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Saturday, December 25, 2010

The Evil of Religion: (Part 9 of 10)

The Five Elements: Quest for the ultimate truth

(Part 9 of 10)

The Evil of Religion:

             The way in which God is portrayed within the scriptures can make one wonder whether God is a merciful God. Many have asked this question including myself, “If God is a merciful God, how then could a merciful God send anyone to burn in hell?” This seems like a reasonable question, but it is just one of many of the devil’s viruses that confuse the human spirit toward the understanding of God. The devil has turned many away from this beloved God of humanity. The God of heaven & earth is loving and merciful and would not command anyone to harm anyone, nor would He ever send anyone to burn in hell. Please allow me to clarify: Its one’s choice to take the path into hell by his or her God given will. The devil is the reason hell exists. When the devil violated the principles of moral righteousness that govern the heavenly kingdom of God, hell was created as the opposite of the harmoniously heavenly kingdom of God.

            Heaven is the most harmonious place that there is, and hell is the opposite, as the most agonizing place that there is. Since all physical matters will come to an end, and eternity will be the final destination for all souls, if you can’t make it into heaven, you have to be somewhere else. And since the devil was cast out of heaven, that was the core purpose for hell being created as the opposite of heaven in the hereafter. Thus good deeds are what are required for one to enter into heaven. So if hell is the opposite of heaven; then bad deeds are what will condemn one into hell, and since God has given everyone the free will to be able to choose, then it is one who will be held responsible for the choices that one makes, the good and the bad, regardless of who influenced them.

            Good deeds are the path into heaven and bad deeds are the path into hell, and God recommends that humanity act on good deeds, and the devil commands mankind to act on bad deeds. So if one acts on bad deeds and ends up in hell, that is not God punishing one, but it is one who made the bad choice that leads one into hell. Hell exists for those who rebel against moral righteousness. There are many who are not just acting on bad deeds, but they also glorify the devil that influences bad deeds. The God of heaven & earth is totally misunderstood by humanity, because otherwise humankind would realize that God deserves no less than sincere gratitude from humanity.

             The devil has totally blinded the human spirit from realizing that God is a compassionate God that equally loves all His creations. God could have sent the devil to burn in hell right at the moment the devil violated the laws of heaven, but God did not send the devil to hell. Instead God warned the devil that one’s fate in hell lies on one’s bad deeds. If the devil repented for his ignorance when he was cast out of heaven, then came to earth with good intentions, hell would probably be burning for eternity without the screaming of a single soul. But unfortunately that is an unlikely scenario, because the devil chose to escalate his foolishness, which infected the human spirit.

              The devil is nothing more than a arrogant fool whose ignorance caused him to be thrown out from the most glorious place that there is (heaven) into the path that leads to the most horrifying place (hell) that one can get into for walking away from the lights of God. The devil has made the worst mistake that one can make, and that makes the devil the fool of all fools. Therefore, the devil has no moral legitimacy to advise anyone, or to be followed by anyone who cares for morality. Mankind needs to walk on the moral path of righteousness, away from this devil, the enemy of humanity. This enemy of humanity has influenced many to make the wrong choice that probably sealed their fate into hell just like the devil himself.

              Time is running out for humanity to come out of the darkness of ignorance and hypocrisy that is within many systems of society that are created by the devil, including religions. Humanity must dismantle the discriminatory system of cultures. Humanity must dismantle all the devil’s forces and influences within the governmental systems. Humanity must sort out all the devil’s lies and propaganda within the religious scriptures that divide people, because moral righteousness is calling for the unification of humanity. Any system that divides or destroys humanity does not belong to the God of humankind. Humankind has been playing ignorant for so long by blindly following the devil’s lies and propaganda, especially within the religious system. This must come to an end.

             It is not difficult to sort out the devil’s lies and propaganda within these religious scriptures. But when it comes to these religious scriptures, many often make their own conclusion before they ask the question. Then they will be willing to argue or dismiss any answer that is not what they are already comfortable with regardless of how truthful the answer may seem. This pure human hypocrisy will be the doom of many people on the Day of Judgment, because God the Supreme knows what everyone truly knows. Choosing what you are comfortable with over the truth of God, that would be a big mistake for anyone.
             On the Day of Judgment, any evil deeds that were done behind closed doors will be replayed in holographic images in plain view in the presence of God the Supreme. Religions will be nowhere around to be depended on or blamed for anything. There will be no such thing as; “That wasn’t me, I wasn’t thinking right, or someone made me do it,” and so on. Everyone will be judged by their deeds, and God the Supreme might not be amused by the human hypocrisy of justifications and finger pointing at others. Everyone will face their earthly deeds as they happened. No one will be judged by their thoughts, nor will their deeds be dismissed by their justification.

