The 5 Elements: Quest for the truth.

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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Spirituality in Depth: (Part 2 of 2)

The Five Elements: Quest for the ultimate truth

(Part 2 of 2)

Spirituality in Depth:

                Let’s reveal the devil & his demonic jinn followers who Influences evils and immorality of the world. These bad jinn are what some call “Demons” or “Bad Spirits”, and their satanic ideologies have crippled humanity. Jinn were the first inhabitants of the planet earth, before humans were created. But they were expelled from earth for their rebellious behavior, due to their capabilities. When jinn inhabited the earth, they rebelled among themselves and caused great destruction to the planet earth, and for that reason they were expelled from the physical realm into a different dimension. When jinn were outdoing one another by exercising their capabilities, Lucifer was devoted to worshipping God, and when jinn were expelled from the earth, Lucifer was given the privilege to live in heaven among the angels.

             Lucifer was a leader among jinn, and he was the first creature with a spirit (free will) to live among angels in heaven. But he also was the first one to be expelled from heaven. After jinn were expelled from the earth, God blessed the earth with all that accommodates life’s needs in plenty, and then new species were created, Humans & All. They all lived on earth in harmony as it is in heaven. However, Lucifer could not grasp why God expelled his kind from earth and then created new species that are less capable than jinn to replace them. Lucifer was failed by arrogance of the spirit that cannot fully understand the will of God. Arrogance of the spirit failed Lucifer from realizing that the God of heaven & earth is the all-knowing God, whose authority rules over anyone’s opinions.

             When Lucifer questioned God’s authority, his heavenly privilege was stripped away, and he was to be sent to the realm of his kind (the jinn). When Lucifer was about to be sent to the realm of the jinn, he made a request to be sent to earth instead, and also be given a life expansion like angels who do not die. Angels don’t eat, drink, sleep, get sick or die, because they are created from the image of God, and God doesn’t die, nor does He have any needs. Angels are created from the image of God. Humans, jinn & other creatures of the earth are created by the will of God. For these reasons, humans, jinn and other creatures of the earth have the free will to act without the dictation of God, but angels can only act by the dictations of God.

              Angels can do only what God wants them to do. For that reason, angels will not face judgment for any of their acts, because they manifest by the will of God, and God the Magnificent One does not do wrong. Lucifer the devil is not an angel that fell from grace, nor can he make any angel fall from grace, he can only do that to humans and other hopeless creatures of the earth. Lucifer’s wishes to return to earth instead of to the realm of the Jinn were granted due to his devoted time of worshiping God on earth. But the all-knowing God warned Lucifer against any mischief towards creatures of the earth, because life on earth was meant to be harmonious as it is in heaven. Everyone and everything in heaven manifests to the purpose they were created for, and that is what morality is.

             Morality is the Livelihood of God’s heavenly kingdom. When God expelled jinn from earth, morality was the law for the new inhabitants of the earth, humans and all. When morality was made the law of the earth, righteousness was the authority of the law, because any law needs an authority that would define when it is violated. When morality was made the law of the earth, it was seen as right & just, and that is what righteousness is. Righteousness is the authority that obligated morality to all creatures of the earth, and Lucifer was the first one to violate the laws of moral righteousness. When Lucifer proceeded with his plan to rule creatures of the earth despite God’s warning, Hell was created as the opposite of heaven.

              Heaven is the most harmonious place that there is, and Hell is the most horrifying place there is. When hell was created, both Humans & Jinn were warned to face Judgment Day for any mischievous behavior towards the inhabitants of the earth, because only humans & jinn have the capabilities to rule other creatures of the earth, as we all see. There is no creature on earth that puts humans in cages for entertainment, or uses humans as their only option for food. Jinn overpower humans, and both humans & jinn overpower other creatures of the earth, and for this possibility of mistreatment of other creatures, humans & jinn were warned that they would face judgment for any mischievous behaviors on earth. Then humans & jinn were informed what immorality & evil are, and then they both were warned about immorality and forbidden from evil.

              Immorality is when one disobeys God and evil is when one destroys creations of God. Disobeying an order and committing the act are two different elements. When God said, “Thou Shall Not Kill,” if one decides to kill, one has disobeyed God, which is immoral. But if one commits the act of killing, one has destroyed creations of God, which is what evil is. Evil is forbidden on earth as it is in heaven. One disobeys God due to the ignorance of the spirit, and one destroys creations of God due to the arrogance of the spirit. Disobeying God is immoral and destroying creations of God is evil, and it was Lucifer who influenced both immorality and evil to the creatures of the earth. Life on earth was harmonious as it is in heaven before Lucifer was sent back to earth.

