasn’t ready to grasp all the truths that need to be known by all. But the time has come, whether humanity is ready or not, the Anointed messenger of God is here to reveal all truths and clarify all lies. An Anointed one is the third type of messenger that God sends to reveal and clarify all that needs to be known by humanity, and manifest the will of God in the name of moral righteousness. The Anointed one in his true definition means, the representative of God to humanity.

            Many are referring to Jesus Christ as the Anointed One. But Christ himself shed a clear light on this misunderstanding by distinguishing the differences between these two types of messengers of God. Jesus the son of Mary was a Christ, but not an Anointed messenger of God, and he has fulfilled his noble purpose as Christ. It could not be done any better than he has done it. Jesus Christ was granted the knowledge of what compassion truly is, and he has done well with it by choosing to be the victim rather than the aggressor. This is what moral righteousness is all about, and it is the only way that humanity can prevail against evils of the world. But this act of nobility is not something that society is accustomed to.

            We have seen earthly kings and world leaders killing for power, or killing to stay in power as the devil commanded them. It is the devil who appoints all these ruthless arrogant kings and leaders who terrorize humanity. The understanding of the nobility of moral righteousness is what differentiates a prophet from a Christ, and a Christ from an Anointed one. Prophets are only meant to teach the nobility of moral righteousness, which is compassion. Christ is meant to be an example of this nobility of moral righteousness. But an Anointed one is meant to reveal all the laws of moral righteousness through manifestation by the will of God so humankind would eradicate all evils and falsehood within humanity once and for all. An Anointed one is the third type of messenger sent by God to humanity to manifest by the will of God. Meaning he will manifest by the dictation of God, and through that mighty authority, all evils of humanity will be eradicated.

           The anointed one is the messenger who is meant to eradicate all evils of humanity through sharing and equality and moral justice for all. Through the manifestation of the Anointed one, evil will be prosecuted in the name of moral righteousness. Meaning the laws of moral righteousness will dismantle all laws and false authorities that were built under the demonic influences. The declaration of the Anointed one on earth will be a glorious moment for humanity. The laws of moral righteousness will triumph over all the laws and systems that are causing agony to humanity. However, for this glorious moment of the triumph of moral righteousness over the evils of the world to manifest, humankind has to be willing to accept assistance from the hands of God, the mighty Creator.

            The God of heaven & earth would not manifest in human affairs on earth against humans’ free will. That would violate the notion of the free will that He has granted all lives of the earth. The God of heaven & earth would not violate His laws, nor would the Anointed one violate God’s laws, because the Anointed one manifests by the will of God. God would not manifest against humans free will, and a messenger of God that acts under the guidelines of moral righteousness would not manifest against humans’ free will. Moral righteousness will not prosecute anyone on earth without giving them the choice to choose. The free will granted by God gives one the authority to choose, whether it is right, wrong, good or evil. Moral righteousness will clarify right and wrong, good and evil, then give one the choice to choose.

             And if one would rather continue to serve the devil by choosing wrong over right and evil over good, it would be one who doomed one’s own self. Humans must galvanize themselves under the moral laws of righteousness to fulfill their moral obligation on this earth, instead of leaving the burdens of their moral responsibilities to God or God’s messengers. The moral obligations that God recommended to humanity apply to all souls, and each soul has a responsibility of its own in this moral duty. One must understand that the message of God is more important than the messenger who carries the message. Whatever the message of God cannot do for one, it is certain the messenger cannot.

             If one spends his or her entire life chasing, or praising a messenger of God and neglects the message of God along the way, one has wasted his or her valuable time, because everyone is responsible to fulfill their moral obligations on their own. There are many people who understand the truth within the message of God, but would rather praise the messenger than practice the message. These are people who have rejected the truth within the message of God, and when one rejects the truth within the message of God, one has rejected God altogether. God is the ultimate truth, and one who rejects the message of God should not hope to enter the heavenly kingdom of God.
              These individuals who reject the noble message of God are the types of people who can only be dragged out from the darkness of evil that cripples their humanity. Righteousness will not be dragging anyone out of the darkness of evil against his or her free will. Righteousness is the law that governs the decree of free will, which allows one to choose without dictation. When one’s free will is oppressed and unable to choose on its own, that violates the laws of moral righteousness. The laws of moral righteousness will not drag anyone out of the darkness of evil against one’s free will, nor will the laws of righteousness drag anyone into heaven against their God given free will. However, when one is willing to get out of the darkness of evil, or be welcome into the heavenly kingdom of God, the guidance of righteousness is all that one needs.

            God gave one free will to choose, because on the Day of Judgment, which is the most crucial moment for all souls, the choices one made on earth will determine the outcome of one’s final journey of eternity, whether it is heaven or hell. So for anyone to surrender his or her God-given free will to anyone but moral righteousness, that can be a catastrophic mistake in the hereafter. One can follow a messenger of God, but one should never surrender his or her God given free will to any messenger of God. On the Day of Judgment everyone will be held responsible for the choices they made, because of the free will that God has granted them.

            Everyone must have great concern about the hereafter, because on the Day of Judgment, only deeds are relevant, and everyone has only one chance in life. When one dies, one will not be coming back to life for another chance. When one dies, it would not matter whether one was buried, burned, or mummified, that dead person will not come back in this physical world alive. Nor will the soul & spirit of the dead person return into this physical world in a different body. There is a phenomenon that some interpret as “Reincarnation.” The truth behind what some interpret as “Reincarnation” is not a dead person returning to the physical world.