            One will not be found guilty of murder for thinking about committing murder, and one will not be acquitted for committing a murder based on their justification of the act as a necessity. Thinking about the act does not make one guilty of the crime in the court of moral righteousness, and committing a forbidden act cannot be justified in the court of moral righteousness. Everyone will be judged by his or her deeds only, and there is no ritual in heaven nor on earth that can prevent one to be judged or dismiss one’s bad deeds without the forgiveness of the victim. There is no one in heaven or on earth who is granted the authority to forgive a sin of a sinner without the consent of the victim.

             This is a truth that everyone needs to plant deep within their spirit for the sake of their soul. Everyone will face their earthly deeds in the court of moral righteousness, and only one’s earthly deeds will determine one’s final journey to eternity. If you look back into the history of humankind, you’ll realize that people have used institutions or organizations to violate all laws of moral righteousness. But one must understand that on the Day of Judgment, no organization or institution will be held responsible for anything. It is because without people there can be no organization or institution. Every individual alone in any organization or institution will be held responsible for his or her deeds on the Day of Judgment. Therefore one must be very careful of how one acts in the name of any organization or institution.

             Religion has a responsibility to come forth to its adherents with this truth: that only one’s righteous deeds will favor one in the hereafter, but not favoritism from God or prophets, or their devotion to many of these good sounding religious propaganda. These religious scriptures are full of the devil’s lies and propaganda and human error. Many stories are manipulated within religious scriptures until they lose their purpose. One great example is the story of the Israelites being referred to as “God’s Chosen People.” This is nothing more than religious propaganda endorsed by cultural ignorance. The truth of the matter is that all humans are God’s chosen people, because it is God who chooses all to be. Everyone is God’s chosen people.

             If only the Israelites were “God’s Chosen People,” then God failed his favored people by leaving them to endure the horrors of the “Holocaust” where the devil demonstrated what evil really is. The story of the Israelites is a remarkable story, because it reveals the true nature of God, and also how a purposeful meaning can be twisted into propaganda. Take for example the story where Moses led the Hebrew slaves (the Israelites) out of Egypt. Moses was a respected member of the Pharaoh’s household where false Gods were worshipped, and immorality ruled. However, when Moses was no longer a member of the Pharaoh’s household, Moses became an instrument that God could use for a great purpose, and God did. When God sent Moses back to Egypt to free the Israelites, God did not send Moses with a fighting army; neither did Moses mobilize the Israelites to fight for their freedom.

             The Israelites were free from the hands of the devil, not by the sword, but by the might of God. When the Pharaoh refused to comply with Moses on God’s demands to free the Israelites, Moses did not fight to reinforce God’s word by force, but instead Moses left the situation to God, and through His mighty authority, the Israelites were freed from the clutches of the devil. Then when God freed the Israelites from bondage, God opened to the Israelites the path that leads to peace. Being free and being in peace are two different realities. One can be free and not be in peace. What many describe as “peaceful” is just a level of comfort. People claim to be in peace when they are comfortable with their own livelihoods. But a person who is at peace is one who is in harmony with all of the creations of God.

             You’ll see nations claim to have peace when they feel secure in their ability to defend their ways of life from the threats of others. But a nation that truly has peace would not depend on physical means for the security of its livelihood. Peace provides harmony. Peace is when creations of God coexist in harmony among themselves. This is what peace truly is. Peace validates the true purpose of life, because God created all Creations within the universe to harmoniously coexist. But humans can’t even coexist among themselves. Therefore, there is no Peace within humanity. But mankind is forever searching for peace through the path of destruction, and has yet to realize that peace cannot be obtained through bloodshed.

            Whatever one conquered through bloodshed, one will not find peace in it, or live in peace within it. Every nation of this world was either built on a foundation of bloodshed, or is being protected through means of bloodshed. For that reason humanity has yet to find the peace that God meant for all the inhabitants of the earth. Bloodshed was what derailed the Israelites from their destination to peace that God plowed for them. The God who freed the Israelites from bondage is a God who will not guide anyone into peace through the path of bloodshed. The journey of the Israelites out of Egypt is just another reality that clearly revealed the true nature of the God of humankind. Why would God free the Israelites from bondage and then later abandon the Israelites out in the wilderness, wandering for forty-years?