               Adam & Eve were the first humans God created. They coexisted with many kinds of animals in the “Garden of Eden”, which was a place that existed here on earth. No creature was a threat to another until Lucifer the devil came into their midst. The rule of the animal kingdom, eat and be eaten, may seem like a natural law of nature, but it is nothing more than the work of Lucifer the devil, as is humans destroying lives as a necessity. It was Lucifer the devil that brought the curse of flesh eating flesh into the world, and then made it seem like a law of nature. It is not God’s will for a living creature to eat another living creature. God did not create any creature for the purpose of being eaten by another creature.

               When Adam & Eve lived in the Garden of Eden, they had all the fruit & vegetation that they could eat, but they were warned not to eat from one tree, as its fruit was beyond the perimeter of their need for food. But all that changed when Lucifer interfered. Lucifer first confused Adam & Eve to disobey God, and then had them eat the fruit of the only tree that God told them not to eat from, and that’s where the curse of greed took its roots into the human spirit, and humankind has yet to cure itself from it. To disobey God is one thing, but when you commit the act that God has warned against or forbidden, you will face the Consequences.

             Humans are forever fighting out of the greed of ownership, trying to fulfill their souls, or trying to conquer what no one truly owns but God, and it is all justified. Humans have claimed to own everything that the eyes can see; land, sea, air & all, even with the obvious fact that everyone was born seeing these elements, and everyone will die and leave them behind.

          The greed of ownership is the essence of the earth being divided into territories, humans being divided into groups and categories, and the equal rights of other creatures on the earth stripped away by humans. The earth belongs to the God who created it; and all God’s creations on earth have an equal right to be on this earth as God wants them to be. Everyone wants to own a piece of land of the earth, some for the purpose of Privacy, and some for the purpose of greed. We have seen people who isolated themselves from others just for the simple purpose of privacy, and some individuals occupy a space alone that is big enough for thousands. But it doesn’t matter how much land one claims to own on this earth, or wants to be there alone, death always proves that no one truly owns anything on this earth but their deeds.

            Fighting for land you cannot truly own, or being willing to die for land that you cannot take with you when you die, a Righteous God such as the God of humanity would never persuade anyone to be consumed by this foolishness. Anything that you cannot truly own is not worth fighting for, and anything that you cannot take with you when you die is not worth dying for.

               God warns and forbids for One’s Own Good. Lucifer knew that if he blinded the spirits of Adam & Eve to cross the boundary of their needs, he would be able to sabotage human’s purpose on earth, and he had done just that, because the human spirit is yet to be free from the curse of wanting beyond its needs. When you are able to see the vastness of the earth from a spiritual point of view, you’ll realize that the soil of the earth is enough to grow crops that could feed three times the world’s population if the planet itself was not being destroyed by the senseless greed of man. Humans’ reaching beyond the perimeter of their needs has resulted in humans killing other creatures of the earth on a massive scale for food, and yet people are still dying from starvation.

              Lucifer the devil wants to sabotage humans’ purpose on the earth, and he has it all figured out. When humans & jinn were informed about immorality and warned against any act of evil, Lucifer began his campaign of deception, and the word devil is one of them, just to create confusion. Devil & Evil sound and seem to be the same, but they are totally different in meaning. Devil is Lucifer the jinni and Evil is the act that is condemned. When Lucifer concealed his real name with the word devil, he put a curse to it that can agitate the human spirit, and for that reason many don’t want to hear the word devil. This is how Lucifer created confusion about the act of evil that is condemned, because if one does not want to hear the word devil, one might not know what evil is.

               You’ll see people proudly commit the act of evil, and feel no guilt for the condemnation, or feel any remorse for the horrors the act produced, but they would feel insulted to be called evil or the devil. Evil is a condemned act, and the devil is an existent being that humankind needs to know about in detail. Lucifer galvanized many of his jinn kind to lead them on missions of destruction, as their way of rebelling against God for having them expelled from earth to their desolate realm where their mighty technology is useless to them. It is crucial for humankind to know all about these demonic jinn that are behind all the tyrannies of humanity. They have many cruel ways of separating and shattering humanity into different pieces that can only be put back together through the understanding of spirituality that many are still blind to.