            There are many noble individuals whose spirits yearn for the harmonization of humanity, as many wicked spirits yearn for their names to be written in history for their ruthlessness. The noble individuals are not just messengers of God, but often are great humanitarians who have long-term plans for the greater good of humanity. When these types of individuals die, often the knowledge and determination they carry within their spirit can be passed on to a new-coming soul. Meaning that, one can be born with the same knowledge and commitment to carry the nobility further for the sake of humanity. But it will not be the same body, spirit or soul of the individual who has died. This phenomenon is constantly repeated in many of the world’s greatest teachers, and whenever it is repeated, the same knowledge is taken further toward clearer understanding of the same path.

             “Compassion toward all the inhabitances of the earth” is the noble message of God to humanity. Many souls carry this nobility within them, and it is the reason why humanity has yet to be annihilated by the devil & his jinni gang & his human disciples who control the world’s arsenals that can obliterate all the lives of the earth. But this noble message of compassion toward humanity that is passed on from generation to generation, this is what kept humanity from self-destruction. Compassion for humanity is a noble cause that lives on, and anyone who is willing to be an instrument of the cause will become someone that God would use.

             However, there are two different types of individuals that want to be used by God, and God only uses one and never uses the other, even though they both seem to believe in the same God. These are two different individuals with different purposes. The individuals who want to be an instrument for God to use, whom God would use, are people who would be willing to surrender any of their earthly desires or possessions to do God’s will. These are individuals who cannot be blinded by the darkness of materialism or the arrogance of superiority over others that the devil uses to dissuade people from morality.

             The individual that wants to be an instrument of God that God would never use is one who yearning for superiority over others on a supernatural level, or who want to avenge an act in a supernatural magnitude. These types of individuals who yearn for superiority or for revenge are instruments that are more suited for the devil’s use, even though they seem to believe in God. The reason God won’t use them is that revenge is a petty act and the God of heaven & earth isn’t a petty God. Also praying for superiority so you can rule over others, that is not God’s style.

             The God of humankind values equality. That is why many will pray till they die and will never hear from this God who has more than enough for all. This is one reason why many false prophets and self righteous ones end up serving the devil, because God knows what their true intentions are. These types of individuals are no different than those who carry the devil’s legacy from generation to generation. When the devil’s disciples who carry his legacy of ruthlessness die, such as dictators and warmongers, the devil will not waste any time to find a successor. The devil’s candidate as the successor can be another known ruthless individual, or a newborn who will be well trained by the devil himself, so that he or she will grow up to intensify the devil’s cruelties towards humanity. These devil’s disciples always leave deep scars on humanity, even after they are long gone.

           We have seen these devil’s disciples rallying or recruiting people and certifying them as agents of the devil. Then these devil’s pawns will round up innocent people just because of their ethnicities, putting them in gas chambers, torture chambers and prison camps and so on. Or they will commit atrocities such as genocide, ethnic purging which is still happening in many parts of the world at this very moment that these words are being written. Humankind needs to understand these two different cycles of ideas that some call, “Reincarnation”. Through spiritual understanding, the cycle of good and evil can be differentiated clearly, even when evil starts with what seems to be good in the eyes of many.

              All the devil’s disciples start with what seems to be a good idea, and then when people start blindly following them, that’s where the devil comes in to exercise his cruelty on an unimaginable scale. But it is mankind’s responsibility to understand that there is no good in destroying lives, and no good idea would require one to destroy lives. When any good idea comes to a point where destroying lives is seen as a necessity, this is a clear indication that it is the work of the devil. Because only the devil darkens one’s spirit to see destroying lives as a necessity, and humankind has a responsibility to put a stop to this cycle of insanity. You’ll see people of all kinds, from all walks of life claiming to be spoken to by God. Liars, thieves, criminals, even psychopaths, you name it; they’re out there claiming to have received messages from God.

           Many of them often seem convinced that they have spoken to God. However, when you analyze many of these claims from a spiritual point of view, you’ll come to a clear conclusion that many of these people have not spoken to God, but to the devil himself. The devil’s words and the words of God can be clearly distinguished when you analyze them on a spiritual level. God does not destroy, and destruction is not part of worshipping God. This truth was the core purpose for which Christ was sent to mankind. And now the Anointed one is here on earth to emphasize this truth in depth through God’s will. God has always given mankind the same message regardless of which language it was received in or translated into. The meaning of God’s message to humanity never changes, but the meaning can be ignored by anyone who chooses to do so, and God will not destroy and has never destroyed anyone for it.

            The God of heaven & earth is an all-knowing and merciful God. Anything that contradicts the notion of all knowing is not the word of God, and any action that contradicts the act of mercy is not the work of God. God is the all knowing who knows all there is: who is who, what is what, and where everything and everyone is. Anything that contradicts this description of all knowing is not the word of God, whether it is scripture or story. You’ll see within the scriptures where God is asking people their names, searching for people’s whereabouts, and so on. These are contradictions to the concept of “All knowing.” The second one is, “God the merciful.” God would not destroy or harm any of his creations for any reason.

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