            Moses himself never made it to the land where God told the Israelites they would find peace, and the Israelites who live there at this moment in time as these words are being written are yet to find the peace that was meant for them. The Israelites were derailed from their destination to peace and ended up on a frustrating quest for peace. When God sent Moses back to Egypt to free the Israelites, Moses depended on God more than Moses trusted himself, and God did what Moses could never do, and the Israelites were freed from bondage. Then, when the Israelites were freed from Egypt and walking on their journey to peace, confrontation among themselves led to bloodshed that derailed them from their moral journey.

            When Moses made a judgment that led to bloodshed among the Israelites he was leading, Moses was abandoned by the God who chose him, and the descendants of the Israelites he was leading are still frustrated and fighting for the peace that was meant for them, which cannot be conquered. Bloodshed is what disconnects anyone from God, or derails anyone from the path toward the peace that God meant for all the inhabitants of the earth. The God of heaven & earth will not walk with anyone on the Path of Bloodshed, because God does not destroy His creations or encourage anyone to destroy them. When the Israelites were cornered at the sea by Pharaoh’s army, with his devil’s soldiers, Moses did not ask God to destroy the devil’s soldiers, but instead Moses asked God to protect the Israelites from Pharaoh’s army.

              If Moses asked his God to destroy Pharaoh and his army, God would watch Moses and the Israelites be annihilated by Pharaoh’s army, because the God of Moses is a God who does not destroy. Moses prayed for protection instead of destruction, just then God, the Mighty One opened a path for Moses and the Israelites to walk to safety, then watched the devil’s soldiers march into their own destruction, by going into an opened path that was not meant for them. These devil’s soldiers destroyed themselves, but it is not God who destroyed them. Being destroyed and walking to your own destruction are two very different realities. If these devil’s soldiers did not enter the opened path that was not meant for them, they would probably have lived another day.

         Going into a path knowing that it was not meant for you, any consequences would be of your own making. We have a similar law in our society that applies the same metaphor. For example: firefighters and paramedics are given an authority that would be a violation for regular drivers. When firefighters or paramedics are on rescue duty, they can go through red lights, and other drivers on the road must clear the way for them, because they are given the authority due to their purposeful duty. If a regular driver runs through red lights, or cuts through traffic like firefighters and paramedics do, that driver would be in serious violation of the traffic laws. And if the driver gets into an accident and gets killed during this serious violation of the law, the driver will be held responsible for his death.

              Destroying yourself and being destroyed are two very different realities, and only the devil blinds one to do both. Humans need to look at themselves and review their actions on this earth, and then take full responsibility for the outcome of their actions. Blaming God or even the devil will do no good to anyone when judgment day arrives. One must understand that the devil might be blamed for all the evils of the world, but the devil will not be held responsible for one’s own evil deeds. If the devil were to be held responsible for all the evil of the world, the doors of heaven would be wide open for all mankind to get in. But unfortunately that won’t happen, because judgment day is waiting for all. Everyone will be responsible for every single one of their earthly deeds, the good and the bad.

             Humans must redeem themselves from the darkness of evil or be doomed to hell by the darkness of evil. Humans have the will to reclaim everything the devil has taken away from humanity, and you Israelites have a moral responsibility on this call of moral righteousness, to show kindness to your neighbors as the God of mankind had done for your ancestors once in Egypt, and the same God is willing to do it again for all humanity. Humans need to reclaim their moral standard on the earth by showing compassion toward all the inhabitants of the earth. That would shame the devil that is destroying the path of compassion that humanity was meant to be built upon for all the inhabitants of the earth to live in harmony.

               Compassion towards all the inhabitants of earth and taking care of the planet itself is essential for humanity. This is God’s recommendation to humanity, which is a moral obligation to all souls of the world. But the devil has made it seem impractical to achieve. We have religions preaching peace and they have yet to bring peace among themselves. We have seen governments advocating democracy while terrorizing others. We have seen cultures calling for tolerance but unwilling to give up what separates them. Culture, Religion & Government are the three forces that rule humanity, and if they are marching with the devil on the path of destruction, that could leave God with little choice but to abandon humanity as a whole.