            These demonic jinn are responsible for many abnormalities in life, such as blindness, lameness, deafness, muteness and many deadly illnesses that are destroying lives en masse. There are many souls who were victims of these demons before they were even born. We have seen babies born with illnesses that will cut their lives short, or cost them a long miserable life. There are people whom society sees as “mentally disturbed” and they are often incarcerated in mental institutions, and some of them will be abandoned on streets, because they are no longer capable, so society sees them as unusable.

               We have seen babies being dumped in trash, buried alive, or being drowned by their own parents due to their parent’s mental state. We have seen parents kill their entire family, or children killing their own parents, which is all influenced by these demonic jinn that humankind need to know all about. They have distorted the very core of humankind’s purpose on this earth, as well as destabilized the major pieces of the moral foundations that humanity was meant to be built upon. It is these demonic jinn who turned creatures of the earth into predators just like them, and humans are the most vicious of them all, because there is no other creature on this earth that destroys lives, even its own kind, like humans do. Humans should have great concern about their arrogant attitude of superiority among themselves, and toward other creatures of the earth.

              The Five Elements reveals who these demonic jinn truly are, as well as how to stop them from the tyranny that they are reflecting on to the inhabitances of the world. These demonic jinn have distorted just about all the moral principles that humanity was meant to be built upon. They first had to distort the truth about the existence of God in other to blind humanity from all truths, and so it was. The existence of a Divine God has created debate throughout the agers and still does. When you ask different people about the existence of a Divine God, they might give you many different answers, and each answer might contradict the others. But when it comes to the existence of death, the answer is clear.

               When you ask anyone what death is, the understanding of death will be the same for all, regardless which country they come from or what language they speak. We might not agree as to where one goes after death, but no one will argue that if one lives one will surly die. Believing in death, but question the God that creates the lives that death takes, this is a demonic game that the devil is having fun playing with humans. Many doubt the existence of God, but they don’t doubt the existence of death. No one questions the existence of death or has a problem understanding what it does. Is it because of the physical evidence (the body) it leaves behind? Well as far as physical evidence is concerned, the God who created this universe has plenty of it, because no human being has yet proven to be the creator of this complex universe.

                Any righteous mind would not doubt the existence of a Divine God, and no wicked mind can truly prove the nonexistence of a Divine God. There is a Divine Creator (God) who created everything that humans did not and cannot. But the devil has blinded many for by trying to dismiss the existence of God, or to underestimate the mightiness of this Divine God of humanity. There are scientific theories that are trying to dismiss the existence of God such as: “Theory of Evolution” and “The Big Bang Theory”, and there are many people who would do wrong in the name of God with no mortification, and as well as people who think that God is someone who pops up anytime, anywhere in human’s daily affairs. You’ll hear all kinds of ridiculous stories about: “God spoke to me at the market place, in the shower, in my prison cell, or on my way to work, and so on.”

               If God cared to speak to people in showers and marketplaces, but failed to provide a real solution for the miseries of the world, that alone contradicts moral righteousness. When the true God speaks through anyone, it will resonate to the masses to be written in history. God is a Mighty God who has better things to do than popping up in peoples’ showers to advise them on senseless issues that do not matter to humanity as a whole. Only the Devil & his demonic jinn gang would pop up uninvited in peoples’ affairs with advice that will totally need to be re-evaluated. Many who claim to have been spoken to by God on individual matters are either yet to understand the manifestation of the human spirit, or they have been spoken to by these demonic jinn that whisper into the spirit of their victims. Many have totally underestimated the mightiness of the Divine God of humanity. Some people even have the nerve to call themselves this God.

                 Ridiculous as it might sound or seem for a human to be seen as the God of this universe, many are still being trapped in this devilish belief system. There was one particular experience I had in New York City where I witnessed the mightiness of this true God being degraded by one of the devil’s disciples. I was meeting with some friends and there were people handing out flyers in the lobby of the building where the meeting was taking place. I took one of the flyers. It read in big bold letters: “God in person and will answer your questions.” I said to myself, “This must be my lucky day,” because I have traveled for many years just looking for answers about God, and now God is here in this very same building I’m standing in. I didn’t believe it of course, but I couldn’t help but to stop by out of curiosity. I went to the floor where the conference was taking place.

               When I came out of the elevator, there were three men greeting people as they were going into the conference room. One of the men asked me, “Sir, are you here for the conference?” I said, “Actually, I am here to meet some friends on the other side of the building, but I got your flyer at the entrance.” He asked me to go with him. At first we stopped in a small room and he searched my coat pockets. I couldn’t help being sarcastic and I asked him, “Why are you searching people? Are you afraid someone is going to kill your God?” He replied, “Sorry sir I am just doing my job.”

