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Saturday, December 25, 2010

The Immorality of Sexuality:

The Five Elements: Quest for the ultimate truth

The Immorality of Sexuality:

            The immorality of sexuality has caused catastrophic waves that have rippled from generation to generation, unbalancing the human family structure, which is in a state of moral collapse. The morality of sexuality is determined by two elements: the covenant of sexuality and the decency of sexuality. The covenant of sexuality is the cornerstone of the Human family structure, and the decency of sexuality enables the continuation of human generations. But the morality of human sexuality is being challenged, sabotaged and humiliated in many parts of society.

              God created the first two humans, Adam & Eve, and blessed them to multiply, and through that blessing human generations came to exist. God did not create two males, nor did God create two females as sexual partners. But men are joining in sexual partnership that was meant only for a man & a woman, and women are joining in sexual partnership that was meant only for a woman & a man. Any diversity of sexual partnerships besides a man & a woman is not God’s will. The moral covenant of sexual partnership is between a male and a female, but not between a male & a male, nor a female & a female, or any other diversity of sexuality that is out there.

               Same gender sexual partnership is an immoral act, and immorality is a warned act under the laws of moral righteousness. However, a warned act and a condemned act are two different elements. This is just another area where spirituality is a necessity for clarification, because you’ll see people within the religious system that are proudly committing the act of “Evil”, and at the same time they would criticize those who commit the act of “Immorality”. When God condemned an act, the repercussion of violation will be attached to the condemnation. Evil is a condemned act, and the repercussion for those who violate the condemnation will face the possibility of their doom in hell, if their victims do not forgive them. The act of evil is condemned to hell, because it violates the very core of the purpose for which God had created lives.

              God did not create any life for someone else to destroy, and for that reason, destruction of life is condemned as “Evil”. On the other hand, when God warned against an act, it is because the act violates the greater good of humanity. The act that God condemned as evil is not the same as the act that God warned against as immoral. God warned Adam & Eve not to eat the fruit from one tree in the “Garden of Eden”, but when Adam & Eve disregarded God’s warning by eating the forbidden fruit, God did not send Adam & Eve to hell, nor did God condemn Adam & Eve to hell. Instead Adam & Eve had to experience what it is like to be away from the lights of God. Adam & Eve had all they could need in the “Garden of Eden”, but from the moment they disregarded God’s warning, they were lost within darkness, and ended up in a situation where they would have to work for any of their needs.

              Adam & Eve crossed the boundary of their needs into the darkness of greed that humankind still cannot break away from. God warns against an act for one’s own good. If same gender sexual partnerships were implemented by all humans, the human race would not last another generation on this earth, and that was not God’s intention when God created humans. God created one male, Adam and one female, Eve, as partners on their life journey; therefore any kind of sexual partnership that is not between one male & one female violates the moral covenant of human sexuality. However, the immorality of same gender sexual partnership would not condemn anyone into hell as many religions have predicted. As a matter of fact, killing in the name of God is more likely to condemn one to hell than being in a same gender sexual relationship.

             Any diversity of sexuality beside one male & one female is immoral, Period. Through the clarity of spirituality, one can understand the immorality of all the diversities of sexuality as well as their roots. Any diversity of sexuality besides one male & one female, whether it is religious or cultural, the devil has everything to do with it. Take Islam for example, where men are permitted to have multiple wives. When you trace the roots of this religious polygamy, with a spiritual understanding you will see that evil was the cause. When the devil dragged Islam into the evil of bloodshed, the immorality of the polygamy within Islam took it roots.

               When husbands were being killed in the name of Islam, Islam had to come up with a solution for taking care of the widows within Islam, and that is where the devil came in with his revelations that always seem to be a logical solution. When the prophet Mohammed was asked who would take care of the women whose husbands were killed in battle, the devil’s “revelation” was simple, which was for men to have more than one wife. This seemed like a solution for the problem, but the immorality of this polygamy is a catastrophic blow to moral righteousness, because it has contributed to the mentality of women being seen as a property that one can own.

              The search for self-fulfillment is what dragged many into the immorality of sexuality. You’ll even see within religious scriptures prophets and kings acting in sexual conduct towards women that even the modern wicked society condemns. One must understand that the self-fulfillment of the soul can only be attained through the realization of one’s purpose in life, not from a satisfaction of sexuality. Fulfillment and satisfaction are two different realities that serve very different purposes. Fulfillment of the soul can only be realized through the purpose of serving the greater good of humanity, which is the true purpose of every single soul on this earth. On the other hand, the euphoria of self-satisfaction is different than fulfillment of the soul.

              People use drugs and all kinds of destructive substances just for the euphoria of self-satisfaction. People even commit the act of evil for the same purpose of self-satisfaction. But one must understand that only one who is lost within the darkness of the world would commit evil or violate morality for self-satisfaction. Any same gender sexual partnership or any diversity of sexuality beside one male and one female is immoral, and immorality is an act warned by the laws of moral righteousness. Although the immorality of a same gender sexual partnership will not condemn anyone into hell, legalizing it under any authority and parading it about on the streets, as is being done in many cities of society: that is humans mocking morality, and mocking morality isn’t wise.

               The God of humankind is a merciful God who will not pettily judge anyone for their ignorance toward morality, but humans need to come to their moral senses and fulfill their moral responsibilities on this earth because time is running out. The lack of clarity on Morality & Immorality has caused humans to act as fools with their indecency towards God, and the lack of clarity on Good & Evil has caused human’s insanity towards the creations of God. Humankind must understand that only the devil grants humans his false authority that permits evil or violates morality and it is overdue for humankind to be wiser and to surrender their wills to moral righteousness, the only valid authority here and the hereafter.

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  1. It is a breath of fresh air to hear this take. I think we as a society get too fixed on going with the flow or get caught up with the "if it feels good, do it" theory. We constantly change our views on things because we are told that it is acceptable in part to satisfy our comfort level. God's word never changes and should be used as a blueprint for sound structure and solid foundation in our lives. With God and faith in his word, one can never go wrong. God won't leave or forsake you, no matter what you are going through and he loves you no matter what. "Seek and ye shall find". "Now unto him that is able to do exceedingly above all that we can ask, think or imagine."