The 5 Elements: Quest for the truth.

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“When you are COMPASSIONATE towards humanity, you become a spiritual instrument for the greater good of humanity”

Sunday, March 9, 2014

THE 5 ELEMENTS: Quest for the Ultimate Truth

The Five Elements is an assessment of society on a spiritual point of view where everything is what it is, not what it seems to be. We have politicians in different political parties looking at the same issues of the same nation in a different point of view and forcefully debating about in a political campaign, and the chaos lives on and never ends. But this chaos of miss-presumption is greater in Religion because it is where morality is totally misused and abused for religious propaganda and people would willingly butcher each other in the name of divinity or holiness. Moreover, the same tread of insanity goes right through cultural values, where genocide and ethnic cleansing is committed through the arrogance of ethical superiority.

The three major forces of society: Government, Religion and Culture have failed humanity. 

Governments look at the issues of humanity through the scope of intellectualism. Religions look at the issues of humanity through their blurry eyes of holiness. Cultures look at the issues of humanity from their invalid ethical ground, and all these moronic belief systems have lead humanity into total chaos and confusion. 

It is like the metaphor of people from a different angle describing an object: one describing it from above, one from afar left and the other from closer up to the right. Now, when each of them describes the object accurately from their angle on how they see the object, the conclusions of their descriptions will be different even though they are talking about the same object. This is basic logic and it is the source of many disagreements and confusions of humanity.

Due to this undisputed catastrophic chaos to lives of the world influenced by these forces, The Five Elements is calling out for the unification of humanity thus humankind will be able to stand on the same side in order to see all the issues of humanity as they truly are and not through the scopes of these failed systems. It is sensual for the decimation of any system of society that divides people through any identity, class, or category. We have a society of; the haves, the have-nots and those who navigate in the middle and the have-nots are vulnerable as a commodity to be used in many different ways. 

Throughout human history, the destitutes have been used to gather the mass, whether it was done through the ideology of divinity or through cultural arrogancy or by the facade of intellectualism, the patent is the same: to promise moral justice to the destitute. From Christ to Muhammad, Hitler to Stalin, Mussolini to Gandhi, even with the diversity of their leaderships, they all started with the destitute, by promising them moral justice from the elites or rulers of their society. 

Now, when they get their messages across among the destitute, they will become leaders and for some of them the reality for fighting for moral justice will become a moral catastrophe because many innocent souls will suffer and humanity as a hole will be wounded by the brutality of their leadership.  "The Five Elements" revealed the problems of humanity and then offered a solution for the salvation of humanity.