                When the search was over, one of the men walked me to the conference room. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I entered. There was a man on stage and the room was full of people. Some were lining up along the sidewalls to ask questions to the man who claimed to be “God.” The line was quite long, but I decided to stay and hear what this man had to say anyway, and I got on the line. After standing in the line for about ten minutes listening to this man answer some questions, I was about to leave, because he wasn’t worth leaving my friends waiting. On the other hand, since I got this far, I decided to stay. Finally, my turn came. I really didn’t know where to start with this man because he looked and sounded ridiculous standing on that stage claiming to be “God.” I first asked him how old he was. He looked straight into my eyes for a few seconds, and replied, “fifty-eight years old.”

               Then I asked, “Where were you before then?” And I saw him mentally preparing his answer. Just then I knew if he started talking, I wouldn’t have the chance to ask anything else, because these are the types of people who would answer any question you throw at them regardless of how ridiculous their answer may sound. Before he answered my question I said to him, “Don’t tell me you are the God who created this universe, and the God who manifested many of the miracles we have heard of throughout history? Are you truly that God? And if you are that God, why do people need to be searched before they enter this room? Are you afraid that someone might kill you? And also, why are you selling your audiocassettes for $5.00 and your videotapes for $25.00? If you are the God of the universe, what do you need the money for?” He was rushing to try to interrupt me, saying, “If you don’t let me answer your questions, you will have to leave the room.”

                I was furious when he threatened to throw me out of the room, and I was not about to leave without saying what I wanted to say to this little devil. When I saw his security guards walking toward me, I knew he was full of it and he would have me thrown out of the room in no time. Then I said to him, “You’re a fraud.” Then he angrily shouted at the security, saying, “Move this man out of the room.” Then I said again, “Yes, you are a real fraud, and these people who are following you are in danger, because you are leading them to a big disappointment or great disaster.”

                When the security people were escorting me out of the room, I did not feel that bad for being thrown out, but I felt bad for the people who were sitting there, willing to follow this guy claiming to be God. Before I got out of the room, I had to shout out to him one last time, and I said, “Someday you will meet the real God and you will have a lot of explaining to do.” When I was escorted out of the room, it really got to me how desperate some people are to find anyone they can unload their burdens onto. Desperate people who follow these imposters are all a part of the devil’s show, because if a man calls himself God, the people who fall for it are as irresponsible as the man himself. I said to myself, if this man was the true living God, he would deserve to be whipped in my opinion, because with all the suffering in every corner in the world, the best thing he can do is to stand on a podium in an expensive suit claiming to be God.

                I didn’t believe that this man was God for a second. If this man were the true living God, he would no longer have my respect due to his presence in this world that the devil seems to have full control of. And as a “mighty God” he had to advertise his presence in the world through flyers, which attracted no more than a hand full of people in one room. All these arrogant fools that claim to be God will face a catastrophic reality in the hereafter. Because if they cannot create their own heaven, hell will be their only alternative, and if they don’t have the power to extinguish hell they will burn in hell for eternity. How can anyone with a right mind believe in a human being who claims to be the God of this universe? This is insane. God is not a human and no human is God.

               There is only one true God, and the Mightiness of this God is beyond the comprehension of the Human spirit. Every creation has limitations to their knowing and capability. For example, if all birds of the earth joined forces trying to build an airplane just because they know how to fly, their obstacle would be the limitation of their purpose in life. The knowledge and capability of building a flying machine surpasses what birds were created to know or do in life. This metaphor applies the same to humans when it comes to understanding the might of God, Creator of the universe.

            If all the human spirits joined forces as one trying to be this Mighty God, or to have full knowledge of this God, their limitations would be their obstacle. The Might of God surpasses what a human being can manifest or what a human spirit can fully understand. If the Human spirit is still struggling to have full knowledge of itself, then for humans to have full knowledge of the God who created the spirit would be out of the question. The God of humanity has no comparison to anything or anyone. God stands alone above all there is. But the devil & his demonic followers had to distort this truth about God, in order to make many of their gods, and the paper god called “Money” is one of them, for humans to worship together shoulder to shoulder and for life until death. So it was.