           The God of humankind is misunderstood, misinterpreted and misused, because even though humanity rallied behind the devil, this God still did not give up on mankind. You’ll see religions claiming to serve this God, but are more interested in their claimed “Righteous ambitions” rather than what righteousness condemned. Religions use God and gods as their principle, but they would compromise or comply with any authority that provides them with funding for their religious ambitions. The influence money has in religions makes it seem like religions cannot serve their God and gods without money. But of course if religions want to keep up with their building ambitions of so-called, “Houses of God or gods,” then money will have to play a vital role within the religious system. These worship places that we call “houses of God” are places where many people go looking for God and gods, or praying to God and gods. First of all, the structures that many see as worship places are not houses of God.

            There is only one true God, and there is no human made structure that this true God would take refuge in for any reason. The true God already has His kingdom, and it is called “Heaven.” It is a place where everything manifests to its true purpose as it was created to be. Not like what we see as houses of God, which serve more to the devil’s best interests than the God they were built to serve. Houses of worship are symbols of separation, and separation is in the devil’s best interest. The God of humanity values unity rather than the separation that religions of our world have created.

            Each religion has its own model of a house of worship, and they were all built to pray to God & gods. This is just another paradox of humans trying to please the true God who has no needs, or the false gods that no one needs. Places of worship are seen as holy sites, but the fact of the matter is that there is no such thing as a holy site, unless the hearts of the people who use it are holy, meaning free from the darkness of evil of the world. Unfortunately, there is no such place that exists in this world, because people would be willing to kill or be killed to protect what they see as their holy site, and that is not holy. Anything or any site that one would be willing to kill or be killed to protect, the devil has under his control. It doesn’t matter if it is something that was made by God Himself, or a site that God Himself descended upon.

              No nation in this world is holy enough or worthy enough for a house of the true God to be built upon. Every nation of this world was either built through bloodshed or is being protected by the means of bloodshed. A place to worship the true God cannot be built on the foundation of bloodshed. The biblical story of King David who wanted to build a temple for God is one great example. King David told his son Solomon that he (King David) was no longer worthy of building the temple (House of the Lord), because he (King David) had spilt blood, and for that he said that God told him that his son Solomon should build the temple. But one interesting part about this story is that Solomon who was the new chosen one to build the temple spilt blood like his father before the temple was even built. Than when the temple was built, it was destined to be destroyed, and so it was!

            At this moment in time that these words are being written, the temple is still a ruin and it will never be rebuilt again from the soil of this earth. The house of the God of humanity will be rebuilt from within (within all the hearts of humanity) that will expand from the earth to the heavens, which will never be destroyed again. The God of humankind would trade all the worship places that are built in His name in exchange for one human soul to save from the darkness of the evil of the world that has crippled humanity as a whole.

             Many people believe that worship places are where one can worship God, or be better heard by this All Knowing God. This is one of many reasons why people pray to God and will never hear from God, or will never receive anything from God, because they are in the wrong place, and are probably asking for the wrong things. Houses of worship should be seen as what they truly are, “Places of gathering in the name of God & gods,” and just that. It does not require a symbol or a structure in order to worship the true God, the Creator of all great things. It also does not require a ritual of any kind to worship this Magnificent Creator of the universe.

             This God is the only true God, and the house of worship to this God is not a human made structure, but a living organ that God Himself made. It is the human heart. The heart is the house that harbors the most precious gift that God has to give to any living being, which is the Soul. The soul is the most precious gift that God has given to anyone, because the soul is the element that keeps one alive. Therefore, the heart that houses the soul is the real house of God, metaphorically and spiritually. So if one wants to worship the true God, the heart is the place to go.

              As the scripture says, “For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.” So in that case, God’s most precious treasure in life is the soul, & the soul is within one’s heart. Therefore, when one understands that the heart that houses the soul is the real place of worship, one will need to keep it neat. Just as the “Houses of Worship” are distinguishable by their neatness within any neighborhood in which they stand. But to clean the true house of God, the heart, for worship does not require money, or a ritual of any kind. It requires only the understanding that the true God values no evil; therefore one must be clean from all evil to worship God. There are many different forms of prayer. But whether it is a religious, traditional, spiritual or personal prayer, they all serve the same purpose, which is requesting for a desire to be miraculously fulfilled.