             Many see money as the only god that has power to meet their needs, and many see money as the only god worthy of worshipping till death. Some will kill for it and some are willing to be killed for it. These demonic jinn could not achieve this catastrophic humiliation to moral righteousness if humans realized their purpose on this earth. Even at this moment in time that these words are being written, humankind’s ingenuity is still being seen as more impressive than God’s creations. Many are more impressed by seeing an airplane fly than by seeing the tiny bug that flies without an engine. Humankind values its own makings over God’s creations. Many are willing to be killed for human made instruments, or kill someone else over these human made instruments that many see as must-haves.

              It is an obvious fact that materialism cannot fulfill the needs of the soul, and materialism is not what the soul needs in order to function to its God’s given purpose on this earth. But yet humankind is still blinded by materialism and intellectualism and is unable to realize the magnificence and complexity of its own image. All human made instruments are materialistic, and made on the level of intellectualism. All God’s creations are existences created on the level of divinity, because the God that creates is a Divine Existence. All human made instruments are materialistic, and made from material that already existed, created by God the only Creator. God has created all that any creature would need for a purposeful journey on this earth.

              If these materialistic instruments that humanity cannot get enough of were must-haves in order to survive on this earth, God himself would provide them, just like He provided water and many other elements that one cannot survive on earth without. We don’t see anyone born bringing any materialistic instrument into this world, nor does materialism have any use to anyone when they die. The devil & his demonic followers have deceived humans to value their own makings over God’s creation, because in society, materialism is the criterion by which one is to be considered as “Somebody.” How can human made instruments be more valuable than God’s creation? Or how can human made instruments make one more valuable as a human being than those who lack them? Materialism should never define the value of a creation of God.

              Many of the human made instruments can be used for a greater good. But when they are given more value than God’s creation, they become satanic instruments of evil to use. Money and Luxuries of the world are the bait the devil & his demonic followers are what they use to drag people into the darkness that might lead one to eternal hell. It is like a metaphor of the bait on a fisherman’s hook. A fisherman uses bait not to feed the fish, but to catch the fish. If the fish realized that the bait on the fisherman’s hook is not to feed the fish, but to catch the fish, the fish would not end up on someone’s dining table as a meal. This metaphor applies the same with the devil & his demonic jinn in society using instruments as bait. But these demonic jinn are not here in this world to catch fish, but instead human souls.

             If one realizes that money and any human made Instruments cannot fulfill the soul, just like the bait on the fisherman’s hook that was not meant to feed the fish but to catch the fish, that realization can prevent one from ending up walking on his or her way into hell, wondering what went wrong. With a spiritual understanding, one can realize that humanity as a whole is trapped within the darkness of these demonic jinn. For that reason humans are more fascinated by demonic manifestation (destruction), than by the wonders of God’s creations. When there is destruction, whether it is loss of lives or a disaster of nature, the media can make it world news, because it gets people’s attention.

               Destruction is a demonic trademark and humans are fascinated by it. This fascination is often expressed in real life and fantasized in movies & television programs on a magnitude that makes the devil really proud of humans. There are many important issues that should concern humanity as a whole. Also many great deeds that are worthy of the world’s attention, but they often don’t even make it to the local news. Many would only get down on their knees and cry out to this God when they get struck by a demonic force, which many call “Power of Nature”. Then they will blame God for the disaster, or get down on their knees asking God for an explanation. God does not heed the cries of many, nor does God owe anyone an explanation due to Human’s hypocrisies towards the truth and human’s cruelties toward lives of the world.

               People often blame God or want an explanation from God, but when they vandalize nature or exercise cruelty towards the creatures of God, God would not be a consideration to them. Forests are turning into dry land. Pollutants are choking the inhabitants of the earth, and these catastrophic realities are still being denied. Humans also might justify their cruelties towards other creatures of the world, but you don’t see creatures enjoying the moment when they are being slaughtered or tortured by humans. Creatures are being killed to eat, wear or for entertainment, and it’s all justified to make it look right. Human’s foolishness on this earth is not God’s will, but pure demonic influences. Humans will have no explanation for their cruelty in this world in the hereafter, because there is no moral justification for any cruelty in the court of moral righteousness.

              When you think about human’s cruelty and behavior towards the inhabitants of the earth, you might come to the conclusion that humans do not merit the mercy of God. God does not need to rescue humans from the agonies of its own evil. It is humans who need to come to their moral senses, and stop the game of ignorance and hypocrisy they are playing in this world. The devil & his demonic followers would not succeed to cripple humanity if humans were committed on their moral responsibility for being here in this world. The care for the planet and its inhabitants is human’s responsibility, and a moral obligation to fulfill, and time is running out.

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