           People pray to whomever or whatever they believe possesses the power to fulfill their needs. You’ll see people praying to carved and molded gods, even with the obvious fact that they are human-made gods. But people will ignore this fact as long as they have the expectation of their needs being fulfilled by their gods. It is a basic level of understanding that the one who made a god is more capable than the god itself. This is another area where spirituality is helpful, because it enlightens one’s spirit to understand who to pray to, and what to pray for. The path of spirituality is where prayers can be heard and answered by the God that answers prayers. But the path of spirituality is distorted by the belief systems of worthless gods and individuals who use spiritualism for their own gain, such as “Fortunetellers” and many other satanic practitioners that people are drawn to.

           Human made gods cannot answer prayers and fortunetellers are fortune-takers, not spiritualists. “Psychics,” “Palm readers”, “Card Readers,” you name it; they are out there claiming to have the ability to see the future. You’ll see their signs or television ads in any country you go to, and when you open any newspaper in any country, you’ll see a Horoscope section that claims to predict the future by the zodiac signs. When you understand the true meaning of spirituality, just then you will be able to see the falsehoods within individuals and systems that use spiritualism for their own gain.

            Spirituality is not for sale, but it has become an industry just like any other industry in society where money is the priority. One with a spiritual understanding would never pray to a human-made god, or believe in fortunetellers, who are people who live off the sweat of others in the name of spiritualism. Prayer in a spiritual understanding is when one has the belief that the power that one is praying to Can fulfill any moral needs. This is what praying truly is: and it does not require much analysis for one to realize that the God who created this universe can fulfill the needs of a human being. However, having the ability to fulfill prayers does not necessarily mean all prayers will be fulfilled, because the God that answers prayers is an all-knowing God, who knows which prayer is best to fulfill more than the one who is praying.

            This God I am talking about is the architect of the universe and the Creator of creation. This mighty Creator can grant anyone’s wishes, but there are wishes that this God would not grant to anyone, because some wishes are better not to be granted for the greater good. When one prays wishing harm to someone, one needs to understand that the God that answers prayers does not punish anyone based on someone else’s opinions. When one yearns to harm someone on a supernatural magnitude, the devil is to call, because the devil would gladly provide his satanic assistance. It does not matter whatever the situation might be, if one judges and then expects God to execute the punishment, one might end up judging God for His lack of response, because the God of heaven & earth does not do anyone’s dirty work.

             When one calls on God, praying for anyone to be harmed, it is the devil that answers the call, and if the job gets done, it is the work of the devil, believe it or not. Also many turn to God when they run out of options for a solution to their situation by saying, “I leave it in God’s hands”. They will call that a prayer. By the time many people turn to God for their situation, the situation they were trying to solve will be twisted with lies and trickery to a point where God would not want to have anything to do with it. Then they will blame God for their own mess.

             I can look back and realize how ridiculous I really was for blaming God when my trickery failed me. I used to sneak around and care less if God was watching, but when I got trapped in a corner where my skills of trickery could not get me out, I often expected God to get me out, or blame it on God when facing the retribution. It really was ridiculous, because if someone like the person I was judged God, or found God guilty of anything, I don’t think God would care much about that individual’s judgment. However, I also realized in getting out of some situations, that my skill of trickery was not what got me out. I used to think that maybe a higher power was trying to show me that I should trust in God, but when a moment of difficulty arrived, how to manipulate around it would be the first thing to cross my mind. Then I made a decision that having trust in God would not be a bad idea.

             First I tried to convince myself that a difficult situation is not a problem, but God’s will, but I struggled with that philosophy, because the devil kept whispering to my spirit, telling me how pathetic I really was for trying to trust in an unseen God. Then I came to the realization that only the devil would try to confuse someone to not trust in God. Then I was determined to no longer let the devil have any influence in my life, but I knew it wouldn’t be an easy task, and the more I tried to value honesty and integrity, the more the devil seemed to prove a point that God does not care whether one is honest or wicked. I tried my hardest not to let the devil get to my spirit, but I started to doubt if honesty was the best way to handle a troubling situation, because honesty was dragging me onto a path that I was not familiar with.

            I was struggling to discipline myself not to be obvious with my situation, but when you are trying to keep up with the basic necessities of life, such as making ends meet, this struggle is where everyone is vulnerable to be confused by the devil. Many are familiar with the struggle of trying to make ends meet. It can be very difficult to trust in God when putting food on the table is the struggle; because this is where the devil can give anyone a seemingly legitimate reason not to trust in God. The devil will say that, “If God is mighty, merciful and has plenty to give, why is he not providing you with these basic needs such as food?” This is a legitimate question that deserves a reasonable answer.

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